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The Flash – S2E4 – The Fury of Firestorm

Previously on The Flash, ‘Family of Rogues’

This was the blackest hour of TV this week. Blacker than Monday night’s Being Mary Jane and blacker than tonight’s Black-ish. Just black for no damn reason. And despite a few flaws, I loved it. Though I really want to know how many people of color are in the writers room. I would love to see them nail writing for black people as well as they write about time travel and meta-humans. You know, things that don’t actually exist.

The Fury of Fiyastorm

The night of the particle accelerator explosion, a high school star-athlete, Jefferson Jackson, has just played the game of his life. Scouts were in attendance, and took notice. Unfortunately, Jacks is hit with the dark matter as he tries to save fellow teammates from the blast.

In present day, Stein’s condition is getting worse and the team determines he needs another person (like Ronnie) to merge with. Caitlin has narrowed it down to two candidates who were also affected: a scientist, Henry Hewitt, and Jax, who is now an auto mechanic. After Barry illegally obtains their blood samples, Caitlin runs tests to find a definite match.

They’re both possible matches, but even though Jacks is more compatible on paper, Caitlin wants to go with Hewitt because he’s a scientist and wants to “make something of his life.” Basically, she dismisses Jax like his resume says Leroy Rayquan Jenkins. *eye-roll*

Images: The CW

The team splits up to meet with both candidates. And Harrison Wells is just walking the halls of STAR Labs like he pays rent.

Barry and Stein meet with Jacks at his garage. Stein points out his skills working on cars may hint at a strong aptitude for engineering, but notes his allergies may be a negative. It doesn’t matter because Jax isn’t interested in anything they’re selling as he doesn’t like talking about how the explosion changed his life and dashed his pro-ball dreams.

They return to the Labs to discover that not only has Caitlin told Hewitt all the details around the Firestorm matrix, she brought him back to the Labs and let him in on everything – including that Barry is The Flash. Well, since he’s already there and Jax said no, they attempt the merge. And it doesn’t work.


Then Hewitt shows his natural black ass before storming out. Not firestorming out. Just regular pompous asshole storming.

Jax comes into STAR Labs and once he hears the proposal, he’s like:


Caitlin loses it and basically insults Jax for not immediately jumping at the chance to “converge” with some old white dude and shoot off nuclear blasts. Oh, and for not going to college. Caitlin stomps off to get Hewitt back.

Hewitt, as it turns out, is an even bigger asshole than first thought. He’s rude, arrogant, and almost roasts his boss for having the nerve to ask for a late assignment. He causes an explosion in his lab and it makes the news. Yeah, the merge may not have worked, but the attempt has activated his dormant power. Oh, and he has a criminal record for assault. I’m pretty sure Hewitt is the type of guy who uses #NotAllMen and #AllLivesMatter.

Caitlin feels dumb and Barry attempts to make her feel better by saying maybe it’s time they both make themselves open to new things. (I will tell you my thoughts on this line on tonight’s podcast.)

She visits the garage to apologize to Jax, and explains about Ronnie. Jax forgives her because this guy is awesome. Hewitt shows up, blasting things and ranting about how Caitlin got his hopes up and didn’t deliver. I’m telling you, this guy is THE WORST.

Jax uses his QB arm, throwing something that hits Hewitt upside the head and temporarily knocks him down. They escape in Caitlin’s car and head back to STAR Labs. Once there, they don’t have time to tell the team about Hewitt because Stein’s condition has worsened. Jax agrees to help.

The Flash S2E4 - Jacks Joins Team

“Out of yourself and into the team.”

New Firestorm’s first mission? Head to the high school field where Hewitt is currently acting a damn fool.

“Hewitt, you need to stop. This is not who you are!” – The Flash

Uh, this is exactly who he is!

With an assist from Caitlin and Cisco, The Flash and Firestorm manage to contain Hewitt (by insulting his manhood – I’m telling you, Hewitt hangs out on women-bashing Reddit groups), who is promptly given new accommodations in the particle accelerator.

