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The Flash – S1E15 – Out of Time

Previously on The Flash, ‘Fallout’

One Year Ago

We’re back to the night of the accelerator explosion, and getting another look at the plane crash that killed one of the Mardon brothers and gave Clyde Mardon the power to control the weather.

The Mardon Brothers

Today in Awkward Double Dates

Barry and Linda are out on a date at a bowling alley and run into Iris and Eddie. Iris suggests they bowl together and even though Linda looks as if she’d rather bowl with severed kitten heads, she agrees. It’s evident to both Linda and Eddie: Barry and Iris have a connection.

Iris and Barry

Mark Mardon – he’s alive! – interrupts an autopsy and uses his own weather control power – he’s a metahuman! – to get the coroner to tell him which cop killed his brother.

Wells and Cisco are watching an old movie at the labs. We get a bit about some family drama of Cisco’s, but nothing more specific than he doesn’t like seeing them often. They get the alert about something going down at the city morgue.

Eddie and Barry both rush off to the morgue, but along the way, Barry passes another speedster. Reverse Flash? We’ll see. He stops at an intersection, looks around, but he’s gone. Once Barry arrives at the morgue, the coroner is dead. Barry determines the coroner was killed by hail. Thanks to a new automated recording system, they hear Mark kill the coroner after he tells Mark that Joe killed Clyde.

Weather Wizard

Since Mark can clearly control his power indoors, The Flash’s ability to run fast might not help. Cisco has an idea on what may and gets to work on it.

Barry tells Wells about seeing himself running. Wells promises he’ll investigate it after they’ve dealt with Mark Mardon.

The captain puts Joe on desk duty until Mark is caught, and Joe isn’t pleased. When Iris arrives at the station, Joe makes Eddie and Barry promise not to tell Iris what’s going on. Iris speaks with Eddie about his icy behavior while Joe and Barry head to lunch… just after the captain told him not to leave the building.

Eddie is up in his feelings because he’s the odd man out whenever they’re around Barry. He feels something has changed between her and Barry and he’s absolutely not okay with it. Oh, Eddie. You’re so milquetoast. 

In the car with Joe, Barry asks for relationship advice, but not for him and Linda. Things are complicated between Barry and Iris, and he feels there are moments when she loves him too. Before they can get into it further, they finally notice they’re driving under their very own rain cloud.

Mark is trailing them and sends a flash of lightning into their car. Barry is able to get himself and Joe out just in time.

Precinct House Arrest

The captain is annoyed with Joe for leaving and makes him and Barry promise Joe won’t leave again. Maybe he should get Iris to contact The Flash. Joe doesn’t want to bring Iris into it. Joe is concerned the cops can’t handle a metahuman and Barry tells him to let the S.T.A.R. Labs crew do what they do.

Mason goes to Iris with his theory that Wells did something to Stagg (we know Wells killed him) since he was the last person to be seen with him.

At the coffee machine, Iris apologizes to Linda for interrupting their date. Linda calls Iris on her shit: She has feelings for Barry and Linda doesn’t appreciate it. Uh, is Linda forgetting she asked Iris for advice on Barry? 

Iris and Barry meet for coffee and she presents him with photos of Wells entering Staggs’ office before he disappeared. He doesn’t think Wells is capable of doing anything wrong.

When Barry is alone with Caitlin and Cisco, he tells them about Iris’ suspicions, but that he told her she’s wrong. Cisco doesn’t look so sure. Later, Cisco goes to the station to ask Joe why he thought Wells had something to do with Mrs. Allen’s murder, but Joe is too busy to get into it. As Cisco is leaving, he walks right past Mark Mardon. Once in the elevator, Cisco tries to call Barry.

Assault on Precinct 52

Joe and Mark talk in the lobby for way too damn long before anyone realizes what the hell is going on. Joe wants to keep this between them and tries to inch closer to the weather wand Cisco created to stop Mark. Mark admits his brother wasn’t shit, but he was still family and he wants to avenge him.

Mark Mardon

He finally uses his power to slam Joe across the room. When he tries to strike him with lightning, the captain pushes Joe out of the way and takes the hit. The Flash arrives and uses the wand. Mark runs off and The Flash grabs the captain and leaves.

The Flash and the captain

Cisco tells Caitlin about his own Wells suspicions. He thinks Wells did something to make the containment field around Reverse Flash fail. He asks for Caitlin’s help in keeping Wells out of the office the next morning so he can investigate in peace.

At the hospital, when the captain’s fiance is able to go in to see him, the doctor tells Joe, Eddie, and Barry the captain may not walk again. Joe has had enough. He’s going after Mark alone, and he tells Barry to stay with Iris and not leave her side.

