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Episode 292: The Flash – S2E2 – Flash of Two Worlds

We discuss Patty Mayo of #TeamTooMuch, Cisco’s perplexing decision, and Stein’s massive side-eye.

The Flash S2E2 Podcast
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    Donny - 8/10


John liked the character of Patty Spivot, while Nina and Donny were a bit lukewarm on her. We were all on board with Iris being the one to convince Barry to trust not just Jay, but his team as well. No one agreed with Cisco’s decision to stay quiet.

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2 Comments on Episode 292: The Flash – S2E2 – Flash of Two Worlds

  1. My feedback was too late. Doh! When does it need to be on there by cause sometimes when I’m going home I have a shitty signal & might not do it until I get in the house.

  2. I’m wondering if zoom is that worlds eobard. But I guess that cold only be true if eobard also went back in time in that works as well. Or is the Harrison wells we saw at the end really the true wells in another world or is it that in that world , wells had also been taken over by eobard? I haven’t listened to yeh podcast yet so my apologies if y’all have already discussed this

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