Before they leave town to train in Pittsburgh, Stein advises Cisco to tell his friends about his power. Listen to him, Cisco!

Bye, Felici- Francine

Iris agrees to meet with her mother, with Joe in attendance, at Jitters. Iris only allows Francine an apology before she says she wants nothing to do with her mother.

Later, Francine shows up at the CCPD and tells Joe she has a disease and only a few months to live. She really wanted to make things right with Iris. Joe tells Barry first, convinced Francine is telling the truth because he knows her and she wouldn’t lie about something so big.

You haven’t seen her in 20 years, Joe!

Iris meets with Francine again, but this time she’s done her homework. She knows Francine is telling the truth about her illness, but she also knows Francine had a baby boy 8 months after leaving town. Feeling lied to again, Iris tells her mother she wants nothing to do with her.

I’m not sure when Francine was supposed to tell Iris any of this news when the woman has barely been able to complete a sentence, but okay.

Shark Boy and Java Girl

Patty is investigating a case involving a meta-human who may be a man-shark. Or a land-shark. Barry agrees to run tests on teeth she found after some awkward flirting, which Joe picks up on. Joe lays down some Black Fatherhood and tells Barry that if he’s into Patty, he should go for it. He can’t let what might have been, but wasn’t, with Iris stop him from finding something new.

The Flash S2E4 - Barry and Joe

There’s a break-in in the Applied Sciences department of Mercury Labs. The burglar gets away, but not before Dr. Tina McGee gets a good look at him: Harrison Wells. Appreciating the discretion Joe has shown in the past, McGee calls him in. He insists that the man she saw couldn’t be Wells, and he warns Patty not to tell Barry about their investigation since Wells is the man who killed his mother – which Patty should have known since she’s Barry’s stalker it was probably on the news that the famous dead scientist left a taped confession that freed a man who’d been in jail for his crime for 15 years.

“I’m not good at lying.”

“You better start.”

When will Joe learn to stop lying to people for their own good? Ugh.

After the dusts settles, Barry contemplates a second chance at love as he (as The Flash) watches Patty in Jitters. He’s suddenly gripped up by a giant shark man, sent by Zoom. Patty fires her gun at it, but it drops The Flash and keeps coming. It stops when a mystery man in a hoodie shoots it with some kind of energy gun.

The mystery man is Harrison Wells. And I screamed.

The Flash S2E4
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    Plot - 8/10
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    Action - 8.5/10
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    Dialogue - 8/10
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    Performances - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Meta-Humans - 10/10


The most frustrating part of the West family storyline is how bad the dialogue is. I can forgive Iris being so dismissive the first time she met her mother (she’s angry, hurt, and truly doesn’t owe the woman anything), but for her to be angry because Francine didn’t open with, “I’m alive. I was an addict. And you have a brother,” is ridiculous. Their second meeting should have been the time when Iris allowed her to give answers. This is clearly done so that we don’t get much information about whatever twist/reason was behind her leaving – and I’m assuming the brother is Wally West – but there are other ways they could have written that without making Iris look so petty. However, if she later acknowledges she was so upset that she didn’t give Francine a fair shake, I’ll forgive it.

The writing around Jax was fantastic. The opening alone was the perfect example of tight writing – in less than two minutes I knew exactly who this young man is: smart, talented, close to his mom, and willing to help others. His pairing with Victor Garber has me even more excited for Legends of Tomorrow.

While Patty is growing on me – somewhat – the best part of the man-shark/Mercury Labs storyline was the arrival and reveal of Harrison Wells. Because Tom Cavanagh is bae and I’m here for Earth 2 Wells. He looks like a smarmy badass and I love it.

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8 Comments on The Flash – S2E4 – The Fury of Firestorm


    I hate you and Moji for getting y’all tweets acknowledged. I am salter than Caitlin white tears. Okay, this means I need to get my behind on twitter so I can get my shine. But I am lazier than Dora. Alright on to the show.

