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The Flash – S1E16 – Rogue Time

Previously on The Flash, ‘Out of Time’

Deja What?

Barry has gone back in time a full day, but he’s still too late to save the coroner. His prior knowledge of the recording weirds Joe out, but his actions back at S.T.A.R. Labs tips off Wells that Barry has gone back in time. He doesn’t want to know anything that might mess up the timeline further, and he warns Barry to not make anymore changes.

Of course, Wells hustles to Gideon to check that the future hasn’t changed. She’ll let him know if anything triggers one.

Wells Checks Future

Barry can’t resist bringing Mark Mardon in when he remembers what happened to Captain Singh and Joe. With Mardon locked up at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry is feeling pretty good about himself. Until Wells jumps in that ass. Whatever Barry thinks he stopped from happening will find a way, Wells warns. Like life in Jurassic Park!

Captain Cold and Heat Wave pay a visit to Don Santini and inform him they’ll be taking over the illegal mob activities in Central City. He takes the news about as well as a mob boss would. Cold and Heat do their thing and take out Santini and his men.

Heat Wave

So Much Awkward 

Cisco and Caitlin attends Cisco’s brother’s birthday party. His brother Dante is a classically trained pianist who still lives at home. He’s also a douchebag. In the span of a few minutes he hits on Caitlin, shows no appreciation for the gift Cisco gave him, and belittles Cisco at least three times.

At the Labs, Barry is running on the treadmill, trying to recreate the moment he went back in time. It’s not working. Wells speculates other factors could have been in play, like Barry’s adrenaline level right before he started running. Yeah, Iris had his adrenaline racing alright. But Wells still refuses to hear about anything that happened in the other version of the day. Joe arrives and wants to know why Barry was acting so weird, but especially how and why he took down Mardon so fast and without telling him. Barry asks Joe to trust him, and then rushes out to met Linda.

At the paper, Linda and Barry break up after she gets him to admit he’s just not that into her. Well, as least not as much as he’s into Iris. She encourages him to go for it with his best friend. Unfortunately, Barry interrupts Mason and Iris before Mason can share with her his suspicions about Wells and what happened to Stagg. Barry awkwardly asks Iris to meet for coffee the next day, and then warns Mason he’s wrong about Wells.

Quid Pro Bro

Barry meets Cisco out for drinks – remember, Cisco had a crappy day with his crappy brother. A pretty woman in a really bad blonde wig hits on Cisco so Barry beats it. The woman, Lisa, is an engineer and Cisco can’t believe his luck.

Cisco and Barry

He shouldn’t. She’s Captain Cold’s sister and she leads Cisco to her brother and Heat Wave. They want Cisco to give them their guns back or they’re going to kill his brother Dante. Oh, yeah. They got Dante, too.

Cisco does as he’s told and makes a gun for the sister, too. Something gold and toxic.

Lisa Cisco and Captain Cold

So Much More Awkward

Barry meets Iris for coffee and tells her he still thinks about her and he knows she thinks about him, too. This was so damn sad and awkward. She looks at him like he’s bumped his head, insists she loves Eddie, and storms out.

Dejected, Barry heads to the Labs where everyone learns Captain Cold is back and no one can find Cisco.

Cold and crew hit up a mob-owned casino, but The Flash arrives to stop them. He has to let them go, though, when Cold reveals they have Cisco. Once the cops arrive, Barry tells Joe why he had to let Cold go. Then Eddie walks in and punches Barry in the face. So, Iris went and snitched, huh?

The Flash - S1E16 - Rogue Time

A Lesson in Time

At the Labs, Wells finally lets Barry tell him what happened in the first version of that day. Wells explains Iris has those feelings for Barry, but the events of the day led her to finally admit them. Without those triggers, the feelings are still buried. Then Wells points out if Barry goes back in time to save his mother, who’s to say how many other people will die instead?

Cisco and Dante have a heart to heart where we learn Dante was such a dick because he was always jealous of his little brother. He’s going to make it up to him by trying to save them. He attacks Heat Wave, but just gets his ass kicked. Cold and Lisa have to talk Heat Wave out of Dante’s ass. Alone with Cisco and Dante, Cold asks Cisco for the secret identity of The Flash. He begins to torture Dante to make Cisco talk.

Cisco and Dante

Cisco shows up at the Labs. Oh, Cisco. He admits he snitched. Just like Iris! He apologizes and Barry forgives, but Cisco doesn’t think he deserves to be there so he leaves.

