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The Flash – S2E10 – Potential Energy

Previously on The Flash, ‘Running to Stand Still’

Harry and the Cisco Kid

Wells and Cisco continue to have my favorite bromance on TV. When Wells isn’t being grumpy and surly while wondering why they’re not doing enough to stop Zoom, he’s being grumpy and surly while trying to secretly figure out a way to steal Barry’s powers – per his agreement with Zoom.

During a stakeout for the episode’s bad guy, Wells tells Cisco the story of how Zoom got his name. One police officer witnessed a zoom of blue electricity murdering every other police officer in the precinct. Later, Zoom came to his house and killed him, too. Cause Zoom is petty af.

I wonder if E2’s Joe West was that police officer. Murdering a precinct full of cops seems like something you’d do for a specific reason – not just for shits and giggles. Maybe it was personal? That brings up my next question: Why is no one asking Jay or Wells if they know Zoom’s real identity? There’s a reason the bad guys always want to know who the hero is behind the mask. You typically find the key to defeating them there.

By episode’s end, Wells makes good on his promise to do whatever it takes to bring his daughter home and he steals something that will go a long way in helping him take Barry’s speed for Zoom.

Fast and Furious

Joe tries so hard to connect with Wally, but even though Wally sought him out (and showed up on his door on Christmas Eve), Wally isn’t really meeting him halfway. He bristles when Joe introduces him to Singh as his son, he makes a smartass remark about Joe’s not-so-great detective skills since he missed the fact that he has a son (and he did this TWICE!), and he stands up the West family dinner.

When Joe finds out Wally has been drag racing in order to earn money for his mother’s medical bills, Joe offers to help, but Wally has already filled the man of the family pants and intends to keep it that way.

Thankfully, Wally eventually realizes that he’s the one who approached Joe and the two find some middle-ground. Hopefully it’s not temporary.

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Jay Has A Lot of Nerve

Now that Legends of Tomorrow is set to premiere (insert praise hands), The Flash remembered they have Jay Garrick. When he’s not sitting around co-signing all the science talk from Cisco, Caitlin, and Wells, he’s busy keeping the secret that he’s dying from Caitlin.

After she unethically and illegally steals his DNA (What is it with this show and stealing DNA?), Caitlin confronts Jay about his illness, upset that he allowed her to get close to him knowing that he will die. Because Jay’s illness and imminent death is all about her.

There’s no cure so he’ll have to get his speed back, and that means stopping Zoom.

What disease does Jay have? Could it be the same incurable disease Francine West has? McGregor’s? I’ve wondered if Francine might eventually make a trip to E2 because they are medically more advanced. Maybe there’s no cure, but there’s long-term treatment that would prolong her life and she’d have to stay in E2 to get it. I could get behind that.

No Country for Patty Nono

When we last saw Barry and Patty at Christmas, things seemed to be going well. Since then? Not so much. He’s having nightmares and not telling her about them, and he’s become so distant it prompts Patty to reach out to his best friend for advice.

Seriously, what the hell is it with this show? Do grown-ass women really do this? Talk to someone other than their man about their man? I thought you stop doing that after high school.

Anyway, Iris learned from her heart-to-heart with Linda and tells Patty to talk to Barry. Later, she advises Barry to tell Patty he’s The Flash. Barry eventually agrees, but chooses the wrong damn time and place to do it: when he’s in the middle of trying to catch the episode’s bad meta-human, The Turtle, who can slow down everything and everyone around him by stealing kinetic energy.

After saving Patty from a falling chandelier, The Flash takes off with Caitlin and Jay. Patty is understandably pissed and gives Barry one last chance to figure out what the hell he wants. Before he can tell her, she’s kidnapped by the Turtle. Even after he tells Patty he took her to hurt The Flash, she still doesn’t piece together that Barry is The Flash. And once he does save her, she thanks him without wanting or needing to know who he is behind the mask.

Coming thisclose to death makes Patty reevaluate her life choices and she tells Barry she’s leaving town for good.

Then I stood up and did this:


But Wait; There’s More

The quiet of a residential neighborhood is broken by the arrival of Reverse Flash, who looks around and asks Gideon, “Where the hell am I?”

The Flash S2E10
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    Meta-Human - 9/10


I have a feeling the season will only get better from here. While I am excited about Legends of Tomorrow (and we’ll be covering it on our Premium podcasts), I felt the first eight episodes of this season suffered due to setting up that series.

