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The Flash – S1E8 – The Flash vs. Arrow

Previously on The Flash, ‘Power Outage’

The search for The Man in Yellow Suit takes a backseat this week as Oliver Queen comes to town and helps Barry track down a metahuman who can infect people with extreme rage.

The Feels

Barry is running around the city, doing fast-ass random acts of kindness and all up in his feelings over Iris. Meanwhile, a man enters a bank and flashes glowing red eyes at everyone he encounters. Suddenly, everyone in the bank turns violent and the red-eyed metahuman uses the chaos as a cover so he can empty the bank’s vault of cash. Barry is able to stop people from seriously getting hurt, but the robber gets away.

Iris and Eddie have some early morning sexy bed talk and it turns to The Flash. Eddie isn’t a believer, but he believes in Iris.

At the bank’s crime scene, Joe and Barry swap info. Barry tells Joe the robber must have “whammied” everyone and Joe tells Barry that the metahuman got away with $500K. Also, Joe doesn’t like the word “whammied.”

Eddie tries to have the captain declare The Flash a public menace because no one knows who he is or what he wants, but his ass always at crime scenes. When Barry tells Iris this, she flips out on Eddie.

Flirty Feels

Caitlin warns Barry against coming between Iris and Eddie, but he blows her off to go get between Iris and Eddie. At another Jitters rendezvous, Iris gives The Flash a heads up about Eddie’s request. Things get super flirty when The Flash says he has to run (there’s a lead on the metahuman) and Iris says, “I bet you say that to all the girls.”

“What other girls?”

Barry! You stop that.

Joe and some officers have the bank robber metahuman trapped at a storage facility, but have to be saved by The Flash when the metahuman uses his power to turn one cop against the others.

Then Arrow arrives and saves them all!

Barry meets with Diggle, Felicity, and Oliver and learns they’re in town hunting down a criminal who uses a boomerang. Digg is so freaked out by Barry’s speed and it’s kinda adorable. Oliver declines teaming up to track their respective baddies, so Barry swoops Felicity up and runs her to S.T.A.R. Labs where Cisco is all too wiling to run tests on the boomerang.

The Flash S1E8 Team Arrow

Suspicious Feels

At Star Labs, Joe and Wells question Barry about The Arrow. They don’t trust him. They don’t think Barry should look up to him or try to be like him. Wells, have a seat. Oh, wait. Joe wants The Arrow out of his city.

Diggle and Oliver get the name of the metahuman even though Oliver said he didn’t want to get involved. At Jitters, Felicity guilt trips Oliver into really helping, especially considering how Barry just defended him to Joe and Wells. Also, Iris has a total fangirl moment over meeting Oliver Queen. He’s on her 3 List: list of three people she’s allowed to cheat on Eddie with. First of all, it’s a Freebie Five, girl. And you get to rotate the names every six months.

Barry is disappointed that hunting down the metahuman begins with a training session with Oliver. Oliver is not here for naming bad guys with silly monikers or Barry’s tendency to just rush to crime scenes with little to no information. Barry does humor Oliver by running at him as Oliver shoots an arrow at him. Barry catches it, but takes two arrows to the back. Oliver’s point: Pay attention and know your environment.

The Flash S1E8 Barry

Joe tells Barry that The Arrow shot an arrow into someone’s leg to get the metahuman’s name and he’s not happy about it. Barry counters that Joe may not like The Arrow’s methods, but he gets results. Everyone has points!

At the lab, Wells corners Felicity and asks for The Arrow’s true identity. Felicity tells Wells to go pound sand.

Angry Feels

Cisco has given the metahuman a name: Prism, since he uses his eyes to infect people. When they use their new facial recognition software (courtesy of Felicity) to track Prism, Barry races off to confront him. Of course, he’s hit with some of Prism’s power and Prism gets away.

Back at the labs, Barry swears he’s fine, but Caitlin insists he stop taking risks. Barry snaps back that he’s not Ronnie (her dead fiance) and she needs to stop treating him like he is. Damn, Barry.

The Flash S1E8 Labs

Oliver jumps in Barry’s ass – again – about his running off half-cocked. He’s going to get himself or someone else hurt. Barry jumps bad and tells Oliver to pretty much get off his ass. He taunts Oliver, saying Oliver must be jealous because he’ll never be as fast as Barry. Then Barry goes to work and jumps up the captain’s ass. When Joe tries to talk him down, he… you guessed it… jumps in Joe’s ass and Joe sees Barry’s glowing red eyes.

Barry is so infected.

Joe heads to the lab and fills everyone in on Barry’s condition: he’s been whammied. Wells then drops the bomb that Felicity should call Oliver Queen because they’re going to need The Arrow. That sonofabitch. I hate him.

Iris and Eddie are driving down the road when they get into a fight over her seeing The Flash. Suddenly, The Flash appears and pulls Eddie out of the car and throws him down the street. I bet Barry’s ears were burning.

The Flash berates and beats Eddie, and only stops when The Arrow arrives. The two then take their fight to a dark alley where, we all know, the best fighting goes down. Meanwhile, Wells and the gang are working on some kind of ocular counteragent to Prism’s power.

The Flash vs Arrow

After an epic fight between The Flash and The Arrow (Seriously. That shit was everything.), Wells and Joe show up in a van and flash these lights into Barry’s eyes and Prism’s power over Barry is broken.

Apologetic Feels

Barry and Oliver capture Prism and he’s locked away in S.T.A.R. Labs’ prison. Then Oliver basically tells Team Flash that his identity better remain secret or else. Felicity asks Caitlin to help her break down the DNA sample obtained from Canary’s murderer.

The captain approves the task force to track The Flash and Eddie’s leading it. Iris seems okay with that news, mainly because Eddie is okay. Oliver witnesses Barry pining over Iris as she hugs Eddie in Jitters. Alone with Barry, Oliver gives him some shitty romantic advice: leave Iris alone. He’ll only get her hurt.

Okay, Oliver. Time to take your ass home with that bad advice.

On his way out, Oliver bumps into his baby mama, except he doesn’t know she’s his baby mama.

The Flash apologizes to Iris, telling her he was infected, but she still wants nothing to do with him and tells him not to contact her again. Oh, Iris. It wasn’t his fault!

Hot Feels

Surprising absolutely no one, Caitlin’s fiance is alive, shooting fire from his body, and about to light up two thugs under an overpass.

Score | 10/10Thoughts & Questions:
  • Did you notice The Palmer Technologies sign in the opening montage?
  • Felicity’s Smoaking shirt was hilarious.
  • Felicity gives S.T.A.R. Labs’ facial recognition. “Happy Hanukah!”
  • ETA: Felicity called herself Hawkgirl!
  • Love that the captain is gay and it was just casually mentioned.
  • The fight between The Flash and The Arrow was amazing. The effects were well done, and the choreography was tight and believable.
  • Loved the “who would win in a fight’ debate between Digg, Cisco, and Caitlin AS the two heroes are fighting.
  • The lights when Barry was running circles around Oliver looked a lot like what went down the night Barry’s mother was killed. Hmmm.
  • Who cleans up all the paper and shit when The Flash races through Jitters and the police station?
  • Oliver totally knows that Wells is full of the utmost shit.
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  1. damn now I have 2 watch arrow? I hope that shit is good.

  2. Great recap. I love this show and I love it when a good crossover comes together. It would get old after a while, I know, but I’d love it if The Arrow and The Flash just played in each others’ sandboxes all the time.

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