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The Flash – S2E14 – Escape From Earth-2

Previously on The Flash, ‘Welcome to Earth-2’

Now that Zoom has Barry, all he needs is Wells to drain The Flash of his speed. Zoom makes it rain paper threats telling everyone to bring Wells to him. He does this perched above the city on a rooftop like some creepy-ass gargoyle.

Cisco makes it back to S.T.A.R. Labs, which Wells has ordered evacuated. He’s got Reverb’s glasses and wants to use them to track Zoom, but Wells thinks they need to be getting on the hot foot. Earth-2’s Barry’s cries for help halt the debate. They let him out, he demands answers, but that too is put on hold once Zoom arrives. The three hide behind a secret wall in Wells’ time vault, barely escaping Zoom.

Barry in a Box

The man in the iron mask continues to tap on his cell glass. Since he’s been there since Jesse arrived, she’s pretty much over his knocking, though Barry thinks the man is trying to communicate with them. He tells Jesse not to doubt her father; he’ll find them. Zoom, who must stay eavesdropping in the hall when he’s not littering the city with wanted posters and bodies, appears and tells Barry that everyone is going to die. Again.

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

Jay, Iris (E1), and Both Barrys Get The Job Done

Jay has managed to stabilize the breach, but he’s twitching for more Velocity. Caitlin almost has #8 ready, but since the prior serums have continued to damage his cells, she hesitates to give him anymore. He insists, citing that the city needs someone to stop Geomancer.

Iris meets her new boss, who immediately tasks her with writing a story about how unreliable The Flash has been. She manages to sell him on a story about Jay Garrick (or “the other Flash”) instead.

Back on Earth-2, Barry tells his wife about the switch in his lab at the police station. They wonder how they can track Zoom and Iris suggests getting one of his meta-human minions to help. Cisco lands on Killer Frost and believes they’ll have a shot convincing her since Zoom killed Deathstorm. Once they locate her, Barry insists on going with them.

The Flash S2E14 - Barry

Caitlin finishes her work on Velocity-9 just as Iris arrives asking Jay for an interview, and he agrees to think about. Geomancer attacks again, this time a hospital, and challenges Jay on live television. Jay takes Velocity-9 despite not knowing how long it will last. Turns out, it lasted just long enough for Jay to rescue the people in the hospital and get back to S.T.A.R. Labs before crashing on the floor.

Dick in a Box

The masked man taps out JAY and Barry asks if it’s about Jay Garrick. The man in the mask nods, but gets frustrated when Barry assumes he is asking about The Flash (Jay) coming to save them. Barry calms him and asks that they keep trying. Before the man can tap out JAY IS SHADY AS SHIT; DON’T TRUST HIM, Zoom stops eavesdropping and makes his presence known. He reminds mask man that snitches get stitches and then phases into Barry’s cage just to whip his ass again. It’s not a complete loss, though, because Barry believes he just figured a way out of his cell and he owes that to Zoom.

The rescue squad tracks Killer Frost to the woods and asks where they can find Zoom’s lair. Since she’s not trying to killed on her day off, she declines… at first. But after a bit of shooting (Killer Frost), dodging (everyone else), and screeching (E2’s Barry), Killer Frost is subdued. Cisco touches on a few of Caitlin Snow’s feels, and she agrees to take them to Accession Cliffs.

E2’s Barry drops some more serious nerd swagger and won’t even hear of not being by his wife’s side for something so dangerous.

If Jay Didn’t Have Bad Luck…

Jay’s taking his disco nap and absent from the cortex when Caitlin reveals she’s found a cure for Jay. She calls for him to come to the cortex, but Geomancer gets there first.

Okay. The lack of security is no longer funny at this point. And how the hell did he know where to find Jay? He shakes things up (heh) and threatens to topple the whole building, but Caitlin shoots him with a meta-human dampener.

And Jay slept through the WHOLE THING. Shady ass.

When they’re alone, Caitlin explains how the cure works to Jay. Good thing they have it because Jay will need his power to fix the breach again since Geomancer damaged it with his antics. While he creates a vortex inside of the the platform, Joe hits outside switches. With Velocity-9 running out, they manage to fix the breach just in time.