The other thing that didn’t work for me was Patty Spivot. I’m fine with Barry and Iris being with other people, but characters like Patty Spivot and Caitlin Snow aren’t written for women like me. She was quirky for the sake of being quirky, spoke in a way that real grown women don’t, and came off as ridiculously pressed ALL THE DAMN TIME. Toss in the fact that they tied up one of the more interesting things about her (wanting to become a cop to catch meta-humans like Mardon, who killed her dad) quickly and poorly (“When I kill Mardon, it will be legal.” Really?), well, the character didn’t stand a chance with me. Now that this episode dealt with getting Patty out of the way, I hope we can focus on all the things that made season one great: compelling villains (Reverse Flash/Zoom), the West family dynamic, STAR Labs’ shitty security, and WestAllen.

I’m glad they addressed how ridiculous it was that Cisco knew about a meta-human out there committing crimes, and never bothered to tell Barry, “Hey, we should probably figure out a way to stop this guy.” The “we’ve been kinda busy” excuse is lame, but at least they tried. Because we know the real reason was, “We didn’t bring up a meta-human who has the ability to do what we want to do to Zoom because we had to spend the first eight episodes on nonsense.”

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11 Comments on The Flash – S2E10 – Potential Energy

  1. See. I wasn’t gonna watch until the weekend, but this blurb made me wanna watch now.

    First of all, welcome back PF Flash Podcast. It’s great to hear you guys talking TV in the new year. Anyway, here are some thoughts about this episode.
    1. Wally “Salty” West – Damn, son. Why you so mad? Sheesh! You can’t be that mad and talk that much shit without any facial hair. You need to either calm your ass down, or grow a beard.
    2. Iris – It was great seeing Iris on screen for the 2 minutes she was on. Also, I need Barry’s women to stop coming to her for advice on him all the time.
    3. Barry/Patty – Is it a natural human reaction to throw up a bit in your mouth every time these two are on screen together? No? Just me? OK.
    4. Caitlyn/Jay – See the previous bullet point.
    5. Patty – Girl, bye! I hope this heffa never comes back. Pressed ass!


    This “I hate Harry” bullshit is annoying. They know he’s Harrison not Eobard so just stop. Well, after what he did to Tyrol…maybe they got a point.

    So I’m supposed to believe Patty hugged The Flash and didn’t recognize that wiry frame? Whatever she’s doing with Barry, she’s doing it wrong. She should be able to pick that body out in a lineup.

    Patty’s leaving…boo hoo. Can you take Caitlin with you?


    Man I missed this flash cast!! Really enjoyed the review, I overall enjoyed the episode but had a bunch of wtf moments!! If im being honest if I wasn’t so flash thirsty I might’ve hated this 💩 tbqh!! Onto my highlights!

    My first side eye of the episode went to Wally and his smart ass!! I was like that’s how we playing it, we just gon air family drama in front of your pops boss?!?! Ok! Then they tried to redeem him by immediately giving him the dick Grayson storyline from batman forever I see you cw!!

    Next on my 💩 list was the weekly bad guy!! Was this guy not the definition of a “petty” theif(sorry I’ll show myself out ✌🏾️🚶🏾) I mean Bruh only stole 💩 just to hold a grudge!?!?! No wonder Cisco wasn’t worried bout bro, when you got zoom outchea killing cops for sport!!

    Lastly is Caitlin, was I the only who said really bih when she blamed Jay for her falling for him!! I mean yeah you’re probably a black widow but umm I’m dying lady! I’m sure you’ll catch another victim next season and ruin his life!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! Oh and damn I’m gonna miss big booty Judy(yea I noticed that donk in that gown 🌾👀🌾) lets all have a moment of silence ✊🏾

  5. For the podcast:

    I’ll be super short.

    1. Wally had dem bars.
    2. Wells just murdered that man right? If so, he totally know he’s getting caught right. And how was he able to just walk in on him like that without ole dude doing something?
    3. Barry stay looking fine and I am jealous that you and Shanna got shine from him. I hate you both 😡
    4. Jay ain’t shit just because.
    And 5. The Mayo Maven is finally out of the picture. I’m happy CW has moved on from the mayologist and has start to put Iris, Joe, and Wally in the forefront. I have to say I am excited for the rest of the season and for this podcast. I felt like Tyrone Biggums. Thanks for the podcast!

  6. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST:

    Wallace, you can kiss my whole ass. (I refuse to call that Black man “Wally.” How do you come to YOUR dad’s house, reach out to HIM and then get mad when he tries to make up for lost time? He made me so angry this whole episode. And this further proves my theory about Black men with no mustaches. He was a whole bitch.

