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The Flash – S2E13 – Welcome to Earth-2

Previously on The Flash, ‘Fast Lane’

There wasn’t a damn thing wrong with this episode. Millicent Shelton directed the hell out of it.

I’ll have to use this piece for my podcast notes, so I’ll be doing a scene-by-scene breakdown.

The Flash S2E13 - Earth-2

Images: The CW

Welcome to Earth-2

Barry closes the remaining breaches except for the one at S.T.A.R. Labs. There’s only one thing left to do before leaving: lasagna dinner with the family. Barry assures Iris his leaving isn’t a desperate, reckless mission because he has nothing in his life. He’ll be back.

Through the breach Barry, Cisco, and Wells go, but as soon as they’re gone, the breach suffers an overload and breaks down. Seems it couldn’t handle all that juice with the other breaches closed. And if that wasn’t enough for Caitlin, Jay, and Joe to deal with, there’s a new meta-human (Adam Fells a.k.a. Geomancer) running around town being an asshole and calling out The Flash.

(Let’s talk about those looking glass easter eggs on the podcast, yeah?)

On Earth-2, after the required selfies and a run-in with the comically not-evil Henry Hewitt (a.k.a. #NotAllMen Firestorm), Wells, Cisco, and Barry are dismayed to learn that Cisco’s vibe doesn’t work on Earth-2 thanks to its different vibrations.

The Flash S2E13 - Cisco and Barry

Luckily, E2’s Barry is still a CSI so he snatches him up, tasers him, and then dons his identity in the hopes of using the CCPD to track Zoom the old-fashion way.

Detective West: The One, The Only

Rocking a bowtie, glasses, and some serious nerd swagger, Barry discovers that things are different in the E2 CCPD: Deadshot is a detective and a crappy shot, Singh is a criminal who might also have been in E2’s version of The Backstreet Boys, and Iris is a detective… and Mrs. West-Allen. And his wife is ready to go home.

Once there, Barry is overcome with emotion when he realizes what a lovely home he shares with Iris, when he learns his mother is alive, and when he sees Iris in her bra. Of course, he cannot resist the ability to speak with his mother again and their phone conversation was profoundly beautiful, in large part because Grant Gustin always completely nails displaying the love Barry has for his parents, Joe, and Iris.

Jay of Lies

With Geomancer terrorizing the city, Central City needs a hero. Joe wonders if Jay can take Velocity-6 in order to get his power back long enough to actually be useful.

This causes Jay to confess to Caitlin that his quest to get more speed led him to take Velocity-6, and that’s what took away his speed and caused his mystery fatal condition.

I do not like or trust Jay. I can’t believe Caitlin didn’t call him on his lies and withholding information. 

Old Smokey Joe

The Flash finally found a way to showcase Jesse L. Martin’s marvelous voice. He’s a lounge singer at Jittberbugs (think: Jitters meets a speakeasy). Just as Barry’s E2 relationship with Iris is drastically different, so is his with Joe. They don’t like each other and Joe blames Barry for Iris being in danger as a detective since she joined the force to pay for Barry’s PHD. Joe’s disdain for Barry is so deep, he refers to him by his government name: Bartholomew. That’s cold

The Flash S2E13 - Barry and Iris

Fire & Ice

Zoom may not know Wells is back (and with company) yet, but two of his henchmen (Killer Frost/Caitlin Snow and Ronnie/Deathstorm) are aware someone has come through a breach. After killing a few bank robbers and relieving them of their ill-gotten gains, they go about the business of tracking down the visitors.

Killer Frost and Deathstorm crash the party at Jitterbugs in search of the breachers. When Iris pulls her gun, Barry tries to appeal to Caitlin as if she’s the friend he knows. She is not and doesn’t appreciate Barry calling her by her government name. When Joe takes a fireball meant for Iris, Barry speeds the couple away to their fight outside. He still can’t appeal to Caitlin, and let’s them get away in order to answer Iris’ call for help.

Later, after sharing a touching moment with Iris, Joe dies in his hospital bed with Barry and Iris at his side.

