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The Exorcist – S1E3 – Chapter Three: Let ‘Em In

Previously on The Exorcist, “Chapter Two: Lupus in Fabula”

Well, the secret’s out: Casey is not suffering from a psychotic breakdown, but is in fact fully possessed. If you’re not convinced of that by the end of this episode, you never will be. In full demonic flight, Casey violently rebuffs the unwelcome attention of an inebriated Cubs fan on the CTA, while her father has passed out after suffering an incident related to the brain damage he accrued following a scaffolding accident some time back. Casey busts the guy’s balls – literally – before ripping his chest to shreds and breaking his jaw wide open. (That’s what you get for being a Cubs fan, people.) Her protector, her demon, brings out the evil in her. Exactly why she’s been chosen isn’t explained yet, but I suspect it’s to do with being Kat’s sister.

In Let ‘Em In, we’re reintroduced to Father Bennet (Kurt Egyiawan), who’s part of the papal delegate to Chicago. He’s not one of Marcus Keane’s biggest fans, having witnessed the tragic exorcism which claimed the life of a young boy in Mexico. When Tomas and Marcus present evidence of Casey’s possession to him and Bishop Egan, Bennett throws the book at the wartorn Marcus and ex-communicates him. He’s no longer part of the church and has no power to perform church rituals. It’s the Catholic Church’s version of “hand over your badge and your gun.”  So Marcus does what every priest should do in situations like these – he gets good and drunk and ends up in a church pew feeling sorry for himself. Tomas seeks him out and offers to learn the ropes. Keane is unconvinced, but we’ll see where this goes.

Cr: Jean Whiteside/FOX

Cr: Jean Whiteside/FOX

While Chicago prepares for the pope’s visit, the forces of evil are making their presence felt. A man immolates outside the building where the papal delegate are being wined and dined. Apparently it’s a case of spontaneous combustion, too. Father Bennett sends Marcus to Tallahassee, FA, anyway, because he has friends there. Is Bennett playing both sides here? Intriguing.

But the main thrust of this chapter is Casey and Kat. Their sibling rivalry could be the fire that the demon is pouring oil over. Let ‘Em In begins with the car accident that killed Kat’s friend Julia, whose face we never see. It seemed they had more than a friendship thing going on, and it was snuffed out before it could go any further. When Casey’s demonic protector, masquerading as a salesman, prompts her to steal an expensive dress for Julia’s memorial, Casey makes a scene backstage at the theatre where a performance is taking place in Julia’s honour. Previously she had scarred herself with a curling iron, once again watched over by the demon (a scary performance from Robert Emmet Lunney). Casey is rapidly losing control of her own life, and it seems she’s okay with that.

Exorcist Ep 103

Keane’s attempt to exorcise Casey’s demon at the Rance house ends up with the priest being mocked for his troubles. So, right now, with Marcus having been side-lined, and Tomas not up to the job, the cards are stacked against the forces for good. Meanwhile, body parts are being harvested for more than one demon. Their name is Legion, for they are many.


Mrs. Walters (Kirsten Fitzgerald) presents a check to Tomas for $100,000, to help his ailing parish. This action reminds me of the medieval practice of “indulgences,” where rich people would pay high-ranking church members to intercede to God on their behalf. Does Mrs. Walters have sins she wishes to atone for?

Angela Rance has little to do this episode except look worried and concerned. Maybe next week we’ll get something more substantial for Geena Davis to get her teeth into.

Good to see more from Alan Ruck. Knowing what happened to him fills in the blanks, and it seems he has more of a handle with what’s going on with Casey than his wife does.

Let ‘Em In ups the ante from the previous two episodes and it’s heartening to see the writers let loose on the horror. This installment is the best of the three viewed so far.

The Exorcist S1E3 = 8.4/10
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    Plot - 9/10
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    Action - 9/10
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