    Barry annoyed me as well. Why was he stalling so much in telling Patty? He waited until Turtle was about to show up at the art gallery, then went over to tell her at her house. She got mad and then….he left? Then came back? Stop stalling. This is why she left you, bruh.

    Shows always do this. They make me hate a character right up until they’re about to leave. Because the latter half of this episode I was here for Patty. Mostly because Barry was fcuking up. But luckily she left. Barry don’t need to be with nobody that ain’t cultured. You don’t know anything about art? Tuh. I bet Iris does.

    Love the podcast and you guys!

  7. I’m gonna keep this short. Glad you guys are back tho.

    For the podcast

    Why is it that Iris still doesn’t have her own personal life away from her family? I don’t mean dating. I just wish she had other people to turn to besides Barry & her dad. And I’m tired of her having to be the go to person for Barry’s girlfriends. Ugh. It ruined the Iris/Barry scene for me since they were talking about Patty.

    Why was Barry about to have this personal type conversation at that party? Makes no sense. But I loved how they just left her stupid ass on the floor. Lol. But where the hell had she kept that gun? Up her ass?

    That’s it. Love the Cisco/Harry bromance.

    Tho it didn’t make sense, kinda loved how everyone but Barry knew about the Turtle bat least Iris knew.

    And bye bye Patty Nono! Please don’t come back.

    That was my attempt at short. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

    And does Thawne’s return mean Eddie isn’t dead? Will we see Earth 2 Eddie? And does Reverse Flash always hate the Flash regardless of the earth?


    I thought the episode was ok. The villain was pretty dope and creepy as fuck.

    Barry – Is he ever gonna learn to stop rushing in head on. “I’m gonna have to power through it” Aite bruh.

    Patty – She hasn’t really brought anything that I care about to the show. And why does she go to Iris for advice about Barry? That’s so weird to me. I would hope if my girlfriend needed to discuss a problem with me, she would uhhhhhh discuss the problem with me.

    Jay/Caitlin – Don’t care. Cut this shit out.

    Wally – I think the writers should have had Francine bring Wally to Central City to get to know Iris and Joe. They had him come and meet them and then the next episode he like “Fuck y’all”. Now that Patty is gone, they just need to cut the Jay and Caitlin stuff out and add more of this black ass family.

    Reverse Flash was like “Gideon where am I?” She was looking around like “ Nigga, I don’t know”


    Stop me if you heard this before. Barry having mixed feelings about revealing his secret identity to his significant other or Barry’s girlfriend going to his best friend for advice on Barry & lets not forget all the Flash puns. I kid though. I love how they are showing that he’s trying not to make the same mistakes. Now my only problem with Barry’s dilemma is that he’s dating a cop. Sure she probably won’t be in AS much danger if they weren’t dating but come on they live in the DC Universe. I’m pretty sure just walking out your door puts you in danger in this world. Also I kinda understand both arguments with Jay & Caitlin. But if I’m dying. That’s something that needs to be said though (plus I heard sympathy sex is the best sex, once again I kid). & last, I’m sad that we didn’t get Turtle from Convergence (no spoilers here folks, wanna know who that is. Go read it) as many times as they said Turtle in the beginning before the reveal of the villain. That’s who I thought we were going to get, oh well.

    P.S. Who do you think is more of a jerk. Harrison Wells or Kilgrave?

  10. For the Podcast
    What happened to Wally, Dude came in all contrite and humble on Christmas …fast foward he’s saying that his dad ain’t shit to his boss and co- workers . ..Is this earth 2 Wally and the real one is dead with barry’s father in that national park?

    the west family were calling Barry White shadow guys made a point in the group that yea that they’re family and we all do joke like that around people were close to ill let that one go .

    All i wanna say is when Caitlin blamed jay for letting her fall in love with him …knowing he had Speed Force cancer ….I had to rewind it . Why are they writer her like this there has to be a reason .

    anyway glad the show is back .

  11. I missed the recording but I’mma still comment:

    [John/Lucious Lyon voice] It’s Flash time bitches! I’m so glad you guys are back!

    I’m here for Wallace. He had me when he called Barry the White Shadow. He can sit with us.

    Na na na, na na na, bye bye Patty bye bye

    Caitlin manages to make everything about her. At this point it would be out of character if she didn’t.

    More Iris. Always more Iris. She looked great and I can’t wait to see her get Wally and her dad in line cause you know this is just the beginning

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