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The Flash – S1E17 – Tricksters

Previously on The Flash, ‘Rogue Time’

Fifteen Years Ago

The night Barry’s mother was killed, two speedsters raced through the house, hitting each other and bouncing off walls. It was awesome. Except for the whole “dead mom” part at the end.


Barry and Joe study their Harrison Wells is an Evil Asshole Board of Information. His machine created a speedster and a speedster killed Barry’s mother. That’s too much of a coincidence for a seasoned cop like Joe. They don’t understand why Wells has done nothing but help Barry since he was struck by lightning. What’s his true motives? Barry notes Wells once said he “needs” Barry’s speed. You’re so close, Allen! In the end, they decide to be patient. As patient as Wells’ evil ass has been.

Gifts From Heaven Hell

Yellow gift boxes with black bows, tied to red parachutes descend upon a park. Everyone is all, “Ooh, look at this completely creepy thing that’s happening.” Until the boxes start exploding and THEN parents wanna be snatching up their kids and running. Except the father of a boy named Henry. His wife should kick his ass. Luckily, The Flash arrives and saves little Henry. His dad still needs a slap, though.

The person responsible for the gift bombs calls himself The Trickster. He releases a video bragging about the attack. Joe says 20 years ago a man called The Trickster (James Jesse) was responsible for several deaths. He’s serving a few life sentences at Iron Heights so Joe and Barry will go question him to see if he can provide some insight into this copycat.

Before they leave, Barry is barely able to contain his contempt for Wells, making a smart remark about the particle accelerator explosion. Wells is smart and suspicious, but Joe brushes it off as Barry having a bad day.

Harrison Wells

Fifteen Years Ago

The Flash rushes little Barry Allen out of the house, out of danger, and takes off. Reverse Flash chases after him, but stalls in the street. He consults Gideon who reveals his power has been drained due to this latest time jump. He no longer has any trace of the Speed Force in his DNA. He’s stuck. Stranded. No one can save him. Not even AAA. He screams and rips off his mask off… and it’s not Wells. WTF?

Twisted Trickster Tastes Twizzlers

Try saying that five times fast!

Barry and Joe visit The Trickster in prison. He claims he doesn’t know who this new Trickster is, but he must have found James’ old lair. He demands they find and arrest this charlatan.

Meanwhile, Iris is worried about her mentor, Mason Bridge. No one has heard from him and he’s not answering calls or emails. She asks Eddie for help in locating Mason, and Eddie agrees.

Joe and Barry head to James’ storage facility and find the door has been booby-trapped to explode. Barry saves Joe’s life and then they discover all of the James’ tricks and devices have been wiped out by the copycat. They hoof it back to the prison where Barry has a quick word with his dad, Henry. Barry’s close to proving he didn’t his wife and he just needs to hold on.

Barry Allen and Joe West

James loses his shit when he learns his toys are gone, including a bomb big enough to destroy the whole city. Cue a new video from the copycat who claims… well, we don’t get to hear what he says because James starts screaming, “Take off my mask!” over and over again. He really hates it when people touch his stuff.

The Flash S1E17 - Barry and Joe

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team tries to figure out a way to find the copycat. When Barry makes a smart remark about not all villains choosing to hide in the shadows, Wells asks to speak with Barry in private. Ruh roh. But it’s all good. Wells just assumes Barry is acting weird because he saw his father in prison again. Barry just goes with that, saying that it is tough knowing his mom’s killer is still out there. Wells promises they’ll catch him. Barry looks like he wants to drop kick Wells out of that wheelchair, but he doesn’t. He leaves when he gets a Flash Alert from Iris. She wants to meet.

Fifteen Years Ago

Wells is on the beach with his wife, Tess. They’re talking about starting their laboratories. He wants to call them T.E.S.S. She suggests S.T.A.R. and we all know who won that argument. The Reverse Flash – in street clothes – watches from afar.