    Ms. Mayo is a little less annoying this episode because she handled her business but she better stop telling Barry shit Joe says, he has to do that not her. Caitlin sucked. Overall good episode. Some highlights:

    1. The come at me bro arms from the scientist firestorm in the autoshop was funny.

    2. This whole Stein thing just reminded me of the strain, he needed that essence to stay alive. Use your natural athleticism tho? Um…I know he black but that may be a little too much. What he trying to say, black people have natural athleticism? I kid. I know Jacks is from England but sounds like he is from the hood so I am all good. I like this new firestorm.

    4. Metahuman Tinder? The biggest swipe left of all time!!! Ha. I love Cisco. I also loved when he said the line “chance to have super powers? sign me up” because he delivered it well. And no one called him out on that. I would have been like “Cisco, what’s with the tone? One minute you are into superpowers and now you are not, what’s up?” But hey, its all about Stein so no one sees it but Stein. I would love it if Cisco says something before the midseason finale about his powers.

    5. That scientist guy who has the firestorm gene can get hit by a parked car for ignoring Barry’s handshake. I don’t care that he dug into Caitlin though. She should have known better and that is what she gets for being classist anyway. This is even more so when she finds out he ain’t shit. She’s lucky that Barry didn’t read her the way I did. Don’t use that Ronnie shit, I call bullshit none of this was because of Ronnie. Caitlin you are classist.

    6. I fucking screamed when Wells walked around the corner. It was a good scream, a givin’ goosies scream. I cannot wait for whatever he is going to be doing. (Is Tom on twitter? If so, I would die if he retweeted anything I wrote. I would die). When Wells took the hood off??? I rolled my ass all over the floor. We are one step closer to getting our boo back on the screen. I cannot wait. He is a fine man. At 52 years young, he must be taking the essence because I totally thought he was in his 40s.

    7. Get her Iris! Dig into that woman (who doesn’t remotely look like you) she deserves it. I understand illness and death but I still cannot have sympathy for Francine. You can’t have remorse when you are dying and then decide to come back. That is super manipulative especially if you come back and make Iris love you only for you to essentially die again and the only person who loses is Iris. Iris was correct in her feelings about this. However, if Francine does have a son or whoever that is to them, Iris need to tell Joe, don’t hide it.

    Do any of you think this Wells evil?


    List of things I’m not here for:
    Patty Mayo’s thirsty ass.
    Caitlyn’s basic bitch ass.
    Joe continuing to keep stuff from people.

    Normally when I tweet, I may say a thing or two about a character I don’t like, but Caitlyn got dragged by me like she was a real live girl. I lightweight hope DP was trolling twitter, searching “Caitlyn” so she could see my level of disgust. Now she up there with Shawn Hatosy. Blech. I wish the angry black man had lit her ass up. I’m not happy with her snobbery; this bitch is on my fuckin’ list.


    Totally agree with you on this whole Iris storyline!!?! I mean how in the bluest of hells was she supposed to tell her about her brother when you told her not only to kick rocks but boulders as well!! Then you not even curious to meet your brother, and she makes the decision that Joe can’t know?!? That doesn’t make any sense to me and frankly was just dumb!!!

    Now onto something I actually liked which is Joe telling Barry that just bc Iris ain’t fucking doesn’t mean he gotta be celibate!!! (He might’ve not actually said that, but that’s what I took from it!!) I’m totally ok with Barry getting some side nootsie while Iris gets her life together!!

    Also I did feel a little uncomfortable with Caitlin dismissing the younger dude!! I felt like her tone was like hey the older dude wears a tie and this younger dude is a nigga and is probably a banger!!! But luckily he was cooler than the other side of the pillow and let that 💩 slide!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast! Oh and I thought that was Grod at the end of the episode!!!


    This was a pretty good episode.

    Still not here for Patty Mayo. She’s trying too damn hard!

    Stop lying Joe!! Just stop. I know you think you’re protecting your kids but this ain’t the way to do it.

    I’m ok with Iris’ reaction to Francine. While yeah, she didn’t give her a chance to say anything, that woman kept that boy away from his family all those years! How do you not tell your husband you’re pregnant! Nope! That said, didn’t like that we didn’t get any Iris at Star Labs this week.

