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The Flash – S2E5 – The Darkness and the Light

Previously on The Flash, ‘The Fury of Firestorm’

That Was Then

Eight months ago on Earth-2, Harrison Wells holds a press conference in the lobby of STAR Labs. He unveils a meta-human tracking application in a wristwatch. It pings almost immediately when Jay Garrick crashes the announcement and accuses Wells of being responsible for meta-humans via the particle accelerator explosion. Wells denies this and says Zoom wouldn’t be able to terrorize the city if Jay just did his job. After The Flash leaves, Wells’ daughter asks if he’s okay. Wells insists he’s fine and returns to talking about the future.

Dirty Harry

Barry is surprisingly willing to trust and listen to Wells, and that might have something to do with the fact that Wells saved his life. Cisco and Caitlin are more skeptical. It doesn’t help that E2 Wells is arrogant and abrasive. He’s not there to make friends and quickly admits to crossing the breach in order to seek Barry’s help with stopping Zoom, whom he created. That’s right: Something happened in the last eight months that prompted Wells to “no longer deny his involvement” in the creation of meta-humans. Though, unlike Eobard Thawne, he insists the particle accelerator explosion was an accident.

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

When Cisco has a vision of another breacher holding up a bank, Barry comes face-to-face with Dr. Light, a meta-human who can harness the power of stars and was sent by Zoom to kill Barry. There’s a twist though: Dr. Light has always been a crook, not a murderer, and her plan to rob the bank was so that she’d have enough money to leave the city and hide from Zoom. Oh, she also happens to be E2′ Linda Park.

A slip of the tongue from Barry reveals this to Dr. Light, so she decides she’ll just kill Linda to take her life. How the hell she thought that was going to work was beyond me. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to catch Linda alone, kill her secretly, and then step into her life? Killing her at work with her frightened co-workers outside would make it hard to “take her life.” Thankfully, Iris is an excellent shot and the team is left with Light’s mask after she runs off.

The Flash S2E5 - Iris and Linda

Wells outs Cisco as a meta-human when he realizes Cisco can use his power to touch the mask and locate Light. The team takes Cisco’s secret in stride – way too easily, if you ask me – and after a pretty abrasive pep talk from Wells, Cisco is able to locate Light trying to leave town.

Wells’ friction with Jay comes to a head after Barry subdues Light. Wells has faith in Barry’s ability to stop Zoom, as Barry is faster and more confident than Jay. Jay believes Zoom could kill Barry and the people he loves, and unable to accept Wells’ approach, Jay leaves Team Flash.

While Wells doesn’t seem to be a nice guy, this episode did an excellent job keeping how good he may be in question. The tag scene at the end of the episode suggests he may have his own agenda for catching Zoom or helping him.


Kendra Saunders a.k.a Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee) was introduced as a Jitters barista new in town. She initially shoots down Cisco when he asks her out (fingering a chain around her neck when she does), but later comes around and encourages him to try again. They exchange numbers and set a date for the next week.

The Flash S2E5 - Kendra

One of the best scenes of the episode was Wells’ reveal to everyone that Cisco is a meta-human. I’d missed the part earlier when we see Wells checking the app on his watch after speaking with Cisco. I’m glad I did because it made the reveal even better – I’d totally forgotten about the watch.

I’m not buying that everyone is so understanding about Cisco keeping such a major secret for so long – and for such a dumb reason (Cisco knows good and damn well that how you use the power is what defines you. It doesn’t matter that Eobard taunted him about “giving” the power to him.) – but this is a storyline that needed to move along so I’ll allow it.

The Flash - S2E5 - Cisco and Barry

Still Not Here for Patty Mayo

Barry finally gets out of his own way and asks out Patty. Unfortunately, he’s blinded by Dr. Light the day of their date. Instead of cancelling or rescheduling (since the blindness was temporary), Barry allow Iris to talk him into going and using Cisco and glasses with a hidden camera to keep Patty in the dark (heh) about his blindness.

