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The Flash – S2E2 – Flash of Two Worlds

Previously on The Flash, ‘The Man Who Saved Central City’

How, Sway Jay?

Jay Garrick spills out everything we’ve already known: The world is in danger because Barry opened a breach between his world and ours. And now meta-humans like Atom Smasher are line-stepping like crazy. Jay knows all of this (including everyone’s names) because he’s The Flash in his world. Zoom was about to kill him when the breach opened, sucking him and his fancy helmet through.

Barry is hating almost immediately and says Jay needs to run through a bunch of tests before they’ll accept his help. Meanwhile, Zoom lands in this world with a man, who has to kill The Flash in order for Zoom to take him back home.

While Caitlin examines Jay (and gets the tea on his life on his Earth; he got his powers much like Barry did), Stein explains parallel universes to the gang by drawing a bunch of circles. I mean, I get that Joe and Iris aren’t scientists, but the concept was pretty damn simple. Either way, Joe may not understand what his alternate self is, but he knows his own self has bills to pay so he takes his ass back to work.

Image: The CW

Image: The CW

Trust Issues

Caitlin reports that while Jay has regenerative properties, he has no signs of being a speedster. She also low-key gave him a lie detector test because civil liberties don’t transfer in multiverse travel. He totally passed. Barry is not impressed and wants more digging before deciding to trust him.

Meanwhile, Joe is ducking calls. Must be those bills.

Patty Spivot, an officer in uniform, wants to join Joe’s Meta-Human Task Force, which kinda sorta doesn’t really exist anymore because everyone quit. Also, all of Joe’s partners are dead… except one. Anyway, despite a bunch of credentials and a perky disposition, Joe tells Patty:


Jay gets his very own particle accelerator cell. He understands why Barry is cautious, but warns they really don’t have time for this. Barry rushes off to answer a call about a fire.

Barry puts out the warehouse fire and is promptly attacked by the man Zoom dropped off. He’s a meta-human who can turn his body to sand. Unable to wrap his mind or his hands around it, Barry races off.

At the crime scene the next day, Barry gives Joe the lowdown: it was arson. Patty shows up because…. I guess? She’s a big fan of Barry’s, having read all of his forensic reports. Oh, Patty was actually there doing some work. She found the origin of the fire and got a fingerprint. Joe is still like:


While Jay runs the treadmill, Iris and Caitlin watch and Iris makes a way too soon remark about Caitlin possibly being attracted to him.

When Jay learns of the meta-human, he explains that he’s faced him before. He doesn’t know his real name, but he’s called Sand Demon. He has ideas on how to stop him, but Barry still doesn’t want his help and orders Jay back to his cell.

Stein and Cisco say some science stuff and come up with a way to locate the breach. When Stein leaves the room, Cisco has a vision of Barry fighting the Sand Demon.

Joe tracks the print Patty found to a man named Eddie Slick. When Eddie spots Joe outside of his apartment, he runs for it but is stopped by Patty.

No, seriously. Why is she doing detective work? 

Joe interrogates Eddie, who claims he’s not responsible for the fire the night before, he’s not a meta-human, and he was in jail during the particle accelerator explosion. Barry and Patty watch from the next room and Barry offers to put in a good word for her with Joe.

I’m such a hater. I hate her.

Back at the Labs, Barry is unwilling to believe that Eddie might from another world nor is he willing to believe Jay. Iris asks everyone to leave the room so she can jump in that ass real quick. She knows Jay reminds Barry of Wells, but tells him not everyone is going to betray him like Wells. His team needs to know he trusts them.

The Flash S2E2 - Iris and Caitlin

Outside the police station, Joe lets Eddie go with a warning to never show his face ’round those parts again. Like, dude, YOU arrested him. Patty does more begging, Joe does more dismissing, and Eddie comes walking up like Joe didn’t just tell him never to come back.

Well, he didn’t, because it isn’t this world’s Eddie. It’s the Sand Demon. After knocking Joe out, he makes off with Patty, who fired about fifty-‘leven shots without one cop showing up right outside the police station!

Sand Issues

Because Patty was taken, Barry finally accepts Jay’s help – and that includes learning how to throw lightning from the energy he creates when he runs.

Patty starts asking questions and talking shit while being tied to a chair and Eddie works on a concussive bomb. She warns him that he’ll get caught and tells him getting powers doesn’t make him special. Well, it kinda does.

Desperate to figure out where Sand Demon is, Cisco tries to deliberately tap into his power. It works and he gets the location, but lies to Stein about how he knew.

Barry trains to throw lightning, but after an hour it’s not working. Jay coaches him through it. Barry finally admits that the last man he trusted killed his mother. Jay assures Barry he’s not Wells.

Cisco tells them the location and adds a warning that Sand Demon might use a concussive bomb. Stein side-eyes Cisco. Barry wants to use Jay as a diversion, but Jay’ll need his suit… and his helmet. He’s in luck!