Fast Enough

If Zoom can phase through the cage, why can’t The Flash? Well, because of the Earth’s vibrations, which Jesse figures out.

The rescue team arrives, and Killer Frost uses her powers to break Jesse free from her chains. Her power is useless against Barry’s carbine cell, though. Barry orders everyone to leave, but E2 Barry hits The Flash with some of that powerful #BlackFatherhood he probably picked up from Joseph. Barry believes he can do it, so he does.

Barry refuses to leave with the man in the mask and arguing about it makes it so that they’re still there when Zoom returns. It was a trap by Killer Frost, and Zoom is about to make good on his promise to kill Jessie in front of Wells when Killer Frost knocks him down with a blast of ice. This definitely makes sense as we learned with Captain Cold’s gun that ice is a weakness when you have The Flash’s speed. Killer Frost keeps covering him with ice as she tells everyone to run. Cisco was right about her wanting some revenge on Zoom for killing Ronnie.

Wells knows he and Jesse need to go to Earth-1 for their safety and Jesse responds like a teenager whose parents just told her they’re moving to another state just before junior prom. Girl, why are you worried about friends? You’ve been in a cell for months.

Barry takes Cisco and Jesse through the breach, but finds Zoom has Wells when he returns to Earth-2. Wells stabs Zoom with one of his serums, which allows Barry the chance to grab him and jump through the breach. Jay tosses in the cylinder to close the breach, but before he does, Zoom reaches through, punches Jay through the chest and pulls him in.

The Flash S2E14
  • 8.5/10
    Plot - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Dialogue - 9/10
  • 8.5/10
    Action - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Performances - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Meta-humans - 9/10


This episode wasn’t as good as last week’s intro to Earth-2, but it was pretty damn good. I’m not a fan of the “the power was inside of you all along, Barry Allen” resolution to Barry being trapped in the cell, but that is my only real complaint.

More than any other, this episode seemed to go out of its way to cast suspicion on Jay (at least for the viewers), so the events at the end of the episode are extra shocking. I still have my Zoom theory (and a few theories on Jay), and I’ll be breaking them down in a separate post within the week.

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10 Comments on The Flash – S2E14 – Escape From Earth-2


    Did Zoom beat Barry’s ass this week? Yes
    Episode is a 10 out of 10

    And Zoom kills Jay
    11 out of 10

    But Earth-2 Barry is annoying as fuck.
    Back to 10 out of 10 #TeamZoom

    Love you guys and the podcast

    I couldn’t tell if the guy in the helmet was black or just dusty at first by his hands. So is the guy in the helmet the real earth 2 jay and the jay we have met is from another earth possibly? I loved how the crew just straight ignored the dude in the helmet when they first get there. I saw that jay kidnapping coming a mile away. I yelled just like a black woman at the movies “Don’t be standing that close Jay!” Now Caitlin got some more mourning to do. Ugh. How are they going to help Jay and the guy in the helmet with all the breaches to earth 2 closed?


    SHHHIIIIIITTTTTT. This episode was amazing. I was all on the floor rolling from beginning to end. I have so many questions that you do not have to answer but

    Who the fuck was that metal mask doing morse code negro spirituals?
    Is Jay still alive after getting the hand?
    Will Cisco fix those glasses and become the badass we all want to see?
    AND who the fuck is ZOOM y’all? It’s driving me nuts.

    This is the show we know and love. I love this shit and I feel bad for anyone who doesnt watch this show.

  4. I’ll try to be as brief as possible! Loved the episode!


    This episode had me on the edge of my seat. I loved the mystery that they were building up to but was a little disappointed we didn’t get a payoff. But that can’t be the last of that Zoom storyline right?!

    It was funny how Barry told The Man In The Iron Mask (Shout out to Leo) that after all this was over “I’ll come back for you” and when he got across the breach he was like “Oh fuck that dude!”

    Speaking of that brings me to my theory: Iron Mask is OG Earth 2 Jay. That Jay who was also speed possessed created Zoom either as a clone of himself of a manifestation of the speed force. Zoom in turn imprisoned. Bitchmade Jay who came to E1 is another clone but he’s imperfect hence no speed and damaged cells. Hunter Zoloman is probably just a true doppelgänger or a clone as well.

    That would all explain Bitchass Jay’s bitchassedness and why he was so shady. Just my take on it!

