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The Flash – S2E18 – Versus Zoom

Previously on The Flash, “Flash Back”

This was a fantastic episode of The Flash if you like getting answers, WestAllen, West family moments, lots of action, and an appearance by Zoom. And I love all of that.

This was not a good episode if you actually think about the answers you were given.

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Thanks to Thawnes-Wells’ tachyon device, Barry is four times faster than he ever was, and that’s faster than Zoom. Once he’s done with his never mentioned trip to Supergirl (which was only a matter of seconds to his friends in Central City, and signified by a flash of blue light and a snippet of the Supergirl theme music), Barry is now ready to take on Zoom – just as soon as he figures out a way to reopen a breach.

He turns to Cisco, who he figures will be able to reopen one if he can tap into the power his doppelganger mastered so easily. Cisco pushes through his fears that he’ll turn into Reverb, and with an assist from Wells tweaking Reverb’s glasses, Cisco is able to do it.

The Flash S1E18 - Cisco and Barry

Zoom’s been waiting and he comes through almost immediately, chasing Barry through Central City and right into a trap. Barry uses someone from Zoom’s past to get him to momentarily stop trying to kill him. No, he didn’t reveal that his mother’s name is also Nora.

Prior to reopening the breach, Caitlin finally told everyone about Jay’s Earth-1 doppelganger, Hunter Zoloman. Upon hearing the name, Wells tells them about Hunter on his world: a serial killer who watched his father kill his mother many years ago (Why not just tell us how many years ago it was unless that matters to a yet-to-be-revealed twist?) when he was a little boy. He was receiving electro shock therapy in an insane asylum the night of the particle accelerator explosion and turned into a speedster – just like Barry. They quickly realize that Hunter Zoloman from Earth-1 is Zoom. Then who the hell is Jay? We’ll get to that, too.

Once Zoom sees life-sized cardboard cut-outs of his parents (I don’t even wanna know how), he stops chasing Barry long enough to be hit with the dampening boot Cisco made back at the beginning of the season. He allows himself to be contained for as long as it takes Barry to gloat and explain how they stopped him. Then Zoom vibrates out of the boot, rendering it not worth a hot damn, snatches up Wally, and heads back to Earth-2.

Womp. Womp.

The Flash - S2E18 - Zoom

It’s a no-brainer for Barry: He sends Zoom a vibe-message that he’ll give up his speed for Wally’s safe return.

Now we reach the part of the review I’m going to call My Zoom Theory Was So Much Better Than This:

While Wells calibrates some stuff and thangs (most definitely using science circles), Zoom tells Team Flash how he did it. Velocity was killing him so when he saw The Flash through the breach, he devised his plan to infiltrate them by presenting himself as Jay Garrick, the Earth-2 speedster he was pretending to be just to be an asshole. How did he “Jay” in front of them? That’s Hunter Zoloman from an earlier point in his timeline. He convinced himself from the past to be murdered so that Team Flash would work extra hard to increase Barry’s speed. Caitlin’s Velocity cure was only a temporary measure; he still needed Barry’s speed to stay alive.

I mean… I guess?

Once Hunter became a meta-human, he created Jay Garrick for shits and giggles? Then, once he needed “Jay” to die, he went back in time and convinced a younger Hunter to die in the future on another Earth? (Did we know Speedsters can bring people through time?)

I mean… I guess?

Or was younger Hunter playing along the entire time and they were taking turns being “Jay” on Earth-1? Someone had to pass the blood test in episode two, which showed no signs of the Speed Force, yet meta-human markers. I guess if that’s the case, that HAD to be Hunter from the beginning because Hunter from the past, posing as “Jay” wouldn’t have meta-human markers at all.

Either way, Barry does the hero thing and runs on the cosmic treadmill, allowing Wells’ device to siphon his powers into an injection gun for Zoom. Once he’s all juiced up, Zoom prepares to kill Barry because you can’t trust evil motherfuckers at all, but he stops when Caitlin talks him down. Then he runs off, back to Earth-2, taking Caitlin with him.

Who’s the man in the iron mask?