Family Matters

Barry goes to the paper looking for Iris, but finds Mason instead. Barry asks about his investigation into Wells, and Mason reveals he believes 1. Wells is a sociopath and 2. Wells killed Staggs. He has evidence to prove it, but Barry will have to read about it in the Sunday paper like everyone else.

Joe arrives at an apartment building he believes holds Mark. He finds Eddie is already there. He’s going to help, and refuses to leave.

Barry finds Iris at his house and she’s looking for Joe, he skirts the question and asks her if she knows what proof Mason has. She says she doesn’t know, then asks about Linda in a “this bitch” tone. After some teasing, she admits she doesn’t think Linda is the right woman for him.

“Then who is?” Barry asks. Iris face says, “Me!,” but her mouth stays closed.

Cisco is checking out the containment field and the numbers aren’t adding up. Suddenly, Reverse Flash appears within the field.

Back with Joe and Eddie, they search an apartment, but don’t find Mark. Then the wind picks up and Joe is sucked out of the open window.

This damn show.

Mark has Joe, who is suffering from a broken leg and other bloody injuries, on a ship. He wants more than an eye for an eye. He’s totally going to target Iris.


While Eddie rallies the troops at the precinct, Barry promises Iris he will get her father back. He does so after grabbing the side of her face and cupping the back of her neck. I swooned so hard I think I passed out for about five seconds. Iris gets a call from Mark who wants her to come to the waterfront alone. She and Barry rush out, past Linda who has come to see Barry. Not now, boo. He got other shit to do.

Caitlin is doing a poor job of not being suspicious as she tries to keep Wells occupied at Jitters. He’s no dummy. Caitlin goes to pay for the coffee, turns around and finds Wells is gone, but his wheelchair and glasses remain.

The Reverse Flash is just a recording. Wells walks in (yes, walks!) and explains it all to a confused Cisco: His real name is Eobard Thawne, a distant relative of Eddie’s from the future. He can leave behind a speed mirage when he moves. He went back in time to kill Barry, but killed his mother instead and since then he has been stuck in this time. Barry’s speed is the key for him to return to his time. And no one is going to get in his way, including Cisco. He kills Cisco with a vibrating hand, which sounds a lot worse than it actually was.

Sad Cisco


“Forgive me, but to me you’ve been dead for centuries.”

Then he just strolled out like he’s not a piece of shit.

Barry and Iris arrive at the waterfront. On the boat, Mark is gathering up some nasty storm clouds.  Barry pleads with her to leave and she refuses. Ever since he told her how he feels, she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him. He never stopped thinking about her. Then they kiss. FINALLY!

WestAllen Kiss 1

WestAllen Kiss 2


There’s no time to revel in the WestAllen ship. A tsunami is headed for land. Barry calls Caitlin for help and she explains that he may be able to whip up a wall of wind that will keep the water away. He apologizes to Iris and reveals he’s The Flash!

Then he yells for her to leave and gets to work building that wind wall. He runs so fast he runs back in time, seeing himself as he did in the beginning, and ending up at the same intersection from the start of the episode.

Oh, shit.

Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts & Questions:
  • This episode was everything. I was kinda sorta right about my Eddie as Reverse Flash theory. Wells was ready to have it all done with, too. Killing Cisco? Letting Caitlin see he can walk? He had no way of knowing that Barry would run back in time… or maybe he did! Maybe he realized that the moment Barry told him about seeing himself. Was he betting that it would happen so there wouldn’t be any consequences to his actions?
  • Good news: Cisco’s not dead. Bad news: neither is Wells
  • More good news: Joe’s not kidnapped and the captain isn’t paralyzed.
  • Extra bad news: Iris will not know anything about Barry being The Flash or the kiss.


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11 Comments on The Flash – S1E15 – Out of Time

  1. Damn, Flash had me on a rollercoaster of emotions last night! My heart lurched so many times, I thought I would need an ambulance.

    To start, I’m not here for Iris. I wish she were written better, becaue I don’t like her or wishy-washy bullshit. It’s funny because this cliche made the list in our group: not realizing you love your best friend. Excuse me while I regurgitate. I take issue, not with her just now realizing it, but with her realizing waaay after Barry confessed his feelings and suddenly after he finds a girlfriend. and he falls for it. Whatever. I think she’s disrespectful. Wiping the side of his mouth in front of her man? Bitch, no ma’am!

