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The Flash – S2E12 – Fast Lane

Previously on The Flash, ‘The Reverse-Flash Returns’

THIS is the show I fell in love with.

It had action (Barry rescuing Wally West), heart (every scene between Iris and Wally, Cisco and Barry, Wells and Barry, and Joe and everyone), and advanced the Zoom storyline, which had been lagging for no good reason.

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

Meta-Human of the Week

Joe Monteleone met a gruesome end in a vat of tar just as the particle accelerator exploded. Two years later, construction done on the location unearths him and his new ability to transform into tar. He immediately goes about the business of getting revenge on the men who killed him.

Need For Speed

Joe is so busy trying to be Wally’s friend, he’s neglecting to call his son on the fact that he’s still drag racing. Iris has no such qualms, and confronts her brother at dinner. When that goes nowhere, she decides to show up at the scene of one of his races under the guise of learning what Wally finds so appealing about it, but she’s really gathering info so she can shut the down the races.

Despite telling Joe she’d give him time to reach Wally, Iris confronts the man responsible for the races and threatens to publish an article about his many shady dealings if he doesn’t close his operation.

As luck would have it, Wally’s next opponent is on Tar Pit’s shit list and he shows up to do damage to the asphalt just as Wally takes off in a race, and… well, hold that thought.

Greed For Speed

Wells has used Turtle’s brain juice to create something that will allow him to siphon Barry’s speed via a device hidden in The Flash suit. Wells is already feeling remorse for what he’s about to do, and it doesn’t help that Barry is doing that thing where he’s totally adorable and refuses to take no for an answer when he asks to help Wells research.

Aww, who can resist that face? No one, that's who.

Aww, who can resist that face? No one, that’s who.

Even though Wells is being a complete dick (Seriously. He was like Eastwood in Gran Torino, minus the old white man racism), Barry does assist long enough to figure out a way to close the breaches. The two test Barry’s invention and it works. Hooray! Bro hugs for everyone; whether you want one or not, Wells. At this point, Wells is feeling like shit on a stick for stealing some of Barry’s power earlier and delivering it to Zoom.

Their breakthrough celebration is cut short when Barry receives a call from Iris. The Flash arrives at the drag race and saves both Wally and his opponent from certain death, but thanks to Wells’ device, he’s not fast enough to stop a shard of glass from piercing Iris’s shoulder. (This whole scene was wonderfully shot.)

The Flash S2E12 - The Flash

Earlier, Barry was willing to brush off the fact that he ran slower, but now that Iris is in the hospital because he wasn’t fast enough…

Wells listens to Barry agonize over this before admitting his betrayal. Then he puts his hands behind his head like he’s going to be arrested – like anyone on Team Flash cares about civil liberties. Nope. He gets a Black Fatherhood punch in the face and thrown in Meta-Human Gitmo.

After Tar Pit is neutralized, Wells drops an “I told you so” here and a “I told you I wasn’t shit” there, and then asks to be sent back to Earth-2 to deal with Zoom on his own. Barry can close the other breaches and be done with Zoom (and him) for good.

But that’s not what a true hero would do and Lord knows everyone on Team Flash has fucked up royally at least once – side-eye’ing you, Cisco. Barry officially welcomes Wells to the team and says they’re going to Earth-2 to save his daughter.

The Flash S2E12
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First off, Rachel Talalay directed the entire fuck out of this episode. Intellectually, we knew and understood that nothing would happen to Iris, but emotionally? Talalay made you feel as though Iris could very well die in that scene. It didn’t hurt that both Candice and Grant nailed it as well.

If you want to see more of her fine work, check out Doctor Who’s “Heaven Sent” episode. Flaw.less.

I was so glad that Wells didn’t completely go through with his plan. I was hoping that he’d either confess or pull an okie doke on Zoom. I was not interested in another episode of Barry licking his wounds because Wells fucked him over again. Plus, if the fantastic Tom Cavanagh is going to have any future on this show as Wells, it would be hard to justify having him around after that kind of betrayal. Although, are we just gonna smooth skip over the fact that he murdered Turtle? Okay.

I saw some people on Twitter upset that Francine’s death/funeral happened off-camera. I predicted this on the podcast last week, and I’m okay with the fact that we didn’t see it. Let’s face it: The show hasn’t spent any real time developing that character. We never even heard her – in her own words – explain how and why she kept the family apart for 20 years. An on-screen death wasn’t earned for this character, and while I believe that the actors involved have the chops to pull off the complicated mix of emotions such a scene would require, I don’t feel like it’s something I needed to see to feel or understand.