The Flash S2E5 - Patty and Barry

Barry and Cisco had more chemistry in this scene than Barry and Patty, as Barry adorably tries to fake his way through the date and Cisco either chides or helps via a hidden earpiece. We’re going to ignore, for now, how utterly creepy and inappropriate this was.

It doesn’t make sense to me that Patty would be so gung-ho about meta-humans. Determined to catch the bad ones because the guy who murdered her father eventually became one? Okay. Sure. I’ll buy that. But I don’t buy that she’s so giggly about it, almost fangirling at their very existence.

Also, she says “coolio” like that’s a thing a grown-ass woman should say.

We Need to Talk About Jay

Okay. I cannot take this guy seriously. First of all, that stupid helmet. I’m sorry.

What is his purpose? Why did he stay? He was supposed to be there to help them figure out a way to stop Zoom, but that was two episodes ago. What has he been doing?

Wells was exactly what Barry (and apparently the whole damn team) needed. In one day he taught Barry about speed mirages, which he should have figured out his damn self considering he twice ran so fast he went back in time, and he told Cisco to get his thumb out of his ass and start embracing his power, but more importantly, to start using it for good.

What, exactly, has Jay done? He can’t even talk about Zoom in a way that’s helpful. “He’s a nightmare you can’t wake up from!”

What the fuck does that even mean? You were his archenemy and you have no valuable tidbits or bits of advice?

Jay, keep trying to kiss Caitlin, and when you go back home, take her with you. Ugh.

But Wait; There’s More

Back on Earth-2, Zoom is holding Wells’ daughter captive and despite her claims that her father is the smartest man in the world and will save her, Zoom is like, “Girl, bye.”

Leave your thoughts on the episode below and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast! 

The Flash S2E5
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    Meta-humans - 8.5/10


Wells’ arrival was just what the team and the show needed. He’s jumpstarted what is, hands down, one of the more interesting things going on in season two: the existence of another Earth. While Jay’s presence has been cool for nostalgia’s sake, he hasn’t done anything to advance the plot or even add to it in a significant way. In one episode, Wells has proven himself to be more valuable.

The silliness of Joe opening fire the moment he walks into the room is forgiven because we got some more Matrix-style bullet dodging from Barry.

Was I the only one hoping for a “Run, Barry. Run!” from Wells?

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9 Comments on The Flash – S2E5 – The Darkness and the Light


    This was the funniest episode of this show I have ever seen. Between Barry and Cisco, I had nothing but fun. 10 out of 10. This was soooooooooooo good you guys. Call me corny (or wrong) if you must, I don’t give a fuck, this was the shit.

    1. Iris bosses stay getting murdered shit. I am all here for Dr. Light!!! she was a badass motherfucker.

    2. Earth 2 fake ass Kerry Washington wants to go out with one of my husbands now that he is a meta human. I see you, I see you. And yes I know she is Hawkgirl but for me she is fake ass Kerry Washington right now.

    3. The line of the episode: “Our Wells may have been evil, but your just a DICK” I literally had to pause the show and laugh so hard that I couldn’t breathe. I fucking love Cisco. I replayed that over and over and over. His delivery was excellent. I hope he doesn’t lose his humor when he becomes full meta alchemist on us. Especially after Harry outed him. He is a Dick (but I love it)! And I can’t wait to see his suit!

    4. They finally let our boo shine by gracing us with his glorious face. Seeing Wells in that form fitting suit made me all messed up in the head. But no, Jay had to show up with his “tell them Wells” something something “you made us metas’” crap and ruined it. Shut up Jay, Wells is too busy being pretty and smart. I am cool with earth 2 Wells having a daughter. I want them to go into that. I really hope they do. And are WE REALLY GON IGNORE THAT HE CALLED CISCO, CRISCO? Like crisco grease? I died!

    5. