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The Flash – S2E3 – Family of Rogues

Previously on The Flash, ‘Flash of Two Worlds’

Trust Fall

This episode had my favorite opening to date. Iris, chased by two men with guns in a building under renovations, calls Barry for help. After learning her location, Barry instructs her to jump out of the window. After only one, “Say what now?” Iris jumps and Barry catches her. Iris was in danger following a hot lead, and both the story and the rush of the rescue have left her downright giddy. It was adorable, and great to see Iris doing investigative journalism not centered around The Flash.

Her instincts pay off when her story is given the cover at the paper. This news is delivered by Linda Park, who is legitimately happy for Iris.


The main story this week was the return of the Snarts, including Papa Snart (Michael Ironside). Lisa approaches Team Flash for help: While in the middle of a heist, Cold was taken and she was knocked unconscious by the assailant. She’s ready to cash in on the favor she feels Cold is owed for not killing Barry during the ‘Rogue Air’ escape… never mind that he wouldn’t have been in danger from the escaping meta-humans if it weren’t for Cold’s betrayal, but that’s criminal logic for you. After some coaxing from Cicso, the group agrees and Cisco tracks her brother by the cold gun.

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Turns out, Cold was taken by their father, who is forcing him to use his gun to pull off heists. A bomb implanted in Lisa’s neck while she was knocked out ensures Cold will do whatever his abusive father asks. That’s right: the man put an explosive in his own child.

Barry goes undercover as an associate of Cold’s for the next heist while Cisco works on removing the device from Lisa’s neck. He does so in the nick of time, of course, and Cold kills his father.

The Flash S2E3 - Barry undercover

This lands him in jail, but we all know he won’t stay there for long – even if Joe is having him transported to the meta-human section.

Speed Cannon

Team Flash tries to figure out how the big-ass wormhole in their basement works. Jay is particularly interested in this because he wants to go home. Even though he should be at home resting after his spike in blood pressure caused him to pass out last week, Stein is there to give his input. Together they realize the breaches are doors with an unstable corridor between them. Jay, with an assist from Caitlin, gets to work on stabilizing it, creating a speed cannon.

By episode’s end, it’s complete. Stein tosses a book through the portal and it doesn’t bounce back. Jay is ready to go home, but he lets Caitlin convince him to stay until they figure out what Zoom’s up to and how to stop him. Jay would be going home powerless, after all. Also, Caitlin is thirsty AF.

Patty Mayo

Speaking of thirsty, Barry has a few run-ins (literally) with Patty Spivot this episode. She proves to be helpful, if a bit annoying, at a crime scene: a decapitated corpse is found, a man who had his neck explosive activated by Papa Snart after the associate lipped off to Captain Cold. Joe’s reaction to Patty’s bad jokes and incessant rambling was the same as mine, “Oh, hell no.”

Later, after bumping into Barry again at Jitters, she gets a mixed signal and offers him her phone number. Barry awkwardly accepts it.

Mommy Issues

It seems Joe’s disturbing pattern of lying to Iris for her own good began when Iris was five and called the police because her mother had passed out after taking too many pills. Francine, Iris’ mother, left town and Joe told Iris and everyone else she was dead to save Iris the pain of thinking her mother abandoned her.

The Flash S2E3 - Joe and Francine

Now that Francine is back in town, she wants to see her daughter and Joe is forced to admit the truth to Iris. Shocked, Iris forgives her father almost immediately upon seeing how broken up he is.

But Wait; There’s More

Now that the speed cannon is functional, Earth-2’s Harrison Wells decides to stop by for a visit.

The Flash S2E3
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The theme of parental influence was handled nicely in this episode. The Snart kids may have despised their abusive father, but they have followed in his criminal footsteps. Establishing that Captain Cold is capable of caring about someone other than himself will make the transition to hero (anti-hero) in Legends of Tomorrow easier to swallow. Plus, it’s always fun watching Cisco interact with Lisa Snart.

I’m not thrilled with Iris’ mother being written as a drug addict, but I’m reserving judgment until I see more of the story play out. I was not enthusiastic with the casting for this role, and the short scene she (Vanessa Williams) had in this episode didn’t do much to bring me around. However, Candice Patton and Jesse L. Martin turned in great performances.

Victor Garber continues to shine as Dr. Stein and the arrival of Earth-2’s Wells has me looking forward to more Tom Cavanagh goodness – hopefully sooner than later.

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7 Comments on The Flash – S2E3 – Family of Rogues

  1. Loved this episode just like the rest. I’m sad the scene Candice and Grant teased on social media hit the cutting room floor

    Questions for the podcast:
    1. Nina why don’t you like the casting on f Iris’ mom? I love Vanessa Williams. She’s been around since Cosby Show and I think she’s a great actress. I somehow figured she would have been a drug addict but I didn’t think about how problematic that would be.

    2. How is Caitlin so thirsty for Jay and how has it not crossed her mind that Ronnie could have gone through to another world or that there might be an Earth-2 Ronnie?

    3. Not a question: how wonderful was it to see Linda? And her and Iris are BFFs and supporting each other professionally!

  2. FOR THE PODCAST. Do you guys think iris mom coming back could have something to do with the character wally west who is suppose to appear this season? my theory is while mama west was away she went and fell in love with a another man and had a son with him (wally) and that’s why she needs to speak to iris so so bad, she has to tell iris she has a half brother. i’m not sure if that’s iris and wally s relationship in the comic books but i think that would be a cool way to bring him into the show.

    Overall I enjoyed this episode. This show is consistently good week to week.
    1. St. Joseph – GOOD LORD. THAT BLACK FATHERHOOD! Jesus take the wheel!!!! When this brotha sat there and looked Vanessa Williams in the face like he was Mary J Blige and she was her ain’t shit man I was captivated. He hit her with that “NoI’m not gon cry, I’m not gon shed no tears” look. All that was missing was him wearing a scarf on his head and some big ass sunglasses. I know all the black women who hear this will know exactly what I’m talking about. This man did lie to his daughter about things, but it was in the name of keeping her from her punk ass mama. He should take her ass to court for back child support. Let her either pay up or take Henry’s cell at the prison.
    2. Barry’s Phone – Am I the only one mad at the fact that Barry has joe listed as “Joe West”??? Not Dad? Not HNIC? Not Joe West: Black Fatherhood Hall Of Famer? Not Pops? Nothing? Just regular ass Joe West? OK then. Way to show respect to the man who raised you, boy!
    3. Jay/Caitlyn – I guess we now know whose hair Jessie from Walking Dead was cutting before her bitch ass son came in. It was Jay Garrick. Clearly someone used some scissors, a Flowbee, or whatever the fuck they use to cut white people’s hair on him between this week and last. Also, Caitlyn is all on that dick. You know Ronnie is on Earth 2 right now watching this shit like “Oh, really, bitch? REALLY? You on this ole powerless punk’s dick already? OK!!. When I get back to Earth 1, I’m gon crack yo mutha fuckin forehead!”
    4. Patty – I need Patty to Spivot her ass in a seat somewhere. She’s too pressed. She’s like an obsessed Barry fan who FINALLY got to meet him. She’s got all the signs of a crazy person. I hope Barry doesn’t have any rabbits. Stay Woke, Barry. Stay woke!

  4. So I think this episode was full of connections and lack thereof.

    1. I wouldn’t been able to jump out that window without pissing myself. But knowing Barry would have caught me in those arms would have made me. Did Iris drop her phone? I swear she did. Why? You got a purse on Iris.

    2. Iris’s mother doesn’t look like Iris’s mother. I don’t see it. She doesn’t feel like she has chemistry with Joe. I didn’t feel the pain and the tension between them at all. I felt it from Joe though, so maybe as Francine gets integrated with the group she may get into the role better. Also, she couldn’t be a deadbeat mom without the drugs?

    3. Patty Mayo is a FUCKING STALKER. She just “bumped” into Barry? Really? She also has no romantic chemistry, only buddy buddy chemistry. Its so bad that I cringe at the thought of those two kissing each other. Yuck. I feel like she has no purpose in life other than to try to get under Barry literally. UGH. I don’t like this bland excuse for a condiment. She is a bunch of fucking giggles. Fuck you. Can’t speak to Barry like a grown woman? You got something in your mouth bitch? Open it and speak. Fuck Ms. Mayo. I’m sure she isn’t bad as I make her seem. Don’t get it twisted though, Iris over everything. But why write Patty Mayo that way? There is a delicate balance between stalker and interested pursuer and they are making her a stalker which sets me off even more because I don’t like her bland fucktress as it is. CW fix it. Fix it now.

