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The Flash – S2E16 – Trajectory

Previously on The Flash, ‘King Shark’

Team Flash work to clear The Flash’s good name when another speedster takes to petty crime. It doesn’t help that Iris’ new editor at CCPN, Scott, has been looking for any reason to publish a hit piece on The Flash and tarnish the public’s perception of him.

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I fully expected this episode to be filler, but surprisingly, the Trajectory storyline tied into Team Flash learning Zoom’s identity. Caitlin is forced to share her work on Velocity-9 to explain how a previously unheard of speedster could exist. Once Barry gets over the fact that he didn’t know about the serum sooner, he wants to take it to boost his training (which has been slow going) to get faster. Despite warnings from both Wells and Caitlin, Barry wants to level the playing field. I get it, Barry. I was also wondering why every damn speedster is faster than you. 

Thankfully, cooler heads prevail, but when Barry gets a look at Trajectory after she’s loaded up on Velocity-9, he makes the connection between Zoom and Jay Garrick. All that’s left is for Cisco to vibe Jay’s helmet and the team finally knows that Jay is Zoom.

This reveal, and Barry’s subsequent rage, would have been way more effective if we were all finding out at the same time. This should have been how we learned Jay was Zoom just as Team Flash did. Also, the betrayal would sting more if the show had spent any real time making us believe Jay was a part of the team. He was barely in the first third of the season as episode after episode was spent setting up Legends of Tomorrow, which is still so much fun to watch, by the way. The most Jay connected with anyone on Earth-1 (besides the offscreen escalation of his relationship with Caitlin) was while most of the team was on Earth-2. This episode was filled with revisionist history as everyone felt the need to talk about how special Jay was. Y’all barely knew him!

Additionally, one of the main reasons I didn’t want Zoom to be Jay was to avoid yet another case of Barry moping about trusting the wrong people. The one bright spot is that we know there were two Jays, and Team Flash has yet to figure that out.

The Flash S2E16 - Jesse and Wells

Jesse was given more to do this week. Her first encounter with Wally West hinted at a possible romance later on (here for it!), but it’s too bad the rest of her actions made little sense. On the one hand, it was nice to see someone do more than wag a finger at Wells for killing Turtle. However, it’s hard to side with Jesse when she becomes angry with her father for doing whatever it took to keep her alive. I mean, I’m 100% sure my father would put a hot one in someone if it meant keeping me safe, and I’m 100% fine with that. Her decision to leave town was also bizarre considering she presumably has no job, no money, no idea where the hell she’s going, and she has a blood type that doesn’t even exist on the planet.

Still, this was a very enjoyable episode as most episodes of The Flash are. The actors’ chemistry was on full display and it was great seeing Iris have more to do – first being involved in the investigation into Trajectory and later having an awkward coffee not-a-date with Scott. I’m open to Scott being part of what helps Iris realize she might want to be with Barry, but not much else. I just don’t like that guy.

Earth-2 Revelations

  • Not sure if Wells discovered him here or on Earth-2, but he’s a Kanye fan.
  • Earth-2 has at least one blood type that doesn’t exist on Earth-1 and Jesse has it. Thankfully, Wells does too so should she need a blood transfusion, he’s got her covered. Good thing she hasn’t left town without telling anyone where she’s going.
  • Earth-2 Beyonce gets people in formation in her role as a state senator.
The Flash S2E16
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    Action - 7.5/10
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    Meta-Humans - 8/10


Fun episode and it was great that it tied into the Zoom reveal.

Two questions: 1. Will Jesse become a speedster? She can wear Trajectory’s old costume. 2. How the hell did Trajectory know about the containment cells in the accelerator’s core?

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9 Comments on The Flash – S2E16 – Trajectory

    What gives with that crazy melodrama at the end of the episode? Did this show forget who/what it was? And what was with them turning Jay into Central City’s version of MLK when that fool was caught in a lie ever other Tuesday? And Barry running to the cliff? HUH? I am so confused right now. I hope you guys can clear this up on the podcast because I’m all levels of confused. And why does Caitlin always sound like she’s going to cry when she’s talking about science? Is science physically and emotionally painful for her? On another note and I know Nina disagrees, but the new editor is growing on me-those eyes and that smile, and that mistake he made, he was adorable! He can stay around for a little bit. Can’t wait to listen!