Note: Wells wasn’t thrilled with the idea of Barry going to be with Iris while Joe was in the hospital. He’s pretty adamant that Barry needs to focus on finding Jesse as Zoom now knows he’s back and that The Flash is there as well. 


The Velocity-7 works long enough for Jay to step in when Joe faces off with Geomancer. Unfortunately, it only allows him to get in one hit before he stumbles like Bambi trying to walk. Back to the drawing board with Velocity-8, I guess.

Ride Along

Barry convinces Iris to take Cisco (and his weapon to defeat Killer Frost and Deathstorm) along when she tries to apprehend them. When confronted by the duo, Cisco tries shaming them for working for Zoom, but their real boss immediately reveals himself from the shadows: It’s E2’s Cisco, Reverb.

Welcome to Earth-2

Reverb tries to lure Cisco to the dark side, but Cisco has seen enough Star Wars to know nothing good comes from doing that. In the ensuing chaos, Iris shoots Killer Frost, and Reverb knocks down Cisco. But instead of taking Barry to Zoom unarmed, as he requested, Reverb and Deathstorm slam Barry with blows.

This all comes to a prompt and deadly end when Zoom arrives like your mother after she has told you, “Don’t make me come over there,” one too many times. The only life he spares is Killer Frost’s; Reverb and Deathstorm get the vibrating hand through the chest/back treatment. Then Zoom takes off with Barry.

But Wait; There’s More

Barry wakes up in a cell in Zoom’s lair. In the cells around his are a dude with a metal on and Jesse, Wells’ daughter. Barry promises to get her out, but Zoom shows up and he’s like, “Nah.”

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts below or on our Facebook post and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast for The Flash.

The Flash S2E13
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This episode was everything I needed it to be and more. Earth-2 is clearly more technologically advanced than Earth-1, but their retro sensibilities in fashion and design is stunning.

Grant Gustin nailed every emotion expected of his character upon learning he’s married to Iris, his mother is alive, and his relationship with Joe is nowhere near as loving as it is in his world. Watching Joe die was devastating and both he and Candice Patton delivered. Those moments where these characters truly feel like family are what drew me to the series to begin with.

The easter eggs were cool: Snart is mayor, and Barry and Iris have Hal, Bruce, and Diana on speed dial.

I even dug Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost. If you listen to our podcast, you know I think she’s the weakest actor on the show. She was believable as a villain, and it made hope that the series will eventually find more for Caitlin to do so she’s not just chiming in on the science talk and pining over a man.

Was the purpose of Wally’s short scene to show he’s beginning to care about Joe?

Who’s the guy in the mask in Zoom’s lair? Earth-2 Eddie since Earth-1 Eddie is Zoom and has been posing as him on Earth-2? That’s my theory. But of course he’s probably another easter egg from the comic books that I’m not aware of.

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14 Comments on The Flash – S2E13 – Welcome to Earth-2


    What a great episode. Earth 2 looks like the place to be!

    Musings: I loved seeing Deadshot; I miss him so. Killer Frost did not irk me, though Caitlin still did. Ronnie can’t manage to stay alive on any Earth. Earth 2 Barry seems like a douche. Reverb and Vibe taking over sounded like fun. Zoom is too badass for me.

    Question: Why the fuck would t Harry tell them about Killer Frost and Ronnie?? Sometimes this show makes me wanna holler. But I can’t wait for next week.

    This was a really cool episode. I enjoyed watching and live tweeting it. Here are a few of my thoughts on it.
    1. Earth 2 – It was cool to finally get to Earth 2 and see some of its versions of the people we know from Earth 1. I don’t know how many more episodes will take place there, but I’m definitely interested in seeing more of it.
    2. Earth 2 Iris – Good Lord! That bra. That night gown. That Beyonce, Formation level confidence. I loved it all. It made her so sexy. We need this Iris all the time.
    3. Caitlyn/Killer Frost – No matter what Earth we’re on this woman is the worst. One Earth 1 Caitlyn was looking like a deer in headlights and making literally everything about herself. Did y’all hear when she told Jay he has something now that he didn’t have before? And then the part where she said that something was her? I heard that and said, “BBBBBEEEEEEIIIIITTTTTTCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHH”. I hate her. Meanwhile on Earth 2, this heffa is over there doing that stupid wanna be sexy, porn star voice while butchering her lines. Doing it in her normal voice is bad enough, but in a bad wig and with a silly voice? C’mon son!
    4. Jay – Another person who is a fuck up no matter what Earth he’s on. We need Nino Brown to pour some liquor on him and cancel his ass.
    5. Zoom – This man is a mutha fuckin beast! He’s fuckin people up on all the Earths. ALL THE EARTHS, CRAIG!!! Step up and get that ass beat quickly.