    Caitlin ain’t shit! She’s a racist, classist chick! Ugh! And she just told ALL their business to some stranger just cause he had a degree. Smh

    Jax is all right. Seems like a good kid.

    Y’alls boy Wells is back! Let’s see what he does this go round.

    That’s it. Hope it wasn’t too long. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

    Being a scientist myself, I had major problems with three scientists on the show last night: Caitlyn, Stein, and Henry.

    Caitlyn: She was soooooo snooty. I am in a PhD program, but I don’t think that other people who only have a high school education don’t have any life goals and aren’t achievers. Let me tell you, there are some really dumb people walking around with a degree. Also he is a mechanic. To me, that’s a valuable skill and trade, but because it’s blue collar, people look down upon it. Also, just because you have the grades, doesn’t mean you can go to college sweetie. College is expensive as hell. And she just automatically assumed Henry would be the better match because of his background rather than looking at the facts, just like people do when they will believe the word of a rich person over a poor person. Can you say classism !

    Stein: He a snooty ass too. Got his nose turned down at Jax rap music and also made snap judgments about him.

    Henry: I didn’t trust his ass from jump and I just knew he was going to make violin strings out of everyone’s intestines. I can’t disassociate him from Hannibal. Also he had an ego and was rude from jump.
    Henry, Caitlyn, and stein makes my scientific community look bad lol.

    I’m looking foward to Wells next week and the podcast

  6. For the Podcast.

    This episode was fine but really didn’t do that much for me so here’s just a few things i got from it.

    1. I’m not here for the Iris family drama, with the mention of her brother it seems they went through all this just to introduce Wally West.

    2. The black dude who wasn’t Jack did way too much to the point that i found way too much enjoyment in them defeating him.

    2. Why hasn’t Cisco told the group anything? It’s getting annoying and i don’t wanna dislike him

    Last. 3) Can they just write Caitlyn off? I’m not even lying where it seems like every time she’s on screen I’m on the verge of dozing off. Do we really need to see Killer Frost anyway. C’mon yall let’s make it happen #WeDontCareAboutCaitilyn

  7. *For The Podcast*

    I personally enjoyed this episode better then the last two with only minor things I disliked.

    I was indifferent to her or just really didn’t care that much last season but there’s something about Caitlyn I’ve just disliked so far in S2. She did too much for me this episode. It’s like her voice and presence annoys me now. I didn’t like how she tried to talk shit about Jack on him not going to college and not doing anything with his life yet she’s jobless and what does she do with her day that’s not Flash-related?

    Hewit just came off as a bitch ass dude. He seems like the type of dude who will try to talk to a girl over Facebook or Twitter thirsting and if/when she rejects him, he’ll call her a ugly bitch then block her. They’ve been killing meta-humans lately but let ol’ dude live?

    Can Cisco pleeeasee just tell the group about his powers and get it over with?

    I liked how Iris wasn’t hear for any for moms shit. You know she ain’t give a damn when she addressed her by her first name. I’m in my 20s and my mom would give me that “the hell you talking to” look if I ever addressed her by her first name. The second meeting just came off as “we need a way to intro Wally into the story”. I’m side eyeing Joe a little. Like I know that was his wife at the time but I’m not laying up with, let alone willingly letting off his seed inside her, but we clearly think differently.

    Can’t wait to see how new Wells interacts with our group next week. Can’t wait for the podcast.


    Look everybody it’s King Shark!!! Oh… & Harrison Wells. This episode was alright. Honestly, I only stayed invested in this week episode because Patty found the shark teeth. I was hoping it was him. & the 2 minutes they gave us of him in all that CGI goodness was worth it. That two on one fight scene with Flash, Firestorm, & Fury? Is that what they called him? Who cares. It was the weakest fight involving more than two people from season 1 till now. Done for now. Keeping it short like they did King Shark’s appearance this episode. Can’t wait for next week.

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