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The Fall – S1E2 – Darkness Visible

Previously on The Fall, ‘Dark Descent’

This episode has a lot to do with one word. Control. Some people find it easy to release it – others have a need to control others. Both Paul and Stella cannot exist with control – of themselves and others. In fact, the opening scene of this episode shows just how much the two of them are alike in that way: Stella, who is having meaningless sex with a cop she just met, controls every aspect of their encounter. From the invite to the way she undressed herself – even her refusal to engage with him afterwards made it clear that sex was only going to happen on her terms. (Yes girl. Yesss.) At the same time, Paul is in complete control of what happens to Sarah Kay – he cleans her body, washes her clothes, paints her nails and cuts a lock of her hair. It’s definitely one of my favorite scenes from the series because it showcases just how much the two of them control others.

The rest of the episode is really about the aftermath of the death of Sarah Kay, the relationship between a father and his young daughter, and the stupid teenage babysitter Paul toys with.

What was done to Sarah was brutal and terribly efficient. It’s obvious this crime was not Paul’s first because he was able to eliminate her quickly and without any emotion. It sent chills up my spine. He is just so creepy. There is no better word for Paul. His relationship with his daughter shows that. What dad winks in the rearview mirror at his child when they ask if someone died or stores their murder kit above their bed? That poor child will be experiencing night terrors for the rest of her life and he’s okay with that. Geez. And that babysitter.. Ugh. Yes girl, he’s fine. In fact, he is gorgeous. But he is not so fine that I would allow him to manhandle me on the floor for 10 minutes and then flirt with him later. No ma’am. I understand that you are stupid when you’re young, but damn! I am rapidly losing any fucks for her at all.

The Fall S1E2 Paul

This episode moved a little slower than the first, but it gave the audience a chance to meet new characters and learn from the ones already introduced. Plus, I’m always a fan when they show a woman being a BOSS. I love that the man who hunts and kills women is being hunted by a woman.


“Mr. Callan, no one knows better than me how important the media is as an investigative resource, but really and truly you should fuck off.” – Stella

Yup, she’s my fave.

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