    Barry talking to his momma had me all in my feelings! Wait….so jay wasn’t sick until he took velocity 6? But did he get sick from taking it while on earth 2 when he still had his speed or when he took to save Dr Wells? No it’s not ok. Evil Cisco was my favorite doppelgänger and I want him to teach Vibe. I was really hoping we were going to be told who Zoom is. Jesse did really well in looking completely terrified.

  4. I’m just here to make sure this episode got a perfect fucking 10!
    Carry on!

  5. For the podcast: I got my entire nerd life last night! This episode had everything E2 fashion had everyone looking dapper as fuck, Doppelgangers everywhere including Iris as a damn detective, Cisco as an evil supervillian and even Killer Frost was…aight I guess except for that line about something making her hot…whoever wrote that should be fired. But the MVP of the episode was Grant Gustin acting his butt off! The range of emotions that ran over his face when he talked to his mother, when he realized that his E2 counterpart had a amazing life and was married to Iris, and also when Joe died just took it to the next level!!! Good job turning this ship around Flash Writers I doubt you no more! Also #westallen4lyfe Iris and Barry and the chemistry…fans self E1 Barry better get it together cause E2 Barry has got it right!

  6. FOR THE PODCAST: Why couldn’t this be our world? WHY? :'( I loved everything about this episode and i know the only reason they killed earth 2 Joe is because they knew we wouldn’t want to stay in a world without Joe West (i see you writers). From Killer Frost 2 Reverb,And of course Detective Iris west Allen which was by far my favorite part of the episode, it was all so damn good. I DON’T WANNA GO BACK GUYS, I DON’T WANNA GO.

  7. FOR THE PODCAST: Let’s all go live on E2 and talk old-timey with super advanced tech and nicer clothes.

    I really liked this episode. The only things that made me go hmm were: 1. How is E2 Barry going to feel when he wakes up and his wife’s dad is dead and he didn’t get to console her?
    2. If Velocity 6 gave Jay Speed Force AIDS how was Caitlin instantly able to identify what he had? If this is something completely new how could she spit it from a blood sample?

    Anywho, loved the episode. I want more E2. Thanks to everyone for fangirling out in the group and on Twitter.

    Iris was fine as hell and it was her best acting by far. If I was Barry, I’d be taking vacations to earth-2 every weekend. He abandoned a mission to play house. Was it dumb? Yea but I understand. Do you think it was selfish?

    Also I would gladly watch Zoom kick Barry’s ass at the end of every episode. It’s very true that good villains make a good hero. And Zoom is great. #TeamZoom

    Did I mention Iris was fine as fuck?

    Let’s stay in earth 2. Love you guys and the podcast.


    Welp we finally got to Earth-2 and I… FUCKING LOVED IT!! This is the flash that I fucks with!!!! I really enjoyed this episode from beginning to end!! Lets hop into my highlights!!

    I love how earth-2 is basically Gotham from Batman the animated series!! All the cars are classic, they have great technology, but everyone dresses like their in a movie about 1930’s gangsters!! My one question about that was where did they put earth-2 Barry, is he locked up getting big belly burgers in the particle accelerator?

    I loved the roller coaster of emotions we got from Barry! That phone call with Momdukes got a ninja all the way up in my feels!! Another question is would Barry be wrong for smashin earth-2 Iris? There’s a moral line I’d have definitely crossed but probably feel bad about later!!