    John: It’s Flash time bitches!
    As Devin would say, we byke! I want to say that despite all the Jay melodrama and revising of history, I LOVED this episode. The effects budget is out of control. The CW wrote them a blank check cause Barry running across that bridge and Trajectory disintegrating was beautiful. #gonetoosoon

    WestAllen moment was gr8. Iris was about to get into that “so about us being married in every iteration of the universe” convo when she got cut off. I’m ok with it though. I think the thing with Scott (Tone Bell and his fine ass) is going to lead her back to Barry.

    Also Wally and Jessie’s 2.5 seconds of interaction was so cute. I’ve decided their ship name is QuickFlash. That’s it. I know you guys hit all the ridiculous Jay stuff and Jessie’s attitude already cause Nina’s recap was A+. Oh and E2 Harry quoted Kanye so he’s bae. ✌🏾️

  3. For the podcast: awesome episode. They should have used this episode to reveal Zoom. Cisco needs to start employing his usual ‘loose lips sinking ships attitude’ when he vibes. Jessie is not serious. You like being alive do you not? I’d be mad if my parents were not willing to kill for me. I get it, but girl it’s not like he’s the dysfunctional Winchesters. I Wasn’t too crazy about she-zoom (with her crackish ways) being evil just for evils sake. Why was she trying to break the bridge? But the blue streaks reveal made up for that. I want more WestAllen please. They need to stop rushing through their moments. My favorite part was hands down Ciscos hair toss dancing. Too too delicious. Why is everyone always faster than Barry? Anyhoo glad that y’all and the Flash are back so yay for all of us 😊.

  4. I thought when Caitlin brought up v9 I thought they were going to discover that it was missing and that’s how it was stolen, not that she shared her research. I think it’s funny that Eliza corn rolls her hair anytime she is about to be Trajectory. So a version of velocity did make zoom then. But zoom is still another jay right and the group just doesn’t know it?


    Am I too late? If not, I’ll be short.

    Y’all better not have my boo quoting Kanye’s ass crazy ass. Did I say Tom is fine? He’s fine y’all. I get lost in his eyes.

    SENATOR KNOWLES? WHAT? YES? moving on.

    Hand over the V? That girl is on the crack huh? And what type of superpowers does she have that she takes V9 and come out with those messy ass twists in her head? Also who the fuck made her suit? Did she have a Cisco hidden in mercery labs? Did she off herself or did she go to where zoom is? I think it is far too easy for her to be dead. Y’all think she’s dead?

    Wells daughter going to opal city? Where the fuck did she get the money to leave? And Barry was a little over the top at the end but whatever. Anyway, I loved this episode. Thanks for the free shit.


    Welcome back the flash my Tuesday was empty without the!! Really enjoyed the recap and the fact that you’re totally cool with your pops putting a hot one in a stranger for your safety, that kinda self awareness is why I fucks with you Nina!!! ✊🏾

    Anyways onto the episode! I dug the way the team found out about Jay, and I’m curious to see what happens now that the team knows what we knew from jump that Jay ain’t 💩!

    Let’s move onto to the main things though, these 🛳s ! First Wally and 🐇 wells definitely intrigues me! Then the moment between Barry and Iris hit a nigga smoove in the feels!! Y’all notice Iris said dey fuckin on earth-2 right?!!! 👀👀👀 But y’all kno who ain’t fuckin? This corny ass boss Iris went on a date with!! This nigga is the epitome of green!! I hate him and his horrible tie shirt jacket combos!! Seriously did I mention I hate this nigga?

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! ✌🏾️

  7. Question, did girl flash disinegrate or run so fast she warped? My boyfriend and I disagree on this.
    I’m crushing on Iris’s boss. But hoping it’s not a repeat of Eddie or Patty as far as keeping Barry and Iris apart.
    How old is Jessie? Wally? Iris mentioned he was catching up on school. Was that so we believe he’s young enough for Jessie?
    Okay, I’m done. Sorry for being all over the place.

  8. I totally missed this yesterday. Oops.

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