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The Flash – S1E10 – Revenge of the Rogues

Previously on The Flash, ‘The Man in the Yellow Suit’

It’s Been Brought

Barry’s training now involves outrunning a drone controlled by Cisco. A drone with missiles. Caitlin worries that maybe they’re going too far, because that’s just her way, but Barry taunts Cisco to “bring it.” Barry ends up catching a missile and whipping it around so that it takes out the drone. It was pretty damn sweet.

Prison Break Reunion

Captain Cold is back with his new partner, Heat Wave. They break into a customs storage filled with expensive cars, but they’re not there for grand theft auto. Cold has purposely triggered the silent alarm, hoping to lure The Flash into his trap. Once he realizes The Flash isn’t coming, they bounce. Heat Wave is disappointed that he didn’t get to do that thing he does, but Captain Cold promises he’ll get turnt up soon enough.

Captain Cold and Heat Wave

Sure enough, Cold reveals their next mission is to steal an expensive painting – Fire and Ice, worth $25 million – from a rich couple due to fly back into the country the next day. This has Heat Wave’s attention.

Barry figures out who they’re dealing with and wants to go after Captain Cold, but Wells warns that he might lose focus on his training to get faster and that’s what he needs to beat Reverse Flash, the bigger threat.

No Longer Clueless, Now Just Awkward

Iris visits Eddie at work and they’re all kissy face when Barry arrives. Really, girl? Barry works there! Show some sensitivity. Later, Barry tells Joe he won’t be helping find Captain Cold. He has to stay focused on Reverse Flash.

Iris is packing to move out when Barry stops over to pick up something she has for him: his red and yellow backpack from when he was a boy. She leaves for work and Joe asks about the crazy awkward tension between them. Barry confesses that he confessed, and since she’s still moving in with Eddie, he just wants to pretend it never happened.

Bygones and Bearing Gifts

Cisco demonstrates a new polymer S.T.A.R. Labs developed for the police shields so that they can withstand extreme temperature attacks. The cops are semi-impressed, but still up in their feelings about S.T.A.R. Labs blowing up part of the city a year ago. Fair.

After giving Barry a pep talk about his relationship with Iris, Caitlin admits she’s been looking into “Firestorm,” the last thing Ronnie said to her before flying away. Barry figures out it’s an acronym and a speedy read through research on it reveals it’s a project that deals with transmutation: breaking down an element and splitting the atoms to build a new element. Caitlin decides to contact the scientist who wrote the research.

Bringing the Heat

Captain Cold and Heat Wave attack the rich folks as they get off their private plane, and Cold taunts them to call the cops. When the police arrive, they thankfully have their nifty new shields so Cold’s gun is useless. Heat Wave takes over, but gets a little too happy with the fire. Joe’s gun takes out his fire launcher and the two villains make a hasty escape. I hope they thank Cisco for stopping them from getting flame broiled.

Joe Takes Cover

Heat Wave is pissed. He wants to take the painting and leave town. They’re rich, after all. But Cold has a hard-on for The Flash. He wants to stay in town and take it over.

Caitlin meets with the scientist who worked on F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. He reluctantly tells her that the doctor who headed the project, Dr. Stein, went missing after he was to contact a rich friend for funding, and then the military arrived to confiscate all of their work. When Caitlin heads to her car, she’s abducted by Captain Cold and Heat Wave.

Like Ghostbusters, But Better

Cisco figures out that the guns the bad guys are using could cancel each other out, but they’d need to cross streams. When Barry learns that Caitlin is missing, he’s back on board to go after Cold. Cold helps them out by sending a video  to news stations. He wants The Flash to show himself, to show he’s real, or they’ll kill Caitlin. To her credit, Caitlin yells for The Flash to stay away.

Despite the fact that he’ll be outing himself to the world, Barry does as Cold demanded with the police nearby for backup. Meanwhile, Joe and Cisco track down where they’ve left Caitlin. She’s saved after Cisco almost blows her up by setting off a booby trap. Oh, Cisco.

Barry tries speeding around to make Cold and Heat Wave cross the streams, but it’s not working. When they almost get the drop on The Flash, Eddie rushes forward with a new shield and protects him. The Flash then rushes Eddie to safety and goes back into the fight. He figures out that speed isn’t getting it, so he walks up on them slowly, allowing them to blast him with their guns at the same time. Once he’s close enough, The Flash speeds away, causing them to finally cross the streams, which sends them both flying. They’re apprehended and the day is saved!

Eddie Shields The Flash

All Part of the Plan

At the station, Heat Wave is hamming it up as he’s taken into custody. The “Hey, I WILL shoot your ass” look on Joe’s face was everything. Eddie gives Cisco the guns because “they won’t be needing them for trial,” and Cisco promises to keep them locked up tight. Um, why wouldn’t you need their weapons at trial? That’s evidence! Okay.

Iris finally moves out and Eddie makes it weird when he suggests that maybe Joe should call first before coming over. Then Barry and Iris clear the air before she leaves. The best part of the episode comes when Barry recognizes that Joe is suffering from empty next syndrome and offers to move back in… and then does so right then and there, using his super speed to go home and get his shit. I love these two!

Captain Cold and Heat Wave are headed to prison when their transport truck starts rocking. They’re being busted out by a woman whose face we don’t see, but Captain Cold calls her “sis.”


Score | 9/10Thoughts & Questions
  • Dominic Purcell is so damn over-the-top as Heat Wave, and I love it. He grunts, groans, and looks like he genuinely enjoys being bad.
  • Can we talk about how Wells’ raggedy ass was so caught up in Barry taking on those drones that his foot moved?
  • The rich couple with the painting – who are they? I can’t recall their last name, but before Cold and Heat showed up, someone said that their son, Harvey, had called and the father replied, “I know longer have a son.” What up with that?
  • Love that Joe correctly pointed out to Wells that Barry’s talk of staying focused on Reverse Flash was more what Wells wanted than what Barry wanted. Hopefully, Barry moving in with Joe will help to lessen Wells’ influence on him.
  • Iris showing up at the scene because she saw Eddie’s car nearby… girl, bye. They are making her just as annoying as Laurel on Arrow. Shit.
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  1. I can tell from your recap, you were not here for Iris’s foolishness as much as I wasn’t! Laurel 2.0 needs to take a seat. I wish Barry would find someone else to love because she is wack. I loved Dominic Purcell in this and Wentworth; the way they’re playing off each other is gold.

    I saw Wells almost get up, too, and I was shouting at my TV like a damn fool. Why couldn’t Caitlin or Cisco turn around right then?

    My favorite thing about this show is the relationship between Barry and Joe. The only thing that could make it better would be a sing-along with the two of them. I wonder if we can get Joss Whedon to write the lyrics….

  2. The rich couple are the Hathaway’s and their sons name is Hartley and I believe he is going 2 be a big character on next weeks episode so it was just a little Easter egg for the comic book readers

  3. I’m not going 2 say more then that because *spoilers

  4. Love love love the Barry/Joe relationship! Easily my fav part of the show.

  5. The explanation for Iris is because she runs that Flash blog. Whatever.

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  12. Thank you! I’ll look into it.

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