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The Flash – S2E15 – King Shark

Previously on The Flash, ‘Escape From Earth-2’

The aftermath of Jay’s death goes about how you’d expect: Caitlin is devastated, everyone is in shock, and Barry wants Wells to re-open the breach. He can’t because the (cork?) matter used to seal them can’t be removed or manipulated.

“It’s over,” says Wells.

And he warns Cisco and Barry to keep everything that happened on Earth-2 from their friends. They agree, which means we all knew that was gonna get spilled before the hour was up.

Time Jump

In the weeks (maybe months?) following Jay’s death, Caitlin dives into her work, Wells and Jesse move into Star L.A.B.S., and Barry looks for distractions.

One comes in the form of the half-man half-shark, King Shark. He’s not-so-dead after all, and has just escaped from the ARGUS facility where he was being held. Diggle and his wife Lila, the current head of ARGUS following Amanda Waller’s totally disrespectful demise, head to Central City to warn Barry that King Shark is still hellbent on killing him for Zoom.

Barry zones out during a West family game night. When Wally hits him with some friendly ribbing, it’s clear there’s tension between the two. After Wally leaves and Barry goes to bed, Joe and Iris compare notes. Barry hasn’t spoken to either of them about Earth-2 and Joe thinks there’s more getting to him than Jay’s death (because, really, who the fuck was Jay?).

Things are also frosty between Cisco and Caitlin. She’s super focused on her work and when they question King Shark’s doppelganger’s widow (just read it again), Caitlin is short with her and Cisco. Of course Cisco fears Caitlin, in her grief, is turning into Killer Frost. Barry points out this is a ridiculous concern.

Relationship Jumps

Barry works the Diggles and ARGUS soldiers to track King Shark (who, it turns out, shops at the same big tall store as Bruce Banner), and their first encounter ends with dead soldiers.

Joe’s second attempt at getting Barry and Wally to bomd also ends in failure. First, Wally feels like Barry is taking over his school project. Then, King Shark attacks the West house and Barry’s disappearance – to be The Flash and fight him off, but Wally doesn’t know that – makes him look like a coward to Wally. Joe’s defense of Barry just reinforces Wally’s belief that Barry is considered perfect and favored in Joe’s eyes.

Jessie reminds her father she’s damn near as smart as he is, and talks him into letting her help figure out a way to track King Shark.

Cisco finally tells Caitlin about Killer Frost and she assures him that she’s not turning evil, but she’s also not going to open herself up again only to get hurt.

Barry also spills the details of his time on Earth-2 to Joe and Iris. He blames himself for E2’s Joe’s death, Jay’s death, and he feels like crap for leaving Earth-2 at Zoom’s mercy.

(Thankfully, Diggle has a lot of experience dealing with a mopey superhero, so by episode’s end he’s gotten Barry back on track and off the pity train.)

Shark Jump

Using the widow’s research, the team is able to track King Shark and design a trap. Despite what Wally said earlier, Barry can walk on water and does just that (well, runs) in order to subdue King Shark. ARGUS is different under Lila’s leadership and she decides trying to find a cure for King Shark is better than trying to turn him into a weapon.

Joe meets with Wally and assures him he loves both him and Barry equally.

Barry apologies to the crew for being all up in his feelings and says they’re going to figure out a way to go back to Earth-2 and stop Zoom.

Jump the Shark

Speaking of Zoom, he dumps Jay Garrick’s dead body on the floor of his lair. Man in the iron mask is totally freaking out. Zoom removes his mask. Zoom is Jay.

*flips table

The Flash S2E15
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    Dialogue - 10/10
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    Meta-Humans - 10/10


Okay, I don’t think the show jumped the shark, but I am very disappointed in this Zoom reveal. And it’s not because I wrote this heavily detailed theory of Earth-1’s Eddie Thawne being Zoom. I don’t like it because Ray Charles could see Zoom was Jay and he’s blind and dead. It was the obvious direction and I didn’t want the show to be obvious. Even if it turns out that Dead Jay wasn’t completely innocent (which I really think he might be considering Zoom’s reaction here), Zoom is still “a” Jay and we barely gave a fuck about Dead Jay. Why should I care that this guy is Zoom? It also has a touch of been-there-done-that with last season’s villain.

I’ll do a deep dive into my thoughts on the Barry/Wally conflict, the Hunter/Zoom/Jay relationships, Caitlin’s change, and Iris’ reaction to her marital status on Earth-2.

I’m so happy Cisco is going to do something about Diggle’s helmet. No more Magnegro!

