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The Flash – S1E12 – Crazy For You

Previously on The Flash, ‘The Sound and the Fury’

Barry has fully embraced his superhero status. He’s saving couples from burning cars, running the fastest he’s ever ran. His training is paying off, which pleases Wells. Cisco wants the team to go out for a drink, but Wells declines because he’s evil and Barry says no because it’s movie night with Joe and that’s fucking adorable. Caitlin doesn’t feel like going because she saw that Cisco is looking into F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M even after she told him to stop. He apologizes and then tells her she needs to go out and get laid, but he didn’t use those exact words.


A young woman uses her powers of teleportation to bust her boyfriend out of jail. While Barry and Joe investigate the scene the next day, Joe arranges an impromptu visit with Barry’s dad.

Miss teleporter, Shawna, explains to her boyfriend, Clay, that her power only works if she can see where she’s going. As soon as she learned to control it, she came for him. He would do the same for her, right? He doesn’t answer and homegirl doesn’t notice. Anyway, she wants to get the hell out of town, but he needs to repay a debt to someone named Marcus, and with her power, he’s betting she can help him get the money.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team tests particles found in Clay’s cell, and Caitlin remarks that she’s never seen cells move so fast. Not even Barry’s. They detect a woman’s DNA and use their database to identify Shawna.

Barry Allen

Ronnie visits Hartley, who taunts him with more “I know where Ronnie is, and you know you want to trust my untrustworthy ass.”

Iris and Barry are having coffee. He tells her about seeing his dad, and she tells him how she’s going to lose her job if she doesn’t come up with a good story – and she doesn’t want to write about The Flash. Barry promises he’ll help her find a great story because Barry is awesome.

Barry and Iris Coffee Date

Playing Cop

Barry’s dad calls Joe and Barry in for a visit. He asked around and learned that Clay owes Marcus money and Marcus is bad news. Barry appreciates the tip, but doesn’t want his dad getting involved.

Hartley shows Cisco the blast shadow left by Dr. Stein after the particle accelerator exploded. Cisco is like, “What does this have to do with Ronnie?” Hartley smirks and gloats about something Cisco doesn’t see that’s right in front of his nose. Then he attacks Cisco and they fight. And Cisco can fight! He uses this sound device to incapacitate Hartley, who promises to take Cisco to answers.

Work Wife

Caitlin is officially Barry’s work wife. They commiserate over the fact that they’re both baeless, then Barry rushes out to stop Clay and Shawna, who’ve just robbed an armored truck. Barry plays a little Catch Me If You Can with Shawna, and he can’t. He can’t catch her. He comes close though. Then he stops a bullet shot by Clay from going into his neck.

What in the entire hell? Clay’s ass gotta die.

The Flash S1E14

Barry shows up to help Iris with her story, but she’s already got plans to go out to dinner with Eddie and his mom. Barry calls Caitlin and they decide to go to one of the bars that Shawna and Clay used to frequent. They hit up a south side dive bar and it’s karaoke night because of course it is. Also, Caitlin is seriously tarted up.

They do more bonding over being lonely and then Caitlin starts dranking. She tells the bartender she wants to start a tab and Barry looks at her like:

Baby Face

Hartley takes Cisco to Barry’s lab where they log into the police system to view surveillance footage of the night of the explosion. Cisco sees that Ronnie was merged with Dr. Stein via the dark matter. Then Hartley knocks Cisco out and escapes. Oh, Cisco.

The Hookups

Caitlin and Barry sing Summer Nights from Grease and I got up in my feelings because Grant Gustin can sing and he’s bae. When they’re done, Caitlin takes her drunk self to the bathroom and Barry meets a trollop at the bar named Linda. She’s super flirty, and when she learns that Caitlin isn’t his girlfriend, she gives Barry her digits.

That hussy.

Clay and Shawna take Marcus his money, but Marcus isn’t satisfied. When he sees what Shawna can do, he wants her to help him steal more money. Greedy ass. But then Joe and some other cops bust in and Clay is shot in the gunfight. Shawna teleports him out of there while everyone else gets either shot or arrested.

Barry uses his speed to get Caitlin home and in bed, without peeking at her boobs, even though she said it’s totally okay if he did since he’s earned it.

Caitlin just joined #TeamTooMuch.

The next morning, they learn that Cisco fucked up. He finally admits what he did the night Ronnie “died.” Caitlin tells him it wasn’t his fault and he shouldn’t be carrying that around. It’s no one’s fault. Well, it’s kinda Wells’ fault, but aight.

Wells figures out that Shawna can only teleport to places she can see, but before they can digest this revelation, Barry gets a call that his dad has been stabbed in prison.

Love Hurts

Turns out, Barry’s dad was stabbed for nosing into Marcus’ business, and it was his intel that led to the bust at Marcus’ warehouse. He’s just happy to feel useful. He also tells Barry which guy on the inside stabbed him. The Flash pays this guy a visit and speeds him out of the prison. He makes him tell him which job Clay and Shawna is supposed to do for Marcus, then he leaves him outside the prison to get busted.

Barry tracks down Shawna and Clay just after they rob another truck, and he and Shawna have it out in a tunnel while Clay watches. When they start to get away in their car, Barry busts out all the lights in the tunnel so she can’t teleport. Clay hauls ass anyway. Girl, told you. Now you gotta live in the basement at S.T.A.R. Labs.

The Flash S1E14 Crazy For You

Caitlin is ready to move on. She knows that Ronnie merged with Stein and that pretty much seals it for her. Bye, Felicia.

The Flash meets Iris in an alley and gives her a file on Clay. He wants her to write a story about it and help him catch Clay. Aaaaand as he’s running off, Iris gets a blurry pic of him on her phone. When she gets back to her desk at the paper, she’s surprised to learn that Barry is there to meet Linda – she works at the paper too – for a lunch date.

Iris ain’t like that

The Flash Iris Gets Pic

Barry visits his dad in the prison hospital, and his dad hints around that he knows Barry is The Flash and that he’s proud of him. And then someone started cutting onions in my bedroom.

Score | 9/10Thoughts & Questions:
  • Grodd is loose in the sewers! He’s big and snatching mofos up.
  • I think Cisco got off way too easy. Yes, he feels guilt over what happened to Ronnie, but you can’t be letting out villainous metahumans and not telling anyone!
  • Sometimes, it feels like they’re hinting at Caitlin and Barry and I’m not here for that shit.
  • Man, this show gets me right in the feels each week. The scene with Barry and his Dad at the end was fantastic.
  • Is there anyone actually left down there besides Shawna?
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