    Lastly I wanna hit on our earth!! Was I the only one who’s ninja senses started tingling when they said they were gonna close all the breaches? I knew that 💩 dumb and I only know S! Anyways I didn’t like how regular Joe was like I’m not gonna tell you what to do but you gotta take this speed poison!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! And please give me more of freaky frost, she’s the snowiest of ❄️ 🐇’s

  10. For the podcast: Let me just say that I loved this episode y’all. 10 out of 10. I loved every single thing about this episode except for Jay waiting to say that velocity 6 was dangerous, which pissed me off. Why would he wait this long to say something? If he said this earlier, the velocity 7 serum could have been created better and tested more. I know, I know plot and shit but this is the only thing that bothered me.

    I loved everyone even Caitlin and I would have loved a mayor Snart! Cisco was a baddie! I loved him talking to himself and figuring out shit and cloud city Vadering him! His earth 2 make up was on point! Iris was everything and more. I just loved this episode. It was amazing. How in the hell was earth 2 Ronnie a meta just like on earth 1? How sway?

  11. Stupid 4G connection won’t load the page so I’ll just mention my highlights.

    For the podcast:

    Best episode of the season!

    1) they’re married!!!!! 😍😍😍 And Iris stripping in the living room just about made Barry swallow his tongue. Lol. Plus she’s Det. West! Love it!

    2) Reverb needs to come back cause he’s awesome.

    3) honestly, Killer Frost isn’t as annoying as Caitlin

    4) I can’t believe those bastards killed Earth 2 Joe!!!

    5) Jay ain’t shit! And he’s a drug addict. Some hero. But seriously, was he even planning to return to Earth 2 or was he gonna stay on Earth 1 to be with Caitlin? Cause that’s some bullshit!

    6) ZOOM!!!! He’s killing folks & snatching Barry up! Damn! And who else has he got up in there with Barry & Jessie? And who the fuck is he??

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

    Oops, forgot to mention the emotions the episode brought forth. The phone call with Barry’s mom pretty much destroyed me. The acting was amazing and I could feel Barry’s emotions.

    Earth 2 is the best place ever, give it a spin off ASAP. Move Joe and Wally over there and we’re all set.

    Jesse L Martin got to sing on The Flash, more importantly he got to be a dick to Bartholomew.

    Jay Garrick is a crackhead. He can’t be trusted in STAR labs, he gonna smoke the particle accelerator by the time they get back from Earth-2!

    Iris goddamn West. She was everything in this episode. From pulling out the gun to giving Barry the best 30 seconds of his life in the hallway. AND THOSE PANTS! And that get up at Jitterbugs! SHE IS EVERYTHANG! West Allen til the day I die

    The mom phone call and Joseph dying had me crying like Cuba on that OJ show.

    Love the podcast as always y’all are the best! My bad for any spelling or grammar errors I was tryna get this in at the last second.

    I’ve been enoying the podcast since the crossover (y’all were the only thing getting me through these lackluster ass episodes with the exception of 2×12), but this is my first time commenting. This episode was so amazing I just had to give my thoughts.

    Let me start with the bad since there is so little of it:

    1. I will be the first to admit I’m not the hugest fan of Caitlin, mostly due to her lack of storylines and Danielle Panabaker’s wooden acting, but I was hoping Killer Frost would give her something to work with…it did not. Killer Frost was a Killer Flop the delivery and acting was all off.
    2. I swear if I have to hear Police Brutality Patty (coined by amuzed1 over at tumblr) mentioned one more damn time I’ll flip. Barry didn’t give a fuck about her when he was with her and I’m tired of them pretending like he does now that’s she gone.
    3. Jay was useless as ever. I hate how his character has been squanderd.

    Now to the good:

    1. Candice, Grant, and Jesse KILLED this episode. Seriously, all the acting was amazing. Candice, Grant, and Joe had me crying real tears.
    2. Westallen was lit as hell. Poor Barry, he can’t ever go back to that friend life after this and honestly neither can I. My Westallen thirst has been revived. Here’s hoping they get their shit together on earth 1 soon.
    3. Deadshot was hilarious!
    4. Zoom is THAT mofo! Best villain on TV right now.

    My final thought: I really hope The Flash can keep delivering great episodes, 2 in a row has me feeling like my show is back. I’ll be really upset if it reverts back to the lamesness that was the first 10 episodes.
    Thanks, can’t wait to listen to the podcast!

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