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15 Comments on The Flash – S2E15 – King Shark

  1. I cannot wait to start season two.

  2. For the podcast: Great episode but Barry needs a talking to cos he was super super petty. Walked attitude towards Barry stemmed in part from Barry’s own attitude. My dude you are not above jealousy. Cisco needs to work on his ‘loose lips’ issue. Why couldn’t he just let Caitlin be a little emo? Why didn’t he touch something of ‘faux-Jays’ to see if he was really dead (or is that not how his powers work?). I wished that they would have let the ‘we were married’ Barry confession breathe a little longer though. Him and Iris need to have a scene with a proper talk. Jay-Zoom wasn’t much of a surprise. But I guess the explanation will be interesting. Why is it only coming back on the 22nd March? That makes me super sad 😢. The scientist in me could not get with the implausibility of Shark man, but I guess I’ll just have to make peace with that. Anyhoo, love the podcast & y’all are pure AWESOMENESS! Oh, and Cisco: my dude, you’re the metahuman so you might want to worry about your own potential evilness.


    So I’m the only person who didn’t see Barry as being petty re: Wally? I thought he was brooding, as usual. But Wally, that punk need to check himself. None of this is anyone’s fault but Francine’s…and Eobard for killing Nora.

    I’m glad Barry didn’t need a pep talk to get the job done. Let’s keep that going, but leave the woe is me bullshit at home. We don’t another Oliver.

  4. All I wanna say is that my theory of there being multiple Jay’s from different earths is slowly coming true this is the plot for the Jet li movie called “the one” . . ..I should pick lotto #’s next time.


    So much for not telling people about earth 2…

    Love me some Diggle. I haven’t watched Arrow because of what’s his face, so how about bring Diggle over to the Flash *In my Cardi B voice* FOREVER.

    OOOOWEEEEEE. Please turn into Killer Frost! Please! I was the most excited about Caitlin to be honest. Make Caitlin interesting again! She seemed so pissed in this episode and I enjoyed this emotion. I fucking loved her being direct and to the point. Make her interesting again. Y’all already making her helpful so we are halfway there.

    And HOW IN THE FUCK IN EDDIE NOT ZOOM? I call bullshit.

  6. Yesterday we had the West family plus Diggle, today we have a live action Vixen on ARROW, and tomorrow on LOT we have a Black Connor Hawke, DC TV is being very good to us this Black History Month. The zoom reveal didn’t really excite me but i also don’t hate it. i hope these writers have a way of explaining the 2 jays that’s not going to piss me off (if zoom is hunter Zoloman how the fuck has he been traveling to earth 2 for over a year?) . That’s my short feedback for today, cant wait to hear your podcast.


    That reveal was so… dry. I hated it so much. I prefer Nina’s theory to what we actually got. Where can I sign the petition to get Nina into the writer’s room?

    In other news, did you see Iris’ face when Barry said their dopplegangers are married? She was totally thinking about how amazing it would be to be married to Barry. Also, I found it weird that she said we are married over there instead of saying Earth 2 Barry and Iris are married over there.

    1.Emo Barry – I’m not here for this shit. Get your shit together, playa. You can get a pass for this episode, but we don’t need Barryver Queen walking around Central City. Also, it seems like the reason Wallace doesn’t like you is in part because you’re being a dick to him too. The best part of this whole Barry/Wallace thing is while Barry was hating on his project and he said some shit they didn’t like and every West in the house looked at him like he slipped up and said nigger in front of them. Anyway, bring back regular, cool Barry and let’s get this Zoom shit poppin’!
    2.Jessie – Why is Jessie so pressed to be on Earth 2 right now? I mean I get that’s her home, but her last memories there are terrifying. I’d want to be far the fuck away from there right now. Maybe not permanently , but as long has Zoom is alive. If someone kills him and can open the portals, yeah, I’ll go back, but while he’s alive and there, FUCK Earth 2.
    3.Jay/Zoloman/Zoom – I knew Jay was gonna be the man in the black suit. My guess is that when we first met Jay it was the real him, but at some point Zoloman/Zoom found him and kidnapped him. Wasn’t there an episode where he left to go back to Earth 2 for a little while? If so, it probably happened then. That would explain the inconsistencies in his story. The person who came back wasn’t Jay, it was Zoloman pretending to be him and he obviously didn’t know what Jay had told Caitlyn and the rest of the crew about himself, Earth 2, etc. I think the real Jay Garrick is in that mask. And somehow Zoloman/Zoom can move him around where he wants. Putting him in the park and telling him to act normal and read that book for example. What do you guys think of my theory?

  9. I’ll try to be as brief as possible.


    Really good episode

    I didn’t like Emo Barry but hopefully his attitude is temporary but I really liked all the family stuff especially Wallace jumping in Barry’s ass. Nigga he called you a bitch to yo face and you ain’t do shit! Joe was the real MVP with that Black fatherhood!

    Told y’all Cisco kept those glasses! Hopefully he’ll figure those out and come into his powers. And Caitlyn low key fine ass ain’t shit. Solidarity is for her only!

    Why the hell is Wells and Jessie living in the damp ass basement?! E1 Wells got a big empty ass house they better go there and squat! It’s just irksome to me!