Not since Wells’ first “Run, Barry. Run!” in the pilot have I been this emotionally invested in an episode: the awkward dinner where Iris put Wally on Front Street, Joe’s confession that he IS trying to be Wally’s friend because he doesn’t want to mess it up, Barry’s adorable insistence on working with Wells, Wells’ internal struggle, Joe’s reaction to almost losing both of his kids in one night, and Cisco’s concern for Barry’s health were all examples of how fantastic this cast is when given a storyline filled with events and people we actually care about. (I am not going to mention she who shall not be named.)

I’m sure I’ll rave plenty about this episode on tonight’s podcast.

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11 Comments on The Flash – S2E12 – Fast Lane

  1. <3 <3 <3 <3 (Does this count as feedback or nah?)

    I loved every single thing about this episode!

    All the West family stuff was great, Iris had so much screen time I could hardly believe it and I loved every minute of it. Everyone's acting was on point and I felt like all these characters are real people who genuinely care for each other.

    I legit forgot Caitlyn existed. When she came in to give her 2 cents about Barry I was like who dis?! She could disappear tomorrow and I would not question it or miss her.

    I CANNOT wait to visit Earth-2!

    Also, Barry is such a great hero and leader. Grant Gustin just kills this role #ForevermyBarryAllen

  2. For the podcast: Thrilled to have you guys and the show back. How fun was this episode? Lame stuff out the way first- Barry’s in his feelings and missing Patty, boy staph! The criminal of the week was alright but I found him less terrifying than the guy Iris wrote the expose on.

    Now the good stuff:
    Iris to Wallace: “Having someone care for you cannot be a new sensation”! #Bars Finally substantive West family storyline where Candice got to flourish. That Black Fatherhood was on fire during the hospital scene.

    Tony Terry’s Zoom voice had me chilled to the bone! Zoom gripped Wells up so smooth. Well’s headache lie was hilarious though. There’s only about one or two times max, that you can claim your head hurts when it’s clearly your chest. Having Wells confess this early was well played. Any further delay would have been irritating and it also allowed Barry to reflect and make a mature decision.

    Now I can’t wait to see everyone’s Earth 2 selves! Will Barry and Iris’s Moms be alive? Will we be able to guess who Zoom is by the person without the doppelganger? I wish they could take Jay with them and leave his ass there.

  3. For the podcast

    *its flash time bitches*

    I have just a few things to say.

    Iris and Wally really feels like family to me.

    I knew that when Iris walked onto the scene with those shorts and heels that John probably was in cardiac arrest.

    Yessssssssss. I love that they are showing us that Iris is working!!!! She working y’all, she is handling business and she is better than ever.

    I am so shocked that Wells told on himself that quick. Wow I am excited to see what the hell they are going to do now since that is no longer hanging over the show.

    One last thing. Am I wrong to laugh when Barry was talking about what family do for each other and what Joe and Cisco did but never said anything about Caitlin’s family less ass? I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Anyway I love the podcast thank you all for what you do.

    I have a theory. What if zoom is also sick and needs the speed force like jay to stay healthy? Maybe zoom came to wells for help and wells was able to heal him with the speed force some kind of way but then zoom went all evil and out of control? And then that’s why wells was experimenting of jay making those different serums, to try to make him better than zoom? I’m also wondering if hunter Zoloman could possibly be zoom and him and jay need the speed force to stay alive although I’m not sure how Zoloman could’ve became zoom in earth 2 if he’s from earth 1. Idk. But I really enjoyed the episode, especially iris’ and Barry’s facial expression during the runway glass scene. They really made us think that glass was heading straight for her neck. I’m hoping Caitlin’s earth 2 self will give us a better impression of Danielle’s acting capability

  5. FOR THE PODCAST: This was a dope episode. We got lots of great black acting. It was right on time for Black History Month. They had me going for a minute tho. Iris getting hit by that glass shard had me calling white folks all kinds of cheese eaters! I was like “How they gon kill this beautiful black sista in the FIRST episode of Black History Month?!?!?!?!?!”. But luckily she used that Black Girl Magic and survived. Petty, throwing shit at people, Wells is hilarious. He went full Joe Clark on Barry. But the star of the episode was my man 200 Grand, St. Joseph Of Central City. He came in like the Black Hand Of Death! Knocking mutha fuckas out left and right. BLACK HISTTTTTOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I loved EVERYTHING about this episode. Except them making me think Iris might die. I told my Bf, “if they kill her, I’m done with this show.” He said, “so I’ll have to find time to watch it without you then?” He had me rethinking our relationship.
    Was it in this episode when Cisco asked “who’s the best hacker?” and Barry and Caitlin said, in unison even, “Felicity Smoak.” Lol.
    Joe hitting people who put his kids in danger? Loved it!!!