    Cisco!!! I really felt like I wouldn’t be able to make it through the week. First Noah, then Cisco?! Luckily, Barry ran it off. Whew!

    If Joe even comes close to dying–EVER–I riot! I will lose my shit all over the twitterverse!! How sad for the captain, but Barry fixed that, right? Right??!!

    Harrison Wells…I hate that asshole. So he’s related to Eddie…what are the implications of that?!

    So much to think about. Next week needs to hurry up! Can’t wait to hear the podcast.

  2. I loved everything about this episode (even iris) it was just that damn good. JOE: Not only is he the best father in the world to a white kid that?s not his but he also stands up for gay right ugh it is really going to suck when he dies at the end of the season, i don?t want him to die but that?s what happens in these superhero stories. I hope the flash would go a different route and kill iris because no one will see that coming but I doubt it. WELLS: fuck you x100 this man is so fucking evil. You mean to tell me he planted his self in these people lives formed relationships with them and doesn?t give a fuck if they die ugh fuck him I hope he dies a painful death by the end of the season and I hope cisco has a part in it. So I can?t remember who said it but one of you guest wells was related to eddie, that was really good because I didn?t see that coming but that would explain why the reverse flash didn?t kill eddie in the mid-season finale when he attacked al the cops, so do you think wells could be eddies son maybe? IRIS: she has finally seen the light which is the perfection of barry allen good for you girl now ride that man for all of us.

  3. CISCO: When Thawne/wells stabs Cisco in the chest with his knife hand Cisco dies instantly. The best thing about this scene is I don’t think it would have worked with anybody else, What makes Cisco such a lovable character is the show has made him the show’s beacon of innocence. Cisco seems like he belongs on another show, a younger kids show, like ninja turtles. He’s not only harmless, but he doesn’t even seem to realize that people could be so evil, even after all the crazed metahumans the SuperSTARS have fought. When Wells kills Cisco, it’s like he’s killing a puppy ? innocent, defenseless, and practically incapable of processing the horror of what’s about to happen. Well done, Flash writers, you deserve all the fucking awards.

  4. I’ve been waiting all season to find out what’s up with Wells and like a good super villian he monologued it and oh how epic that shit was!! I like how he explained that he didn’t mean to kill Nora that he was trying to kill Barry which makes me think this is going in the direction of Flashpoint. Which if you haven’t read it or watched the movie by now don’t because of major plot spoiler. Yes that moment when he stabbed Cisco hit me the same way as when Robb Stark ‘ s wife was killed in the red wedding. I’m going to miss Cisco and those awesome t shirts . I don’t know if the time travel will fix it because Wells’ tells Cisco he’s been dead for centuries now. So did he die the same way in Wells’ timeline? Will time travel really just “fix” what happened in that scene?
    Since Iris now knows Barry is the Flash can I stop hating her now? I hated the last few episodes of her overall nosy and…. blocking behavior. So now she gonna act right because she’s in the loop now right?

  5. First I wanna start by saying SPARTACUS!!! I swear the cw gets every prominent member of that show on either arrow or the flash and I’m loving every bit of it!!! Also I loved the character so much it was hard to picture him as a bad guy! I just found myself saying he did kill your bro Spartacus, so you do have a right for pay back!!

    Well’s ass needs to go!! I was completely fitting into that stereotype about black folks yelling at the screen!! This is one of those shows that just has me so enthralled I can’t help but yell!!

    Now about Ba-ris man I’ve been waiting so long for this to happen and we finally got it!! Or did we?!? I hate that this time jump really could stop the train!! I will say however I was on the side of Linda and Eddie( even though I wish he would just find a busy highway and decide to play in traffic!) that bowling alley scene was priceless!! I couldn’t believe Iris had the gall to whip ketchup