    Now to the reveal. I’m telling y’all right now dem niggas is some clones! I’m gonna party my Black ass off if I’m right! I can’t wait to for them to go back to Earth 2. It’s gon be FIE!

    Love you guys, take care!

    I love diggle always being freaked out by Barry’s speed. Raise you hand if you cried during Barry’s it’s all my fault speech 👋🏾.
    I actually like cold Caitlin. Finally she has some depth and is interesting. Caitlin mentioned not having the Meta human gene. Is that a gene that is expressed in all meta humans once they became meta? Or is it that only certain people, even with the particle accelerator exploding, had the capability in becoming a meta do to some gene they have? (Like how some people have a gene that can cause them to get breast cancer under certain conditions). I know you pissed Nina that zoom is another Jay. I wonder if Zoom is Jay from the future possibly since he says Jay’s death complicates things. And March 22!!! The Cw is tripping!

  11. For the podcast

    I liked it but I legit wasn’t expecting a Zoom reveal so soon. I knew it was Jay. Or was that Hunter Zoloman? I am quite curious how it’s gonna be explained. Was the Jay we saw with our team a plant by Zoom? Is he Jay, a twin or a clone? Was his using Caitlin to amp up the speed? Was he being mind controlled by Zoom the whole time? Is Iron Mask another Jay or someone else? There better be a good explanation!

    When Barry cries I do get a little teary eyed and want to give him a hug. Grant Gustin does puppy dog sad eyes well.

    Both Barry & Wally got some jealousy going on. Plus add in how fucked up it must have been to see Joe die even when it wasn’t your Joe. And to know that E2 you gets Iris and you don’t, for now. Barry has a right to be upset. Plus we BETTER see a convo with him & Iris about being married!

    I had such high hopes Caitlin was about to become Killer Frost. Damn! Even that little tease was better than regular old Caitlin.

    That’s it. Diggle & his wife were adorable about Barry’s speed. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And why we gotta wait a month?


    Dammit The Flash is so fucking awesome!

    I really thought King Shark was going to be so cheesy and stupid but visually it was great! When he was chasing Barry in the water….the details given to this cgi was great.

    I know mopey Barry is the WORST but Grant Gustin is such a good actor that I didn’t mind. Stephen Amell take notes or see Gustin’s acting couch cause that’s how you do mopey.

    I know people thought Barry was being a bitch with Wally but when you’re in a funk, there’s just some days you can’t fake it. I didnt see his review of Wally’s project as dismissive, in fact when he realized how good he was he kinda got excited. I could see him like this with Cisco working on a project. But everyone is so sensitive they took it as him being a dick.

    Loved Wally and Joe’s talk. Side note: Jesse L Martin is a handsome man but he looks so much like my cousin – it’s distracting. Sadly my cousin’s advice is never as good as Joe’s – I think he’s missing that black fatherhood gene.

    Was I the only one who noticed Iris looked as though she was about to have a deep conversations with herself when she heard she and Barry were married on E2?

    When I saw Jay at the end all I could think about was Nina’s essay. Which Jay is this? Is he from E1 and now stuck in E2?

    So Eddie has to be the masked man?

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast! I didn’t edit so I apologize for the bad grammar.


    I didn’t have a problem with the zoom reveal, not saying your theory wasn’t better!

    My major takeaway was that, they need me to be the flash and not Barry! Bc my ain’t 💩ness would totally give me a clear conscience and the ability to do my job and not give a single fuck bout earth 2 and any of their problems! That being said I love Barry placed that nugget in iris’ head like hey boo you kno we fuckin on earth 2 right!!! I see u playboi ✊🏾🌾👀🌾

    Also so is Wells adjace and his daughter just gonna sleep on cots for the rest of their lives or nah?

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast! Oh and I miss killer frost ✌🏾️

    My bad, I’m cutting it kind of close, so I’ll keep it short.
    1. Whiny Barry: Not here for it, happy he was on some optimistic hero shit by the end of the ep.
    2. I was completely shocked by how much Caitlin did not annoy me this episode. Being emotionless really suits Danielle’s acting capabilities. It was nice to not have to see her struggle act for once.
    3. Those West family scenes were everything. Seeing a happy black family on TV does my heart good. Sidenote: I love that Joe’s black ass collects grease.
    4. That Zoom reveal felt super anticlimactic, but it raises a question. A lot of people thought Zoom was E2 Henry who had done something to E1 Henry, but since it isn’t him does that mean Henry is just a dead beat who ain’t trying to fuck with his son? I can’t think of reason as to why he still isn’t anywhere near Barry. At this point Henry has been off finding himself or whatever the hell he’s doing for months. Maybe I’m thinking about it too hard. Anyways, I’m excited for the podcast. Thanks!

  15. I hope that they have seen what D. Panabaker can do when given material. I’d love to see her become a stronger female character. She’ll never be as strong as Iris, but she doesn’t have to be so… mousey. And lame.

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