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The Flash – S2E11- The Reverse-Flash Returns

Previously on The Flash, ‘Potential Energy’

The Patty No-No Tragedy

I have never been a fan of Patty Spivot. I maintain that they wrote her like Felicity, like that chick on New Girl, like a woman-child who doesn’t actually exist in nature, but like a woman the writers think guys who watch shows like The Flash would like.

And it’s bullshit.

They took the ONE thing that made her interesting (getting into law enforcement to find the meta-human who killed her dad) and fucked it right up by having her admit that she was pretty much ready to kill him in cold blood and knew she’d get away with it because she’s a cop.

Add to that there was ZERO romantic or sexual chemistry between the actress and Grant Gustin, and I was just ready for her ass to go. To Star City. To the grave. Through a breach to Earth-67. Anywhere but here.

And I got my wish last week when they not only wrote her off the show, but they made her kinda likable in doing so. Patty was sick of Barry’s shit. The character always felt like she should have been more mature than Barry – though she never really acted like it (see: Felicity, New Girl, I’m so quirky I can’t even get out of my own way, etc.). But last week, she made some grown-ass woman decisions.

“Look. You play too much. You keep cancelling dates, showing up blind to dates and lying, lying about being sick, leaving me to die at fancy parties. What the fuck, Barry? And we gotta do it in your foster dad’s house with your life-long crush right down the hall? What are you? 12?”


Then for some bizarre reason, they decided to keep her around for one more episode so she could be thirsty-as-fuck.

First, she shows up at Barry’s lab and desperately wants him to ask her to stay, but he won’t. So she plays it cool and leaves.

Then she shows up AGAIN. And she learns Barry helps out at S.T.A.R. Labs, which is something she should have known, but.. whatever. She wants to know why he’s being “like this” and he’s all “my life is complicated,” and she walks out crying. Again.

While saying goodbye to Joe, she brings up how weird Barry is being and then point-blank asks Joe if Barry is The Flash. And Joe says no, but she doesn’t buy it. Joe tries to warn Barry and says maybe he should tell Patty, but Barry is being stubborn.

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

THEN she texts Barry and he doesn’t answer so she waits for him in his office. Like a fucking creeper.

She basically tells him it’s okay that he lied, but everything will be fine if he’ll just say he’s The Flash. She’ll stay. And Barry is like, “Nope.”



Patty and Barry

From Tumblr

STAHP. This is sad.

On her way out of town, Patty calls Barry from the train and says there’s a man with a gun. He arrives as The Flash and gotcha! Just playing. She just wanted to prove that she was right, and he’s a liar, but she’s not even mad and they say goodbye and I cannot.

I bet, if Patty dated a black guy in high school, his mama said about her, “Tell that girl to stop playing on my phone!”

I mean, who does that?

Crazy-ass Patty NoNo, that’s who.

The Reverse-Flash Origin Story

The mysterious death of Turtle puts Team Flash back to square one. Figuring out how to close the breaches seems a bit useless without knowing how to stop Zoom. So, Cisco wonders if figuring out how his power works might be of some help. Wells realizes Cisco’s trigger is fear, and makes the poor guy shit himself by walking up on him in the Reverse-Flash suit. It works, and Cisco learns what we already knew: The Reverse-Flash is back.

In their first confrontation, Barry is unable to stop RF from snatching up Dr. McGee from Mercury Labs.

The Flash S2E11 - The Reverse Flash

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Wells draws circles on the board which is what they do when the show wants to explain science.

Wells makes Cisco some vibe glasses and helps him control his power. Cisco is able to see RF kill Dr. McGee and then jump through the time portal he forced her to build. They quickly realize what Cisco saw was the future, and race to find out where they are.

Barry saves Mr. McGee, destroys the tachyon device used to stabilize the portal, and then chases down RF and beats the shit out of him. Into Central City’s Gitmo he goes.

Barry wants to go down there and monologue, but Wells warns that they can’t tell him anything he doesn’t already know – especially Barry’s name. Cisco doesn’t listen and goes to peacock. “I stopped you. I have powers. You gave them to me. And I used the powers you gave me to stop you. And you’re going to rot in the cell you helped me build.”


He doesn’t have much time to regret that decision because Cisco becomes violently ill. Messing with the timeline is affecting Cisco and if Barry doesn’t send RF back to his time, Cisco will die. And damn if Barry doesn’t think about that for about 45 seconds.

Reverse-Flash is intrigued by Wells’ plan to get him back home, but Wells won’t reveal anything about who he is and why he’s helping. Barry and his nemesis run through the particle accelerator until the time portal opens and then Barry throws his ass through like he’s in the Olympics and going for the gold.

The day is saved! Big Belly Burgers for everyone!

Jay is Shady AF

Barry sees Caitlin looks stressed and tells her they will get Dr. McGee back and Caitlin is like, “Oh, I’m not thinking about that. I’m worried about Jay.” Because Caitlin is selfish. She’s probably still low-key shitty that Jay has the nerve to be dying after he knows how she feels about people dying. (Hint: She doesn’t like it.) She tells Barry her plan to get Jay’s Earth-1 self to give Jay some healthy cells. I think Caitlin is seriously overestimating how much people not named Caitlin like Jay, but okay.