Da Bomb

The Flash meets Iris at Jitters and she asks if he’ll look into Mason’s disappearance. Of course he will because it’s for Iris. She asks if everything is okay with him because she can feel that something is wrong. Oh, Iris you know him like you know the back of your hand. Like you know your very best friend in the whole world. Piece it together, stupid! 

The cloaked in shadow flirt session is put on hold when Cisco radios The Flash about a new message from the copycat. The Flash uses Iris’ laptop to watch the video. There’s a bomb located within a certain area of town. The Flash races through all the streets and can’t find it. S.T.A.R. Labs’ satellite isn’t picking up any thermal trace in that area. Wells says it’s a trick. The bomb must be somewhere else, but Barry ignores him and continues to look. He finds an empty box with a message that he’s been tricked.

The real bomb was at the prison. The copy cat has freed James Jesse, and they’ve taken Barry’s father hostage.

The Flash - Henry Taken Hostage

Fifteen Years Ago

Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) sets up spikes in the road which causes Harrison to crash while he and Tess are driving home. Wells is trapped in the car, Tess is dying, and Eobard ain’t helping.

Daddy Issues

James and his protege plot their next move, with Henry talking shit while tied to a chair. The protege wants to know why he was chosen. He’s James’ son! Of course he is! Axel, I am your father. *cue Darth Vader music*

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#4A7097″ class=”” size=””]”Not every criminal chooses to hide in the dark.” – Barry[/pullquote]

The team figures out Axel’s identity and Barry worries about his dad. In the basement of S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry is worried that he’s trusting Wells – the man who may be responsible for killing his mother – to save his father. He’s also seriously hurt because he doesn’t understand how or why Wells is helping him, and how he could have been so blind. Joe reminds Barry that his greatest strength is seeing the good in people. Even people like Wells.

Iris arrives at a black-tie party for the mayor and is offered a glass of champagne by the Trickster, though she has no idea who he is and he’s dressed as a waiter. So is Axel. They giggle maniacally and no one questions why the waiters are laughing like they’re evil geniuses about to do some evil shit.

Their plan: They’ve poisoned the champagne and the guests will not be given the antidote until they’ve transferred all of their money into the Trickster’s account. They have one hour. Iris manages to place a call to Joe, who overhears everything and relays it to the team.

Wells warns Barry not to underestimate The Trick– and Barry’s gone. He rushes into the party, demands to know where Henry is, and gets a bomb strapped to his wrist. If he goes below 600mph, it will explode. Barry runs for his life, literary.

Trickster JuniorFeel the Lightning

Wells talks Barry through how to run so fast that he phases through a solid wall, which will remove the bomb from his wrist. Barry runs through a truck and it works. He races back to the party, delivers the antidote to everyone, and demands to know – again – where Henry is. James and son have no choice but to give up.

Barry rescues his father and reveals that he is The Flash, which Henry already knew, but it was a cool moment to witness.

Henry Allen gets a tour of S.T.A.R. Labs where he marvels over how far technology has come since he’s been locked away. Barry tells him what it feels like to run as The Flash and Henry thanks everyone – especially Dr. Wells – for taking such good care of Barry. Barry looks like he wants to throw up. But he does put on a fake face long enough to shake Wells’ hand and tell him he’s lucky to have him in his life. That’s my Barry! 

Fifteen Years Ago

Eobard pulls Wells from the wreckage and introduces himself. He tells him that in 2020, his and Tess’ particle accelerator changes the world, but he needs to speed up that timeline a bit. Then he uses a device on them both which kills Wells, and turns Eobard into Wells. And that’s who the cops encounter when they arrive at the crash site.

Welcome to Team Flash

Eddie meets Joe at Barry’s lab and there he learns Barry is The Flash. And they need Eddie’s help.

At Joe’s, Eddie tells Iris he found Mason and he’s living off the grid in Brazil. Iris is stunned, but seems to buy it. She goes to check on dinner and Joe, Barry, and Eddie discuss their next move. Barry says the way Wells described being a speedster means he must be The Reverse Flash.

Dun. DUN. DUN!