The plan is for Sand Demon to beat Jay’s ass long enough for Barry to save Patty from the bomb’s blast, and then whip himself up a lighting bolt to turn Sand Demon to glass. Well, I don’t know if that was the plan, but that’s what happened, leading to this recreation of an iconic comic book cover.

The Flash cover

Caitlin patches up Jay and gives him a pep talk about moving on after a great loss. Barry admits he was wrong about Jay and then the two talk about Zoom: he basically sounds like Reverse Flash, but in blue.

Mommy/Daddy Issues

Joe gets Patty to admit that she really wants on the task force because Mark Mardon killed her father. Just like that, Patty gets a promotion.

Joe is stopped in the lobby by the woman whose calls he’s been ducking. It’s Iris’ mommy!

Cisco admits what’s happening to Stein, but makes him swear to keep it a secret. He doesn’t trust his power because it came from Wells.

Stein explains all the science stuff from earlier to the gang, and reveals they’ve found 52 breaches, with a large one under S.T.A.R. Labs. Before he can say more, he passes out.

But Wait; There’s More

On another Earth – which seems way more technologically advanced than ours – a group of girls scouts are on a tour of S.T.A.R. Labs are lucky enough to run into the Labs’ founder (The Savior of Central City), Harrison Wells.

He steps from that elevator looking like bae!

Leave your thoughts on the episode below and we’ll read them on tonight’s The Flash podcast!

The Flash S2E2
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Knowing so much of what was going to happen really tainted this episode for me. Everything Jay Garrick revealed, we already knew, and watching the characters learn wasn’t that interesting. Barry’s mistrust made a lot of sense and it was cool seeing Iris be the one to bring him around. Cisco resistance to tell the others about his power makes little sense. The reveal of Iris’ mother would have also been better received if the news she was coming in episode 2 hadn’t been disclosed more than a week ago. The most interesting thing about Patty is the fact that Mardon killed her dad, and Mardon is still at large.

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11 Comments on The Flash – S2E2 – Flash of Two Worlds

  1. Seems like if you’re running around really fast, the last thing you’d want is to have to keep up with a hat. #lookingatyouGarrick

  2. Sorry for the long feed back on The Walking Dead. That wasn’t me. That was Earth-2 Jay White. But on the real, Dev told me to shorten it. But for some reason my tablet wouldn’t let me edit it & then I heard the full set of new rules when I listened to your show yesterday so I got you & it won’t happen again. Now with that being said….

    You don’t know how much it was killing me that I couldn’t use these words on last season’s recaps cause it would’ve been considered spoilers. But now I can. EARTH 1, EARTH 2, & THE MULTIVERSE 😁I loved how they used the Singularity as not only a “Crisis” (another word I couldn’t use last season) event but a way to bring more heroes & villans. Now at the end they said the breach that’s in S.T.A.R. Labs is far different than the others. Do you think the show is going to break the 4th wall & that’s going to be our Earth (the real world) or do you think that’s the Earth where Harrison Wells is?

    Jay Garrick; if I have to nitpick on anything this episode it’s that the show went with the old School Jay uniform & not the New 52 one. BUT they kept him young like he is now in the comics so that part I’m cool with.

    Zoom; He’s finally here. Now Jay Garrick hinted at a lot of things this episode with one of importance. Which was “The Flash” is a title used on multiple world’s. So could the same be said for Reverse Flash? Personally, Idk which version we’re getting here & honestly I don’t care. I’m just glad he’s here.

    & Last Patty; whose the pickle on my mayonnaise (Doug joke). I like to turn to Nina who’s usually spot on with the portrayal of female characters. So I wanted to ask how you feel about this character? With her & Zoom being here it’s going to be a great season!

    That’s it & can’t wait to hear the feedback also John, we gotta talk. I have questions I want to ask you that I can’t ask on air.

  3. I loved this episode minus one person.


    Patty Mayonnaise aka Patty Mayo aka Ms. Mayo better back the fuck off our man (and Joe! Kinda like his dad? Bitch he is Barry’s dad. that was strike 2 and the first one was showing up). I am serious, I really mean back the fuck off him because we are not impressed. Patty walking around with her hands on her belt like she was in a western. I want nothing to do with her. And I have been waiting to call her Patty Mayonnaise since I heard she was coming on this show. That is her name and thus everyone should use it with glee! (or not, that’s fine too).

    When Barry started shouting about Iris being a journalist all I heard was a record scratch and literally said ooooo like a little kid.

    I am enjoying Jay Garrick. It brings a new dynamic (and a nice body). Ya can’t have him Caitlin! Also, I like the small things in life, so I will bring up the black head nod Barry did. Joe taught him well.

    Zoom’s suit is fly as hell. All black everything.

    Bless your heart from Cisco was everything. Now I saw that picture Nina with Cisco’s hair cut with a mustache and he fine. They need to do that “transformation” as soon as he get those powers. Don’t deny the sexy CW. And his face when Jay started talking was amazing and of course the whole “that’s my jam,” getting “Goosies,” and “you’re about to pull a Zeus” was awesome. And my boo already is using his powers for good.

