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The Bridge – S1E7 – Destino

Previously, on The Bridge:The Eyes Have It

Marco and Sonya

It’s morning; Sonya is sitting at her laptop working on the case. Marco is in the kitchen, shirt partially unbuttoned, unshaven with tasseled hair. Is there hanky-panky afoot? No. Marco is crashing at Sonya’s pad until he can get his shit together.  Sonya heads off to work, and Marco goes home in effort to make amends with his wife.

Marco is desperately trying to get back in the good graces with Alma.  She is not having it. And is he hard of hearing? Did she not say under any uncertain terms that she does not want him talking to her? Alma tells him to go be a father to his son because he is flunking out of college.  BURN. To add insult to injury the next time we see Mrs. Ruiz she is getting ready to bump uglies with her co-worker at the local No-tell Motel.

Tampa Bay Ray Manages 2 Tunnels

The Bridge | Tampa Ray and Graciela

Ray meets up with Graciela to go over the terms of their agreement. He climbs into the back of her SUV. He wants to move some weapons, she agrees, and starts getting undressed. He is expected to pay her in sexual favors. Ray barely balks at the idea because money is money and he does not care how he gets it.  Even if that means having a 60-year-old woman’s thighs wrapped around your ears.

Charlotte meets up with Cesar to pay him his salary and cut of the tunnel money. She asks him again if this is the right thing. He tells her it is the only option and that she shouldn’t trust Ray.

The Bridge | Tampa Ray and Charlotte Legs Pool

Later in the evening while getting her back re-aligned by Ray on her deceased husband’s desk.  In between strokes she asks Ray if she can trust him. He says yes. She says OKAY.

Can we just call her the Sookie of El Paso?

Captain Save a Latina

Steven Linder has been tapped to pass a message on to another young woman in Juarez. Unbeknownst to him this woman happens to be the very young girlfriend of Fausto. Steven tries his ham-fisted tactics to get her attention in a back alley of Juarez. She is not interested. Fausto shows up guns blazing and Steven runs for his life.

Trailer Park Stand Off

The Bridge | Sonya Marco Map

Sonya has a lead on The Beast. The suspect is Jackson Childress. Wade, Marco, Sonya and Coop suit up, head to a trailer park in the desert. Out trusty Deputy Matty Stokes shows up at just the wrong time. He is about to reveal some insight to a visibly distressed Marco and BLAM. He is down on the ground. Shot in the face by our heavily armed and camouflaged suspect.

The-Bridge | Sonya Childress Stand Off

Sonya calls Childress as a distraction while Marco, Wade and Coop are on the hunt.

Sonya winds up face to face with Stokes’ killer.

They aim. They shoot.

Childress is taken into custody and placed in the interrogation room.  As Sonya sits at a desk with several cracked ribs. You can see she is not happy about the arrest. Marco is convinced they caught The Beast, Sonya is not. She gathers her strength and goes to the interrogation room, she asks Childress why he didn’t surrender.  He says, I wasn’t done, I was supposed to kill him. Him, as in Marco, Sonya’s face is blank.

What’s the over under on Charlotte getting pregnant by Tampa Ray? What happened to Kitty and Sonya’s Boy Toy? Are you convinced that Childress is The Beast?

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