Joe visits Iris at the paper and tells her about Eddie’s completely unprofessional behavior. He asks her who she loves and she says Eddie. Well, he advises, you need to make sure they both know that. Iris is so distracted by this news, she brushes off Mason yet again when he wants to talk about Wells. Welp. Now we know what’s going to change in the future. 

Wells takes Cisco down to the containment field and uses what happened that night with the Reverse Flash – how they all kept looking for ways to save each other – as a lesson in how important Cisco is and what a good person he is. He drops the same “closest thing to a son” line again, but this time he doesn’t kill Cisco.

He Knows!

The team figures out Cold hit the casino to trigger the protocol in which their money is moved. His plan is to hijack the truck transporting the cash. The Flash foils that plan and grabs Cold so they can have a chat in the woods.

They have a come to Jesus meeting: Cold won’t tell anyone who The Flash is and he won’t kill anyone else while doing his dirty deeds. Barry will, of course, still try to stop him at every turn.

Barry arrives at Jitters and is surprised when Eddie hugs him and apologizes. Seems Caitlin told Eddie and Iris that Barry is suffering from an after effect of being struck by lightning. He’s prone to saying and doing weird shit. All is forgiven, but Iris looks sus as fuck.

Score | 8/10Mason is working at the paper, late and alone. The audience collectively shook their heads at this moment. Reverse Flash appears, knocks Mason around for a bit, and gets him to admit everything he knows about Wells is on a flash drive. Reverse Flash takes the drive, kills Mason, and then cleans up after himself.

Wells tells Barry letting Cold go was Barry doing the best he could in the moment. When Barry starts to tell Wells about Simon Stagg – and possibly Mason’s suspicions – Barry sees a news alert that Mason is missing. He covers what he was going to say and leaves.

Later, Barry meets Joe at the police station and tells him he may have been right about Wells. About everything.

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13 Comments on The Flash – S1E16 – Rogue Time

  1. I don’t was have anything substantive to add to the podcast feedback but I was ready to smack Barry right upside the head. He needs better people and deserved that punch in the mouth.

  2. For the record: Center City was changed to Central City, but it’s not yet showing up. :-p

  3. Last night left me dazed and confused. I’m trying to think of what I can say that won’t make it worse.

    I like Wells’s explanation for why Iris wouldn’t share her feelings with Barry, but I don’t get why she would pretend like they don’t exist at all. And why would she tell Eddie about that conversation?? Cockblocking, snitchin, stank bitch. Hurting Barry like that; I’ll cut a ho. And the way she looked at him when she and Eddie were leaving the coffee shop. She needs to piss or get off the pot.

    I was scared Wells was going to kill Cisco….again. Why else would he have him in that room? I have a feeling that because he’s a Time Lord, too, he remembers what already happened and Now he’s just trying to deal with this altered reality. Just typing that made my teeth ache.

    And I don’t get Wells. We know he’s a bad guy, but he shows so much concern for Barry and the crew. How can he help them with their problems yet still want to kill them? Oh, yeah: he’s evil. He must need Barry to die to get back to his time? Ack, my head.

    And can I just say I’m so sick of shows not knowing how to utilize the great Roger Howarth? I was so excited for him to be on this show and I feel like I got dicked. And no, not in a good way. I’m bitter.

  4. The time travel/jump whatever is messy and I’m not sure if this is a comic thing or a show thing.

  5. This episode of The Flash confused me in many ways because of its roots in time travel. I don?t have a ton of feedback, but I will say that I think Wells Thawne has more information about what?s going on than anyone else. It almost felt like he was telling Barry about altering the past for a reason. We’ve heard that before when it comes to time travel, so it’s nothing new for a movie or show to say that changing something in the past will alter the future, but with The Notorious E.O.B.A.R.D it feels like he was trying to steer Barry in certain directions so that the future will be influenced in the ways he wants. What I wonder is if what we saw this week will negate everything from last week. Not just in the sense that we should forget about it, but more in the sense that maybe it won?t happen at all. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  6. Gotta say, this was my least favorite episode of the season. Last week was so fantastic and this seems kind of like a letdown.

    As we all knew, Barry was gonna mess things up with Iris. He dumped Linda first tho. And she knew his heart wasn’t in it. But why did Iris tell Eddie? He ain’t need to know that. Cause the man has a gun. He could have done worse to Barry than punch him. But why does it feel like this time reset really screwed Barry over with Iris. Up until this point, we as the audience could see how she felt. But now it’s like Barry is completely in the friends zone.