    And Lord have mercy! Wells is fine y’all. Walked in with the power suit all fly and shit. He gave me goosies! Anyway, great episode and thanks for the podcast.

    Hi guys love the podcast, you guys are hilarious and informative
    Quick Question
    How do you feel about Barry killing the metas this season, what could be another way to deal with them?
    Can’t wait to hear the podcast

  5. I want the show to explain #dathelmet how does it stay on, how sway?

  6. I need a second watch cause I watched at like 1 am while I was twisting my hair but FOR THE PODCAST: I really liked Patty’s intro. She was a bit overeager but she had lots of chemistry with various characters and I LOVED that they recreated the iconic cover of the two Flashes. Caitlin was looking a little too hard at Garrick’s abs but I’m not mad at her. Now I’m wondering if Cisco can see between worlds or just times. This time it seemed like he tapped into what Sand Demon was doing in the here and now. Also his whole line to Garrick about him naming the villains was great. Also, Iris is just running STAR labs (“can we have the room” … so I can light a fire under Barry’s ass). AND WE GOT MAMA WEST IN EPISODE 2. THIS SEASON IS SO LIT!

  7. FOR THE PODCAST: Not much to say this week. I enjoyed the episode overall. I thought the Jay Garrick stuff was cool, and the shouts out to Earth 2 and couple other Easter Eggs. I’m looking forward to seeing how things turn out. I will say this though, this lil Spivot heffa better not do anything to put the team in any danger. I was thinking she was a plant from Zoom for a while. With the way she jumped on Saint Joseph’s dick trying to be on the team, I was scared she might do something to harm him and his Black Fatherhood. This show BETTER not take that away from me! Also, hey Vanessa Williams! When I saw her I did my Randy Watson impression and yelled out “SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!!!!”.


    Loved the episode. Their team chemistry is getting better and better especially with Iris and Spy Daddy joining the group.

    When Caitlin was relaying her examination results to Barry and Iris, I overlayed the following: “So when I was carassessing his sweet, sweet man boobs, I gave him a lie detector test.”

    And since I ain’t know nutting about nutting when it comes to The Flash prior to this show, who the hell is this Patty Spivot? They need to make this chick a lesbian. And if she is a lesbian and Barry *is* actually checking her out then… you need to look in *my* direction, boo!

    Continuing with Spivot, so she knows all about Joe’s prior partners, but do we? Do we have backstory (in this series) about those other two partners that she mention preceeded Eddie?

    And damn, Wells!! YAY! There you are! So, is that Earth 1 Wells or Earth 2 Wells?

    Looking forward to the podcast and to hear what y’all thought!


    I wanna say I’m glad u admit u hate Patty bc she is my new ❄️🐇 bae!! I can’t wait til she puts that nootsie on Barry and he shakes like a vibrator while all you west Allen shippers cry and I eat popcorn and watch the world burn!! (Side note I want Iris wit Barry too, but I like ❄️ Barry too). I also liked she was trying to prove herself all episode, it showed she was willing to go above and beyond and I for one love when a lady goes extra mile 😉!! Also is Spartacus the villain who killed her pops?

    Next is Barry, I think his attitude is a major over correction and I was really annoyed by him this episode!! But when he and Jay slapped hands I yelled “LETS RIDE!!!”.Although I could get used to a weekly Iris pep talk!! Speaking of pep talk I didn’t have a problem with her suggesting jay for Caitlin!! You know what they say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else amirite…?

    Lastly is Cisco!! I just wanted to tell him not to sweat his powers!! It’s something all colored people have, it’s ninja senses!! You just have to learn to listen to them!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!


    This episode was alright but a step down from a very good premiere IMO.

    While I understand the mistrust for Jay, serious/hater Barry is annoying. “My mentor killed my mommy now I have trust issues 😪😪”. I just yelled: “DAMN NIGGA, get over it”. #ShitHappens. I do think it’s interesting that he’s killing meta humans so far this season.

    I didn’t like Caitlin being thirsty for Jay just an episode after she mourned and talked about her regrets with Ronnie.

    Zoom looked cool (all black everything 😎) and I’m can’t wait for the first encounter between him and Barry.

    I don’t get why Cisco is lying to the group when we all know they’ll just have a “we’re your friends, of course we’ll accept you” speech.

    I didn’t mind Patty but I just expected her to be revealed as a villain, she was too happy throughout this episode. Don’t trust a flat butt and a smile (and yes, I checked 😏)

    Question: Since we saw a different Wells, do you think we will see other versions of our group during the season? (ex: evil Barry, meta human Iris etc)

  11. This is probably late so I’ll keep it short.


    I’m not here for Patty Mayo no way no how!

    Iris clearly inherited those good advice genes from Joe.

    Dang Wells giving Barry trust issues! And giving Cisco issues too! Poor babies.

    Caitlin was definitely feeling Jay! How long is he sticking around? It’s a little soon but maybe he’s just what she needs.

    Mama West is back & looking sharp!

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast on this episode! And is that the real Harrison Wells on that other world?

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