  7. For the podcast

    Great episode!

    Love the West family drama! I love Iris and I’m glad she was recording but how you gonna walk up on that joint and tell dude you’re putting his illegal business on blast? Was he arrested? If he wasn’t, you know he’s going after her & Wally in the future.

    Joe was not having it! Wells put ALL his kids in danger! Same thing with Tar Pit dude. They’re lucky he ain’t pull his gun.

    Harry was feeling so guilty all episode long. I don’t understand what the point of that was tho. Why take Barry’s power like that? I thought Zoom wanted him faster to get the most speed from him. And who hurt Zoom to make him so evil? He just hates on everybody.

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! Looking forward to next week’s episode too!

    Btw, love how little Caitlin was in this one. Makes everything better. She better be good at being bad next week!


    This is my favorite episode of the season. Every other episode this season just had parts that I loved. I love that the villain was background noise this episode. We need more of these great conversations that move the plot forward and less running around the city trying find a solution to capturing or killing the villain of the week. Hopefully they start mixing Barry in with the West family. It would be cool to have different character interactions. Cisco/Iris, Harry/Joe, Wally/Barry, Harry/Iris etc. These conversation are what make the show for me.


    I hope the writers have a plan as to why Zoom ain’t busting into S.T.A.R. labs. Zoom was acting like a crackhead. This nigga grabbed the shit out Harry’s arm like Pookie in New Jack City when grab that woman because she wanted some of that turkey Nino gave him.

    West Family

    BLACK HISTORY! This acting was so good. This family kills it with the face acting. It’s just so subtle. I heard a lot of people say that Iris should have let Joe be a friend to Wally first and she was pushing to hard. Uhhhhhhh, yea ok. This is why these kids be disrespecting and hitting their parents because they treat them like they’re friends. Joe said it best, “Im not your friend Wally, I’m your father” Then he said, “And I ain’t letting you go”. Wally hit that “ok” like he was bouta cry in the car. I had to call my dad and tell him I love him.

  9. For the Podcast: I am now almost 80% sure that introducing European white and the rest of the LoT storyline messed up the groove of the Flash. It has been firing on all cylinders the last three episodes! I am so glad that they are finally allowing Iris to have a storyline she is out there reporting, threatening to expose criminals to their face worrying about her brother and showing him she cares and going undercover looking all sexy for John.
    Oh and Joe with that black fatherhood! Hitting Harry and throwing him in a cell lol like he forgot how he was all opposed to them last year. Although he should have used some of that towards his other child out there racing cars about to die and shit. All in all a good episode my flash is back!

  10. For The Podcast:

    First you love him then you hate him then you love him again! This Wells story line is getting good! I like that Barry got back to being a great person on the show, at least on camera. He was be charismatic as fuck charming Wells into loving him enough to put his daughter life on the line. Then he start pulling everybody receipts… listen! “I want Wells here, but we’ll vote on it, but first let me tell y’all about y’all self *clears throat*”

    Iris was trill as fuck in this episode even if she looked like a star of a bad 70’s movie in some scenes with her Dukes of Hazard get up. Joe and Iris were ACTING! BTW why Joe look as big as Ben Grimm when he punched Wells?

    It was so good and it was all about emotion, I almost forgot who the Metahuman was but this is the show I love.

    Love the show, I’m sure it’ll be great like always, can’t wait to hear Nina Fan girl, Donnie to bring up a moment no one else caught and John to not be able to spoil something.


    I know I’m in the minority, but I thought this episode was just ok!! It was definitely better than the last 2!! I do feel we’ve taken a turn though and I’m sure earth 2 will be LIT!!!

    As for this episode I don’t have many highlights other than I love how Barry lowkey said all y’all ain’t 💩 for wanting to leave wells 2.0 locked up!!

    I also thought it was weird Iris just stared at this car tumbling toward her!! I’m just saying run Iris run!!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast, and shouts out to the flash for wanting to be on a real network!! ✌🏾️

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