Score | 9/10Overall Thoughts: 
  • Every show that has a situation where the hero knows someone on their team is a liar, but they can’t act on it yet. They have to go on pretending like everything is cool, even though what they really want to do is choke the hell out of the traitor because they’ve done something horrible to the hero. And in this situation, every show makes the hero slip up here and there, unable to hide his/her contempt because they feel so betrayed. I really hate that, and I didn’t like it here when Barry kept saying such veiled things to someone who is super smart and very dangerous. Thankfully, it was just a few times.
  • On a related note: They need to stop talking about how evil Harrison Wells is while in Harrison Wells’ laboratories.
  • I loved that this week’s villain wasn’t a meta-human at all. Just a regular old evil genius with lots of bizarre and deadly toys.
  • I predict lots of tension between Eddie and Joe and Barry, as Eddie doesn’t seem to be as on-board with lying to Iris.
  • How cool would it be if Iris realizes Barry is The Flash because he used her laptop without needing the password?


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8 Comments on The Flash – S1E17 – Tricksters

  1. Holy shit this episode was so damn good. And did you see the previews? SHIT!!!!!!!
    1. Wells/Thawne ? Damn, Harrison Wells really did exist? We all thought there was some shit with this guy, but we had no idea that he was invaded by a body snatcher! Wells was Wells until he wasn?t Wells. Holy shit!
    2. Trickster ? Mark Hamil is a beast. He played that crazy son of a bitch to the T! And when he delivered that ?I am your father? line I lost my shit. I?m sure everyone else did too. That was the only thing that could trump him mentioning Breaking Bad season 5.
    3. Joe ? This man and his black fatherhood skills damn near made a brotha cry. LAWD!!!!! Joe is in the Black Father Hall Of Fame. He?s so damn good at it! I?m 35 years old and know my father, but I want Joe to adopt me! On another note, I?m not sure what happens with him in the comics, but I know one thing, Black, TV Joe West BETTER NOT FUCKIN DIE!!!!!!!! Don?t you take this man from me, I mean from us, CW!
    4. Iris ? Iris was clearly listening to Johnny Gill while getting dressed for the party. That red dress had me saying ?My My My? because she sure looked good tonight. Also, I need someone to tell her Barry is the Flash. Keeping the secret isn?t going to protect her if the bad guys already know his identity and may target her anyway.
    5. Barry ? I enjoyed Barry subtweeting the shit out of Wells/Thawne. That was funny. Also, I feel like revealing his Flash identity to Eddie will bite him in the ass at some point.


    I have to say this show gets better and better every week. That was easily the best thing I’ve seen on TV in a year. Period. I started out the episode sitting, normally at the head of my bed and ended on my knees at the foot with butthole clenched!! (Shout out to Devin!)

    Harrison Welles is not Harrison Welles?? Let me back up. That fight scene in the flashback was ON POINT!! Everything about that was magic. I knew something had to be up with Harrison, but NEVER suspected this!! At first I thought it would be some Freaky Friday type bullshit but this is much more sinister! He literally sucked the life out of Welles! WHAT THE FUCK?! So he’s all Eobard and all evil? He’s not sometimes touching? What a huge curveball.

    The Trickster! I have to say, the regular villains are way more interesting and fun than the Meta Humans. Mark Hamill was sooo good. When he said, “I am your father,” I busted into excited giggles and jumped around on my bed! I hope he gets an Emmy nod. And him and the old Flash on the screen together…man, that made my night!

    I think Eddie now knowing will be what breaks up him and Iris. *raspberry*

    I still wonder about Eobard and whether or not he is actually aware of what happened in that tidal wave timeline. I think he’s asking Gideon about major changes. And is it just me or does Gideon need some lessons in tact? She’s abrupt as hell.

    When i watched the Paley Fest preview before, I missed so many things. I cannot wait for the next crossover episode!! I was late tuning into SHIELD because of Flash then they both kept me from sleeping!! What a fucking amazing episode!! I’m usually much more eloquent with my feedback, but that episode blew my mind.