    I don’t know what it is but Captain Cold irks the hell outta me. But I kinda like his sister. Cause they looked kinda adorable on that bike & sidecar at the end there.

    So did y’all recognize Cisco’s brother as Luke from season 1 Sleepy Hollow. He played Abbie’s ex bf. he did not like Ichabod. Lol. So he’s douchy on here too. And poor Cisco. Even tho his bro is a supreme douche, it’s still his bro. He couldn’t let Cold hurt him.

    Wells is still evil. I really thought he was about to kill Cisco again. Phew. But he killed Todd Manning aka Roger Howarth instead. The only good thing about his death is that Barry finally realized something is off about Wells.

    That’s all I can think of. Definitely my least favorite Flash episode of the season. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And I’m looking forward to next week! Should be a lot of fun.

  7. I don?t want to have unnecessary long feedbacks so I?m just going 2 write some of my tweets from last night.

    I’m obsessed with giddy Barry, how can grant gustin be this adorable.

    You see people, I’m trying to like iris and then she pulls this shit. (referring to when she broke my baby?s (barry) heart in the coldest way possible)

    What the fuck is wells talking about? Its either she has the feelings for barry or she doesn’t. (ok I think I was a bit heated when I wrote this but can somebody tell me if that?s a thing people do, Do peoples true feelings come out when they have heighten emotions because that sounds like some soap opera shit.

    There are a couple of other things I picked up in this episode like wentworth miller is bae and Dominic Purcell is not. The actor who plays cisco?s brother is Nicholas Gonzalez, he was in a Showtime series I used to watch called resurrection Blvd, he was in one of my favorite movies Anaconda hunt for the blood orchid and he is going to be in the new DC comic adapted series called Lucifer (never heard of it).
    And Nina I was paying really close attention to Danielle Panabakers acting and it really doesn?t seem that bad to me. Wells?s acting was actually starting to feel a little mustache twirly villain to me in this episode.

  8. I’m a little upset with Barry. I know he’s Nina’s Bae but in episode 14, “Fallout”, the movie “Back to the Future” was referenced by Cisco so we know it exists in their world. Why the hell did he go and mess with the space time continuum!? Great Scott Barry.

  9. 1. Why didn’t Barry just relive the day all over again???! I know I’m selfish but I would been like, I do get what I want so how bad can it be really?

    2. I have a real problem wit snitching!! I mean it makes no sense for Iris to tell Eddie what happened even though Barry was green as fuck for what he did!!

    3. Was I the only with their booty clinched the whole wells Cisco scene? I was just yelling don’t kill bruh please don’t do it!! I’ve seen this movie before and I’m not here for this shit!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear yall try to make sense of all the time travel stuff, all I will say is Flashpoint(not a spoiler)!!

  10. Aight I think I got their version of time travel down. Barry can travel back in time and as long as he doesn’t do anything differently everything is going to be fine. Once he started changing things he still couldn’t stop major points from happening just the participants. For example instead of Eobard (his daddy named him Eobard I’ma call him Eobard) killing Cisco, Eobard kills that reporter. Instead of that reporter being suspicious of Eobard andv ready to act on it now Barry is suspicious of Eobard and at least is more willing if not ready to act on it.
    Even though last week’s episode was stronger than this week’s, Rogue Time did feel much darker. From the mob ties, to Cisco ‘ s brother being tortured, to Eddie knocking the shiiiiiiiit out of Barry. Don’t you have super powers and you didn’t see that shit coming?
    I think Eobard keeps talking to Gideon to make sure what he’s doing to the time stream by “creating the Flash” isn’t changing that specific point on that newspaper he keeps going back to. I think Eobard knows they will get to that point but not exactly how they will get there.

  11. This might be too late but I still want to rant. – I really wanted to backhand Barry a couple of times this episode but then also make him soup cause his life went from hero to zero. Iris is ridiculous this episode made me dislike her more and homeboy and her office, poor dude. Maybe his passing will allow her to actually become a competent reporter.

    Dr wells is a dick and I’m so over him and can’t wait for the crew to take him down, Joe forever remains the best dad and iris and Eddie deserve each other cause there both Ughhhh. Anyways I loved this episode even though it sounds like everything annoyed me.

  12. I enjoyed the episode. You got to deal with shit like this when it comes to time travel. If I’m gonna fuck up the time stream, I’m keeping winning Mega Millions numbers in my costume pockets at all times.

    Might as well make one of my time stream selves rich as shit

  13. Suffered second hand embarrassment from that scene at Jitters with Barry & Iris. I couldn’t watch it again. Too painful.

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