Jay takes Caitlin to see his Earth-1 doppelganger, a man named Hunter Zolomon, who doesn’t even know Jay exists. As they watch Hunter chilling on a park bench, Jay explains that Hunter’s DNA won’t work because Jay’s was altered and the only way to save him is to stop Zoom. Which is shit we already knew.

And either Hunter Zolomon is an easter egg or we’ll be seeing him again.

Bye-Bye, Francine

Francine has taken a turn for the worst, and she’s the real MVP. She handles dying with such grace. Iris gets to spend some time with her mother and even forgives her.

Iris confronts Wally about not visiting their mother. Turns out, he’s still pissy about not knowing he had a father and sister. Iris is like, “Boy, if you don’t get over it. We all got a sob story.” Then she drops the dead fiancee card and makes Wally feel awful.

Wally later stops by the house and asks if Iris will go with him to see their mother. Iris agrees.

The Flash S2E11
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    Plot - 9/10
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    Action - 10/10
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    Dialogue - 9/10
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    Meta-Humans - 10/10


I found it curious that Iris didn’t know about the man who cost her Eddie was back (for the first time), but in retrospect, she had enough to deal with and it would have felt way too much like having to get over the fact that Harry isn’t their Wells.

I’m glad they addressed Cisco’s power and how inconsistent it has been. Not pinning it down allows them to use it whenever and however they want, but it didn’t make sense that four characters who are all about science wouldn’t at least try to understand it better.

However, they’re being super vague about what the hell is wrong with Jay. And as I suspected, they’ve purposely kept characters from inquiring about their alternate selves because they needed it to come up now that Jay’s doesn’t share his name. Speaking of which, Hunter Zolomon has to be shady, right?

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9 Comments on The Flash – S2E11- The Reverse-Flash Returns

    I have a lot of questions about this episode:
    Sooo what is Harry’s plan? To slow down zoom or slow down Barry? And why would he kill turtle? Wouldn’t it be better to hear your subject alive to take samples from? Maybe he killed him so that when he slows down Barry for zoom the group can’t test anything to learn how to counteract it? So when eobard goes back to his time will he disappear once his future reaches the time where he went back to kill Barry’s mom? And damn looks like Eddie died for nothing. I wonder how iris is going to react to knowing the RF is still around. The only solace she has for eddies death is that he sacrificed himself, but now….Also, does hunter Zoloman go to the park at the same time everyday because how else would jay know he would be there?Plus, just because Jay’s doppelgänger had a different name doesn’t account for them not finding him on the facial recognition software. Also how is Barry alive in thawne’s time 100 years in the future as Joe stated at the end of the episode? Or did Barry just travel to the future and that’s what happened when the flash disappeared from central city in that newspaper story that thawne kept checking in season one?


    I’m waiting for the Cisco and Harry Show to drop. By far they’re my favorite part of this show.

    Bye, Patti. Stay gone. Am I the only person who thought it was strange that Barry was so blue abkut being dumped, yet wouldn’t just reveal himself so she would stay? Don’t get me wrong, I’ont want her ass there, but it was weird.

    Caitlin was real Gung ho about finding E1 Jay, taking his cells, and giving them to E2 Jay. Hippocratic Oath? Nah, she don’t need that.

    The moment between Iris and Francine was very good. I wish this storyline were different, but hey, what’chu gon do? We’re lucky we even saw Iris!

    Can’t wait for the podcast, I missed you guys in my earholes. Ew, that sounds gross. 😕

  3. FOR THE PODCAST: I’m a recent Flash convert. I watched season 2 first then watched season 1 over the course of the last two weeks. I feel like this current season including this episode have been a little all over the place & not getting to the point (in comparison to season 1 which just seemed better put together) I’m ready for the Zoom-centric arc of this season to begin properly now. So sitting through the 2.0 version of Patty bye bye just felt very unnecessary (but I have to admit that I skipped those scenes cos I JUST DIDN’T CARE. Just leave girl. What more do you want? Ugh) Cisco needs to heed the ‘loose lips sink ships’ idiom. You’re better than that dude, come on. The West family drama was a little rushed for me as I didn’t realize that mama west was at deaths doorstep. Do y’all think that Jays earth 1 doppelgänger will come back (I was told that his name is important). Oh & last time I checked facial recognition looks at FACES not names so…..ya) Also, did we really need the Jay & Caitlin park- bench scene. He could have told her that story at the lab. Or does Jay know who Zoloman ‘becomes’. I’m not sure if I buy the Eobards alive because theory. But it was great to see Barry wrestle with what to do.

  4. For the podcast

    I can’t lie I liked this episode but I feel like the important stuff in this episode was rushed through.

    We couldn’t get an after credits easter egg scene but we got Patti saying bye again with her lying crying wolf ass!

