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The Bridge – S1E4 – Maria of the Desert

Previously, on The Bridge: “Rio

The Above Ground Railroad

Tadaa!! Guess who is still creepy as hell but isn’t a murderer? Our dear sweet Steven. He is driving down a desolate desert highway, pulls up to the gate of run down ranch. The exterior of a home has a scripture painted across the edifice. Steven has a passenger, it’s Eva. He is taking her to group home.

The Bridge | Messiah Ranch

We find out that Eva did not just leave Mexico for a better life, but to escape someone. He promises that she will be safe there. Eva knows that nothing comes for free and asks how she can repay him. He asks for a kiss. She obliges, then walks away.

Charlotte is quaking in her hooker boots

Cesar is disposing of Flicka I mean Rio, in the most ridiculous way possible. Burial.  Charlotte asks his advice about reopening the tunnel. Cesar basically says if you love life, you will open the tunnel. She agrees, and insists he do a better job of hiding the horse corpse. Back at the ranch she has a run in with her ne’er-do-well step daughter. She consulted her LAW-yer and decided to delay her return flight. She pulls every single card she has on Charlotte, ending with her ace in the hole, Marco’s wallet. Charlotte has the brilliant idea to stroll into the police department in hopes of discreetly returning the wallet. She runs into Kitty at the front desk and explains why she is there. Kitty takes the wallet, agrees to give it to Marco and gives Charlotte the BIGGEST side-eye.

The Bridge | Kitty gives Charlotte the side eye

Uncle Fausto

The woman who paid Charlotte a visit last week may be La Jefa, but she is no match for Uncle Fausto. He pays her a visit at a nail salon.

He needs to use her tunnel. That’s what she said! (I’m sorry)

He needs to use her tunnel. That’s what she said! (I’m sorry)

He has a vested interest in the border being open and not littered with police; Uncle Fausto has a drug cartel to run. He will do anything to make that happen, even if it means paying the ransom money requested by the Voice.

Back at the Police Station

Sonya is intent on finding this girl in the desert. She is spending all of her time watching the live feed trying to find clues to Maria’s location. The FBI has taken over the case and is pissing all over Lt. Wade’s police department. Marco and Sonya pay a visit to pick up Frye, who is suffering from LPDAS-Limp Penis Drunk Asshole Syndrome. After another fruitless interrogation, they receive another call from the Voice. He knows the FBI has taken over the case.  Marco receives a mysterious call and goes running out of the police station. He climbs into a black SUV with none other than Uncle Fausto. He tells him he has the ransom money for the girl, and he has to take it. Marco is skeptical but knowing the type of man he is dealing with, he is easily swayed.  He returns to the station with a black roll-aboard case full of cash. The FBI balks, then is like fuck it, we need to make this happen, we can find out where the money really came from later.  To the FBI Batcave! Everyone is getting suited up to make the drop, even Daniel Frye.

Sonya and Wade wander off. She has figured out where Maria’s body is located.

Near an oil pump.

There can only be but so many oil pumps in the area right. RIGHT? RIGHT? Wade and Sonya hop in the pick-up truck to find Maria. Sonya is fidgeting in the passenger seat more than usual. She is rubbing the collar on her jacket. They have a very vague conversation about Lisa. She went missing and no one ever found her. Sonya admits to visiting her grave.  Wade asks if she remembered to think happy thoughts. She said she couldn’t come up with any.

The Bridge | Sonya crying Wade

After some driving and a wrong turn or two, they find Maria’s body and she is alive.

The team heads out and is listening in so they know when to dispatch officers to kick some Voice ASS.  The lead on the FBI team heads into the meeting place. The bartender gives him a cell phone. The Voice has left him a message. FBI guy looks at the phone and sees something he doesn’t like.  The audio goes dead in the surveillance trucks. FBI busts into the bar and hems up the bartender. Marco runs to a back alley, ventures into a partially closed storage area, next thing you know he is being clocked by a hooded stranger.

Daniel Frye has also ventured out on his own. He opens up a dumpster. Nothing good can come of this.

What’s in the BOOOXXXX? What’s in the BOOOOOXXX???

What’s in the BOOOXXXX? What’s in the BOOOOOXXX???

Sonya and Wade are informed by Cowboy Pornstache that some shit has gone down at the drop site. They head back to town and find woozy Marco, the roll-a-board full of money and a garbage bag.

The Bridge | FBI  Head in a Bag

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