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” said Zoom.

Inexplicably, no one said, “Try me.”

So, if I stick to how much I loved it when Wally and Joe shared a great moment when Joe asked him to move in and Wally said yes, and how much I loved it when Iris finally admitted to Caitlin that she’s been thinking about Barry romantically, and how much I loved it whenever Jesse L.. Martin and Tom Cavanagh had scenes together, and how much I love Tony Todd’s voice as Zoom, and how much I (oddly) found Hunter Zoloman/Zoom to be ridiculously hot, and how much I loved Iris having a gun, and how much I loved watching Zoom chase Barry, then this episode was amazing.

But if I think about how it doesn’t make sense that Hunter’s whole plan hinged on a whole lotta What-Ifs like: What if they didn’t find his helmet I’m assuming he threw in to later validate “Jay”? How come Wells knew Hunter’s entire life story because serial killers on Earth-2 are so rare, yet he didn’t recognize Jay Garrick, the man who’d been running around his city for two years pretending to be a hero, was Hunter? Why did Hunter’s plan rely on Cisco maybe figuring out he had the power all along and knowing Cisco would have picked up Vibe’s glasses to be able to do what he needed him to do?

So.many.questions. If I don’t think about them, this episode was perfect. However, even if I do think about them, I was so thoroughly entertained I’m not sure I care if they make sense.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Who do you think is in the mask? Leave your thoughts below and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast.

The Flash S2E18 = 8.8/10
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11 Comments on The Flash – S2E18 – Versus Zoom


    Another good episode. I watched late as a palate cleanser for AoS and my palate is still not clean. Why my shows tryna fuck my head up?

    Anyway, I have but never question: does Barry not watch GoT? Why the hell did he go all Oberyn Martell with Zoom?

  2. For the podcast:
    An awesome comeback! I loved the episode. But I have one issue (unless I don’t understand how those breaches work). So when Cisco opened up the breach did it just stay open? If not, how did Jay-Zoom get Wally to his earth-2 layer & back to Star labs. Loved the awkwardness between Iris & Barry when she was telling him about her date. It looks like Iris is going to have to throw herself at him (and I am more than here for that!). Jay-Zoom is so much more interesting than vanilla-Jay so I was pleasantly surprised (since that’s what I was dreading after the reveal). Caitlin can die (I’m ok with that cos her crying face makes me so tired). Since Cisco is the strongest now, can’t he just go get her? Joe was his usual awesome self. Happy y’all & our show is back! Yay for us all 😋.

  3. So glad The Flash is back and I’m able to enjoy it with the PF family.


    I was interested to see how they were going to tie the whole Jay/Hunter/Zoom thing together to make sense. I like that it started out dark with Hunter’s backstory but damn his end plan was convoluted as fuck! So he helped Barry close all the breaches and even went to the trouble of getting his time copy to close the last breach so he could kill that copy at the last second in front of the team so that Barry would be inspired to get faster and also figure out that Cisco could use the Vibe power to open the breach back up so that he can come back and politely steal Barry’s super duper speed force. HOW SWAY?!

    All that being said these are 5 words that Barry Allen should never say again “Guys I have a plan” nigga your plans are wack! While Barry’s ass was pontificating and spilling his own tea. Zoom came back on him like “Bitch I ain’t the one!!” Now Wally got caught up in the game behind your fucking up!

    By the way Wells should have known who Zoom was. Hell, Hunter Zoloman was Season 1 of Serial on E2!

    A couple of predictions:

    Iron Mask is E1 Ronnie. It has to be now that Caitlyn is on E2. That reveal could only be the most shocking and emotional that way. And probably the way that Jay knew a good bit about team Flash in the first place before he showed up.

    There is no Jay Garrick it was always Hunter Zoloman on both Earths. Hunter on E1 was the mild mannered park bench type and E2 Hunter is Zoom.

    Anyway I’ll end it here. Glad to be back!!! Love you guys. Take care!

    P.S. Since Hunter went back in time and grabbed a copy of himself my theory is technically right and dem niggas were clones yo!

