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The Flash – S1E4 – Going Rogue

Previously on The Flash, ‘Things You Can’t Outrun.’


Barry is simultaneously playing ping-pong with Cisco, Operation with Caitlin, and chess with Dr. Wells, when a call comes in that a security truck is being robbed. The Flash stops the four bandits, but not before a guard is shot. He rushes the injured man to the hospital and the bad guys get away. Barry got a look at one of the men, and correctly identifies him from his mugshot. His name is Leonard Snart. Meanwhile, when one of Snart’s crew is scared to go on thanks to The Red Streak, Snart kills him.

Iris is getting the cold shoulder from her dad since he’s not pleased with her dating Eddie. She’s also writing a blog about all the sightings of the Red Streak. Barry doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but their convo is cut short because Felicity Smoak is in town from Starling City and surprises Barry in his lab.

She wants to see it – his speed, that is. He shows off a bit, then takes her to S.T.A.R. Labs. where she’s super impressed by their setup. Iris suggests a double-date of sorts with her and Eddie, and Barry and Felicity.

Stolen Tech, Meet Wrong Hands

A thief prepares to sell Snart a gun he stole from S.T.A.R. Labs. The gun shoots ice, and Snart turns it on the thief rather than pay for it. Cisco discovers that the cold gun he designed was stolen. Wells is furious because he made it without telling him, he allowed it to be stolen, and that he made a weapon could harm Barry or anyone.

The Flash - S1E4 - Captain Cold

The double-date is interrupted when Snart is spotted casing the museum for a rare diamond on display. The Flash tracks him to a nearby, but Snart manages to kill a security guard with the cold gun before he escapes. When Barry learns Cisco built the gun to stop him, he’s furious and insulted. Now, they all have to live with the death of that guard.

Joe finally talks to Iris about why he’s been ignoring her. It’s hard for him to feel responsible for Eddie’s life when he knows how much he means to Iris. Later, Felicity gives Barry a pep talk about trusting his team. And that’s exactly what he does when Cisco figures out a way to track the gun. When they find him, Barry rushes out after turning off his earpiece. So much for trust.

The Flash - S1E4 - Felicity and Barry


Felicity urges Cisco and Caitlin to go after Barry, even though he’s acting like he doesn’t want help. Eddie pretty much does the same when he ignores Joe’s order to stay outside of the train station Snart is in and to wait for backup. Eddie reminds Joe he’s his partner, not his assistant. #EddieBars.

The Flash confronts Snart on a train full of innocent people and Snart (now called Captain Cold thanks to Cisco) points out Barry’s weakness: innocent people. He damages the train with the cold gun before jumping off. The Flash races through every car, pulling people out before the derailment is complete. He saves everyone, Snart corners him with a glass from the gun.

Score | 8/10Cisco, Caitlin, and Felicity arrive and Cisco has a gun bigger and more powerful than Cold’s. He threatens to shoot him, and it works. Snart leaves, but he’s not about giving up that diamond. Turns out, Cisco was bluffing because what he really had was the S.T.A.R. Labs vacuum cleaner decked out with a ton of LED lights.

Back at the Labs, everyone is happy the day was saved, but Wells pulls Cisco aside to jump in his ass, once more, about never, ever doing anything like this again. Barry races onto the train Felicity is taking back to Starling City and thanks her. They realize they are perfect for one another, but know they’re both in love with other people. They share a kiss and a promise of being there for one another and he Barry races away.

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