  3. This was a great episode normally I hate winks and nods to other franchises , but this episode did it so well . From them using the original trickster photo from the 90s series , to having Hamil doing the I am your father reveal. they even included a slight joker ref with the flower on the suit . Besides the references there were allot of great reveals that I did not see coming . When that reverse flash removed his cowl …I was like wait what!? I will have to say that I’m kinda disappointed wells was actually the reverse flash ,but I hope it is a firestorm situation that they’re battling it out inside his mind. all in all great episode.

  4. Ok so let me start off with the bad. I didn?t give a rat?s ass about the trickster, I thought that whole thing was cheesy and dumb. I know they were paying homage to the 1990s flash TV show but there was a reason that shit was cancelled after 1 season. And REALLY flash REALLY you just had to put the ??I am your father?? line, I don?t even think star wars was all that, I tried watching it like 3 times and all three times I fell asleep, I actually think the phantom menace was better than the first 2 movies. (I couldn?t make it to the third) now for Mark Hamill. I don?t like this man, I don?t like his acting (not just in this but in the Kingsman movie as well)I don?t like his face I don?t like his voice and I didn?t even like him in star wars, Basically I didn?t like that whole plot. Ok now feel free to read me.

    Now for the good. I loved the rest of the episode, my ass needs to stop eating and drinking while the flash is on because when they revealed the reverse flash actually stole Harrison wells face I jumped up and dropped my wine all over myself and I still sat there until that scene was over. Does Gideon have a mind of her own because she had a real attitude when Thawne asked if he could get back home? I loved the scenes between Barry and his father (thank you john Wesley ship for leaving the cheesiness in the 90s) those actors are so good together. It was real convenient that out of all the hostages trickster could have taken he took Barry?s dad but whatever. Why was iris asking so many damn questions about mason? He didn?t even like her, He knew her ass weren?t no real journalist, and nobody else seem to really give a shit. So Eddie knows Barry is the flash, so does that mean he knows or is going to find out that his girl is basically Barry?s number 1 groupie? And if he does find out I think that could be the start of eddies and his family not being shit. (I?m assuming Eddie becomes evil)

  5. It was so awesome I love flash ?

  6. This is the second time in this season where a character reprised their role from the 90’s series. Tina Magee was the other one. If what we heard about Wally West being in season 2 is true, I wonder if he’ll be some incarnation of the Flash from the 90’s. What do you think?
    2. I have a theory about that floating liquid. I think anytime it happens, it represents time travel is happening somewhere. Like in Barry’s lab in the office and the champagne at Stars Lab with the episode with Ronnie. I thought this was a good episode but definitely had a lot of comic book things happen like how Nina tweeted no one at the party paid any attention to the two cackling servers and what about Iris being the only one wearing a bright ass red dress at a what appears to be almost entirely a black/white party. Also the 52 reference was where the bomb was located, between 52nd street and B avenue or something rather! Great job covering the show guys!

  7. Loved the recap as always!! And I totally agree with you, why does everyone on this team have zero chill? I mean they must have went to Deanna’s school for poker players bc they can’t bluff for shit and it’s annoying as hell!!

    Also was I the only waiting for Caitlin or Cisco to ask doc wells, why is your dick hard when describing how to run through things?

    With that being said I have to say my biggest problem with this episode was showing Eddie is identity!! I mean this has to be the dumbest shit ever amirite? How you gon tell the ninja who’s smashing your true love, and has already shown that he’ll whoop your ass over said love, that your the flash? Cmon son, we all know this gonna come back to bite him in the ass!!

    Anyway I won’t even speculate on the rest of this wells shit, bc it will cause my brain to hurt so I’ll leave that to yall while I go and watch some CBS to ease my nerves!! Cant wait to hear the podcast!!

  8. I know I’m late so all I’m saying is it was awesome! Much better than last week’s. And Mark Hamil is the best! Plus he favorited my tweet! Still geeking out about that.
    Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

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