  4. For the podcast

    I liked the episode but it did have issues. But Hunter is way more fun than Jay. And by fun I mean terrifying. Could be the Tony Todd voice.

    But I’m so confused by Zoom’s plan. Will Barry’s speed stay with Zoom forever? Will it run out like Velocity 9? How does he know it’s gonna heal him? What is he gonna do if it runs out? Keep looking for other speedsters? I’m so confused.

    Anyway, loved all the previous things mentioned. The WestAllen scenes, the WestWells scenes. And Wally moving in. But do you think he’s figured out Barry = The Flash or not? Cause if they’re living in the same house, they’ve gotta tell him.

    And of course the biggest question will be how is Barry gonna get his speed back? Cause obviously he will. Btw, Barry should never plan anything cause it NEVER WORKS!

    Ok, that’s it. Hope it’s not too long. Can’t wait to hear the podcast, especially John’s thoughts cause he definitely was a little heated on Twitter last night.

  5. I share all of your questions Nina. I’m utterly confused on when the past Jay was utilized. When was he introduced into earth 1? Also, how did zoom pretend to be jay Garrick on earth 2, when Jay’s speed is the color of red but zooms speed color is blue? How could hunter Zoloman be portraying Jay and zoom on earth 2 simultaneously with these differences? Also is hunter like 100 years old because those flash backs looked like an insane Asylum from the twenties or something. I also am just not a fan of the team getting bamboozled by a supposed friend again. The man in the iron mask has to be someone who knows zoom’s secret identity and someone who the team would recognize because why else cover his face? I have no idea who that could though: another Jay? I really did enjoy this episode but I just wanted clearer answers to this zoom storyline. Also, why does earth 2 have so few serial killers? Less guns? We need to get like earth two.


    So I’m gonna totally agree with everything you said but for different reasons!! After watching this episode all I could think of was this was super dumb!! But I still loved it regardless!!

    Lets start with zoom!! The fact that they can go to any earth and fight their problems is a very slippery slope!! As I have said many a time I would not give a single fuck about what’s happening on earth 2 unless it directly affects my squad, and sense walking wells is fine with leaving earth 2 on its on why stress!! Is this gonna cause them to be like hey earth 67 bout to be destroyed by this evil emperor trump, we must save them? I hope not!!

    At the same time I loved all the character drama this week!! Hunter had the quintessential cereal killer backstory!! Caitlin told Iris I see you lookin at berry like I looked at him(please don’t let Iris go out with that corny nigga!)! I loved Cisco was afraid of the dark side, personally I was yelling gooood let the hate flow through you!! And lastly was Wally!! Where in the actual FUCK was this nigga staying before joe said he could move in..? This nigga outchea flopping at ho joes or what? Inquiring minds need to know!

    That’s all I got sorry I was so long winded i missed the flash ✌🏾️!!


    Best line of the episode: “Aim it and then you shoot it!”

    What? Did they use the gotham asylum for Le bebe Zoom?

    The second best line: “This thang got you cruisin’”

    IRIS is fione! Why is she so beautiful? The red dress, the BLACK shirt and skirt! Her acting circles around Caitlin! She is all that.

    YES! GIVE CISCO A CHANCE! I sort of want him to turn bad and go on a redemption arc. Also cut his hair please!

    So because Zoom said he can’t do a speed mirage this means that the reverse flash is faster than Zoom correct? And wasn’t it some bullshit when they didn’t tell us who is in the FUCKING IRON MASK? Do any of you have any new guesses?

    Anyway, thanks for the free shit and I am glad this show is back!

  8. For the podcast: Westallen is alive and well!! I expect a Barry Iris hookup by the end of the season? Just a few questions on a scale of one to ten how messed up was Team Flash using Zooms parents against him? How delusional are the SnowBarry fans that even in an episode where Caitlyn encouraged Iris to pursue Barry they found a way to make it about SnowBarry??? Why is Jay who I never thought was more than a generic white guy all of the sudden super hot to me? Am I crazy? Oh and Cisco needed to suck it up open the breach and use his badass powers for good….. That’s all!

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