    Love you guys! Stay awesome!!!

  5. I’m gonna keep this short. 😉

    For the podcast

    Loved it!

    Jay has to be Zoom or there are multiple Jays or Zoom is his actual evil twin or something. Jay is SHADY AF!

    Ok, so how are they gonna explain the appearance of E2 Wells & teenage daughter? Are they just gonna live at STAR Labs with the shitty security? And I bet they hook up Jessie with Wally or something.

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And why was Geomancer so evil? Who tries to destroy a freakin hospital with people in it? I know we won’t find out but that’s a serious level of evil there that came out of nowhere. Did a family member die there or something?

  6. I think the guy in the mask is earth 2 Barry’s dad


    This episode should have been called, “WHY THE FUCK ARE YALL TALKING. LETS GO!

    Why he hiding around the corner listening to Barry, Jessie and Tony Stark talking. He was popping up like Doakes and shit, “Surprise Muthafucka!”

    – Do you guys think Zoom will be as intimidating once that mask comes off because I don’t think so. And I kinda hope they don’t fully defeat him at the end of the season like on some Sylar in season one of Heroes type shit, where he crawled down that fucking manhole. Then he’ll just comes back in like season 4 fucking shit up. How is Barry suppose to beat him?

    – Why did he need Zoom to phase through the glass for Barry to know he can do it. He did it like twice. And this was before he thought about the vibration frequency.

    – And why does he need a pep talk to run fast or do some speed shit every time. That is starting to annoy me. I love all the great conversations with Joe, Iris and his dad but c’mon bruh, you don’t need somebody telling you to “Run Barry Run!” all of the time. I just hope this “I’m not fast enough” shit doesn’t turn into his version of Oliver’s “it’s all my fault”.


    Loved the episode couple of things!!

    1. Was that the most deserted hospital of all time? Jay saved like 17 people from that big ass building?

    2. Killer frost is dead now right? I need more of the ultimate ❄️🐇!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast

  9. Hope this isn’t too late… FOR THE PODCAST:

    I haven’t written in a while but since the Flash returned from its break the show has made me fall in love with it all over again. I actually rewatch the show the next day at work! Hell even Candice Patton seem happier on Twitter!

    Again last night episode was great!
    Grant Gustin’s ability to make the E1 Barry slightly different but still the same as E2. Simply E2 Barry simply isn’t as brave as E1 Barry and could never be the Flash….and give us that ‘earnest’ face – I melt.

    Was I the only one who wanted Jesse to stay in E2?! She’s pissy cause she has to leave E2 – hey boo there’s a madman after you…you know the man who held you captive the last 4 months.

    Tammy’s Zoom theory: the masked prisoner is Eddie or E1 Jay.

    Zoom/Jay are E2 twins separated at birth. Jay may have experimented with speed hence while he’s dying. Zoom was really affect by accelerator but for some reason he’s getting sick like Jay….as though his body is rejecting the speed. But when is Barry transformed his body accepts changes. Zoom thinks Barry speed is the cure.

    Remember when Jay first came on the scene he talked watching them for 6 mos….he and Zoom planned this or JAY and Zoom had a falling out and both seeking speed from E1 Barry or Star Lab.

    Crap longer than I planned! Sorry!!

  10. For the podcast: awesome episode (though there were some ‘can we talk about this later somewhere else moments that did my nerves in). On Jays ‘lies galore world tour, did he happen to mention how Zoom ‘stole’ his speed force? I’m wondering since Zoom seems to need Wells to do it for him. So has the Zoom/Wells team done it before to other speedsters? I’m going to need some exposition on Zoom cos this ‘I’m just super super evil’ act is starting to irritate me. I want to know why he needs Barry’s speed. Or is it for ‘crackish’ reasons? Wells’s daughter, really? We just rescued you from a dude that probably kidnapped you smooth out of nowhere. So how sway, how do you STILL want to stay in E2? Come on girl. I’ll end off by saying. I’m ok with Jay dying. Who told him to go stand up close & admire the closing portal thingymajic? You did it to yourself my dude. All he does is lie & sulk. Besides we have 2 spare Jays anyways so you know……Ooohh, Iris’s new boss is lovely to look at 😋. LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast!!!

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