    4. Cannot wait until Legends of Tomorrow because I love Captain Cold! I don’t care about anyone else right now. I could have lived without Cisco being Captain Save a Ho to Cold’s sister Lisa. I hate the trope of shows making women a certain way because of men. She just can’t be evil? I know they have to move the plot, but I hate it because it didn’t have to go that way. Also, I am sure Cisco has something else her would love to shoot you with later on! And Cisco you didn’t drink shit out of that coffee cup after that kiss; it is my biggest pet peeve!! There was nothing in that damn cup. I am counting the days you get your facial hair. He looked like a little boy kissing her 🙁 and I don’t like it. Just have one episode where he has his hair short and slicked back with facial hair and a suit and I would be in heaven. Maybe earth 2 wells can offer up his tailor when they meet.

    5. The Barry Joe connection was great. Caitlin and Jay was not. Her acting is a baby’s dirty diaper. She doesn’t know how to talk like an adult to Jay either. Caitlin, just tell Jay you want to fuck him before he leaves so we all can move on dammit. Iris and Joe was amazing and I cried. Yes, I am a sap for the black fatherhood connection. Let’s hope he (and barry) manages to stay open with her about everything.

    6. Barry was doing his best Cisco impression with “thats my jam” and I’ll allow it. He was so cute in that role. Actually, can I have an episode with him and Cisco in suits? I need that stat.

    7. Lastly, they need to stop teasing me with Wells and give me my boo his shine right now. I am fully prepared to roll on the floor this season.


    Loved this episode but I must say even though I’m cool with ❄️ Barry and this new chick I was so ready for that west Allen moment I had been promised!! I rewound the episode 2x to see if I missed it!! Anyways onto my highlights!!

    1. The snarts!! Barry is such a better person than I am bc I would’ve told them straight up I don’t give 2 💩’s about their family turmoil and tbh if their homicidal pops happened to kill 2 of the city’s biggest criminals I wouldn’t even be mad!! Especially when 1 knows my identity and the other should know bc a) she walked up on em at Starbucks & b) this ninja never disguise his voice!! Seriously this chick gots to be slow!! But I will forgive said slowness bc Cisco has a chance at the nootsie and I’m all for the underdog getting da guts!!

    2. How the hell does Jay have a place to live? Did he do temp work for the 6 months he was stalking da crew? And if he did how did he never get a big belly burger?!? I’m just saying something ain’t stirring the kool aid with him!! I need answers and clearly Caitlin needs the D, I’m just wondering who gets what they need first!!

    3. Lastly is the West’s!! Got damn the black fatherhood was strong as hell in that confession!! You know it was real bc Bruh had to have the brown water handy just to start!! I have it on good authority that at my place of residence tears might have been falling for a minute!! (Allegedly) I do have a bad feeling about mom dukes and I believe she’s gonna do more harm than good!! But eventually she will recover when they finally kill Joe and she will be there to guide Iris in the later seasons!! Yes I’m back on it, ain’t no way this ninja Joe gon keep giving us these moments throughout the entire series!! Every time he displays his black fatherhood the writers make a tally and when they hit 52 he gone!!! #staywoke

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!!!


    1) all the feels for the Wells family! Joe had me getting misty in my living room. But why not tell Iris about her mom once she was college age? She took it very well.

    2) loved the opening scene with Iris & Barry. But how did a shady real estate deal get so violent?

    3) I’m kinda shipping Cisco & Golden Glider. Yes she played him when they met but I get the feeling she does respect him and is attracted to him.

    4) Daddy Snart ain’t shit & I’m glad Capt. Cold shot that asshole! Put a bomb in your own child! Shoot his ass!

    5) still not feeling Patty Mayo. She’s definitely stalking. Awkward Barry is adorable. Awkward Patty Mayo is painful.

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! Hope this feedback makes it. And is Wells 2.0 gonna be friend or foe?


    This is by far my favorite Flash & Captain Cold episode. My favorite part of this episode is when Flash whispered Cold name & Cold whispered his name back like dude I see you. Why are you are whispering. Cold is like one of those people who has a smart ass mouth but he doesn’t have an off switch. & since Barry is a goody two shoes the exchange just comes off that much more funny. Also, when Barry had the great idea of becoming a criminal to infiltrate I knew we were in for some laughs. He could’ve put more into his outfit instead looking like an extra in a commercial for community college. But he was put on the spot so I’ll let it pass. That’s it from me. Luv the show. & always remember, make the podcast, don’t let the podcast make you… #Deuces

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