    The iris stuff was fine . I’m glad she was able to forgive Francine. We can’t have our true co star (sorry Caitlin ) holding grudges over her dead mom and now she’s on the same page as Wally so hooray for that.

    As much as I liked seeing the reverse flash back I wish they could have spent a lot more time on his origin story. Could we have seen a glimpse of the future he is in? instead of hearing about why he dislikes Barry show it to us? I wish this was a two parter but as it stands now whoever the guy is that plays Eobard cannot hold a candle to Tom Cavanough for now on Eobard will be referred to “not my reverse flash”
    Although I thoroughly enjoyed Barry whipping dat ass like he had the cheat code !
    Still a great show glad to see it going in the right direction storywise !

  5. I really have to rewatch the episode. I had to take a pee break during the commercials and missed some stuff. Sorry. Tmi.

    For the podcast.

    Consigning on all of the comments about Patty Nono. Other than her saying goodbye to Joe, we didn’t need to ever see her again. All her stuff was the worst part of the episode.

    I hope we never see Cisco seizing like that ever again cause that’s horrible.

    I wish we could have had more time with the West family drama in previous episodes so this didn’t feel so rushed. Everyone was excellent in this storyline and I love that Iris finally talked about Eddie. As I lost my mom last year, her whole convo with Wally had me bawling. Wally still needs to mature but I’m glad he’s interacting with his family more.

    Now onto the main event. I missed the first confrontation between Barry & Thawne because my little side trip upstairs but I did enjoy that beatdown he gave him. That was a long time coming! But seriously, if the reason he hates Barry has anything to do with him destroying that machine, I will be pissed. I need the reason to be epic, not some petty bullshit!

    Speaking of petty, why did Cisco, Harry & Barry have to talk any shit to Thawne!?? Seriously, this is what probably gave him the bulk of his info to come at them. Tho Cisco’s Bye Felicia was funny. As was that hilarious scream. Still cracking up over that one.

    Ok. That’s it. I hope it’s not too long. I’m trying to keep them short. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And wtf was that promo for next week!!!????

    [John’s Lucious voice] It’s Flash time bitches!

    I think I’m the only one who wanted Patty to leave not just because she’s annoying but because it’s making Barry look soooo bad how he’s dealing with her. Last week Patty should have left with her dignity and maybe Barry wouldn’t have seemed so horrible. He lied to her face, had her begging like Keith Sweat. Ugh, girl love yourself.

    Iris was flawless as per usual. I think it’ll be interesting seeing her and Wally develop. As the older sister to a teen/young adult brother this dynamic is really familiar. Joe seems afraid to parent Wally and I think that’s going to make Iris the bad cop for a bit.

    Do you think Barry will ever find out about Cisco’s visit to Reverse Flash? Cisco gave him so much info and probably helped RF figure out Barry’s identity since he gave his full name, social, credit card number and the security code on the back. I wonder if that will ever cause a rift between Barry and Cisco.

    That’s all I got. Can’t wait for this next run of episodes now that all the dead weight has been dropped.


    First I’d like to address the shade from last weeks podcast!! 2016 is the year of dat 👁!! Need any info y’all know the email…

    Now onto another lackluster flash episode! Most of the episode I felt I didn’t care what was happening!

    I am glad I got another week of Judy bc she does have a booty, but her begging Barry was brutal to watch!! I mean clearly he’s tired of the 🌨 just take that L boo!! I was also disappointed in Barry for falling for the okie doke at the end? I was like did he ever watch smallville😒

    Then there’s Cisco, I swear I thought new wells slipped him a Mickey!! The only reason I say that is I’m convinced they are gonna figure out new wells is shady and kick him out right?

    Lastly is Jay and Caitlin!! I’m also convinced Jay adjace is a creeper!! What grown ass man you know, goes to a park at a designated time every week alone!! Clearly he’s up to Ezra type 💩 I can tell!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!


    Best episode of the season.
    Really liked Patty in this episode.
    She got tired of Joe’s and Barry’s shit and their “don’t her trope”. Even when they were caught they stuck to the Man’s Code, deny, deny, deny. I don’t know of any woman who when they get lied to their face, won’t turn into perry mason and try to catch you red handed. It’s Barry’s fault for falling for the okie doke. Like she don’t know the number to 911.

    Some of the same problems many had with Patty, I had with Iris. The ditziness is more pronounced with Patty but like Iris, I came around on her when she stopped being lied to.

    I’ve also come to realization that I don’t like Cisco. His “witty” lines are just corny to me and he’s becoming more a fuckup. He’s the little brother who tries too hard to be cool. The guy with pistol shooting with Arsenio in Harlem Nights.

    “Hey guys don’t talk to Thawne ” …….”Hi I’m Cisco, here’s my birth certificate, SSN, that’s my bro Barry, and you suck ”

    He’s gotta die.

    Still Love you guys and the podcast tho

  9. For the podcast
    “Bye Felisha.” -Cisco Ramon
    🙄Am I the only one that felt like this was shoehorned in??

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