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The Flash – S1E5 – Plastique

Previously on The Flash, ‘Going Rogue’

This week’s Metahuman is a human bomb (Plastique), Bette, on the run from General Eiling. Barry and the team at Star Labs try to help her  control her power and stay hidden.

The Flash S1E5 Plastique and Barry

Unfortunately, the shrapnel inside of her has fused with her DNA and she doesn’t have long to live. She sets off on a suicide mission, planning to take the men hunting her out as well, but Barry stops her. She’s shot in the process and Barry has to get her body far away from the city before it detonates. He runs 650mph (his fastest yet) in order to run on water and drop her in the middle of the ocean.

The Flash Runs on Water

Score | 9/10Best Bits & Questions
  • Wells revealed his true nature to Bette, but she died before she could tell Barry.
  • In addition to walking on water, Barry is able to vibrate his vocal cords and change his voice. He uses this to speak with Iris (still in his suit), and warn her to stop posting about him – especially since, in an act of defiance, she began using her real name on the blog. She reveals that she needs the world to know about him because of Barry. He’s given up believing that there’s something bigger out there and she wants him to get that back. When West finds out what Barry can do with his voice, his laughter is delightful. More Jesse L. Martin, please!
  • Big reveal! West has known for years that Barry is in love with his daughter and seems to be cool with it. Barry thinks it’s too late to tell Iris since she’s happy with Detective Pretty Boy. Sadly, when he goes to her as a friend, and asks her one last time to lay off writing about The Streak, she refuses, and the two agree to not see each other for awhile.

The Flash S1E5 Iris

  • General Eiling knows Wells ain’t shit and warns he’ll be watching him. The two have a past that goes back at least five years and it involves experiments on a caged gorilla named Grodd. Yes!
  • Barry also flexed his speed muscles by running up the side of a building to rescue a window cleaner, and he put filing clerks to shame by rifling through hundreds of files in mere seconds. Downside? His fast metabolism means he can’t get drunk… not even a slight buzz.
  • The rooftop scene with Iris and The Flash was very Lois Lane/Superman and I was here for every bit of it.
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