  6. Glad to see that you all have added The Flash to your podcast list. This is definitely one of the best new shows on TV. They?ve gotten off to a great start and the show has been fun to watch. Here are a few thoughts on what we saw.
    1. Linda/Iris ? Am I the only one who wanted to see them oil wrestle? Come on, I know some of the dirt bags listening wanted to see them pull each other?s hair and titties out while fighting over bowling balls, dicks and headlines while yelling out ?WORLD STAR!!!!!?
    2. Joe ? Joe?s Black Daddying skills are incredible. They?re so good he?s able to black daddy that white kid. I guess this is what Tyrese from Walking Dead was trying to become. Anyway, Joe is my man 200 grand. I?ve always like the fact he knows Barry is the Flash too. They have a great relationship and I?m glad Barry came through for him this week. I was pissed when I saw that dude threaten Joe, but since I was at work when I saw the episode this morning I had to keep that contained. Had I seen it at home I would have said all kinds of Filth Flarn Filth in his direction. How dare he threaten the life of a great black daddy like that! Stay safe Brotha Joe. Don?t let them Walking Dead you! Lol
    3. Iris ? I?m glad she finally admitted to liking Barry. There?s gonna be some kind of fallout with Eddie because of it, but at least they have gotten that far. In other episodes it felt like she was kind of in the way. Just there, to be the woman Barry Dogg day dreams about. This week she felt more like a journalist in pursuit of a story.. Shout out to her boss for encouraging her to follow that “Wells” lead too.The best Iris moment in this episode is that she found out Barry is The Flash. I had been waiting on that. Good job, Iris. You allowed me to look at Candice Patton?s pretty ass straight ahead this week instead of my usual side eye look at her while playing this character. Don?t fuck it up next week.
    4. Eddie ? He gon cry in the car!
    5. ?Wells? aka Eobard ? First of all, what the fuck kind of name is Eobard? Also, fuck you. We all knew from the beginning this dude was on some shit. I hope all the things he?s done will come back to bite him in the ass one day now, in the future, and any other time warp he can go to.
    6. Cisco ? Cisco died??????? Mother Dick!!!!!!

  7. I love this show so much and I can’t wait I hear this podcast! OMG! It’s gonna be epic!

    First of all, dude from Spartacus is definitely the hottest villain they’ve had so far. But man, don’t you go hurting my Joe like that!

    I missed the beginning cause of a stupid late train. If it had been on time, I wouldn’t have missed whatever awkward double date scenes happened. Anyway, the only reason I even slightly ship WestAllen is because of Barry. Cause Iris gets on my nerves so much!! Poor Linda. She ain’t so nothing to that girl but always blocking. And acting inappropriately with someone who is not her man. Speaking of which, Eddie ain’t stupid. Why is she playing with the emotions of a man with a gun? Just saying.

    Now Wells, aka Eobard Thawne. I knew he was the bad guy but I totally didn’t see him being a distant relative of Eddie’s. Or descendant. Whatever. But Cisco man! How could you! Not sweet little Cisco! Ugh!! I hope Barry figures out the time travel stuff and fixes this. But he doesn’t know how truly dirty Wells/Eobard is!

    So since Barry ended up in the past, what does that mean with the tsunami? And the captain? And my Cisco?

    Can’t wait for this podcast! Seriously overjoyed y’all are doing the Flash!

  8. First off I just have to thank you guys for doing a Flash podcast!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’m so glad the podcast is starting off on this episode cause it seriously needs to be discussed. I don’t wanna repeat what others have said so I’ll just say I LOVED this episode so much. The amount of times I screamed and threw things at my TV was ungodly, I could barely contain myself. I can’t wait to hear the podcast I know it’s gonna be a good one.

  9. Nina. I’m still processing this damn episode. It was so good, people thought it was a season finale! Let me start off with Iris. I love me some Iris but why she gotta be cock blocking my girl Linda. What the poor little Asian girl do to you? I felt bad for Eddie in this one and Thank You show for having him say something to her at the police station. I’ve been wondering if we’d ever meet Cpt Singh’s bf but I don’t remember him being engaged. And is it me or did his fianc seem young? The reveal of Harrison Wells wasn’t shocking but I’m glad it was all paid off throughout the season. Cisco had me up in my emotions when he was crying. Can you imagine what he felt? Wells being a father figure and the man who he looked up to ending up not being anything you thought you knew? What a betrayal. That was just heart breaking to watch. And can we say, Jesse Martin is one of the best things on this show!? Can’t wait for next week!
    And this is a little reaching but the Coroner’s report was file #28-52-7. There’s your 52 reference!

  10. What a way to welcome Donald on board a regular podcast!!! This show has been amazing from the start and keeps getting better.

    Iris gets a bad wrap, she’s not as badly written as other CW characters but I understand why many may not be into her. I thought Linda and Barry had better chemistry but I knew she wasn’t gonna end up with Barry so I didn’t put too much stock in the ship. The way Iris was wearing that dress I didn’t mind Barry pulling a Rick Grimes!

    I love how this show has interracial and gay family just how it should be in real life, natural and not a big deal.

    Loved the time travel stuff did away with Cisco finding out about Wells, Iris and Joe. Still not sure how it’ll work though, will it be like Back to the Future, where he’ll have to avoid himself? Or like Superman where he just reversed time a little bit? So many questions can’t wait for next week! Welcome Donald !!! 50Shades don’t count!

  11. Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode!

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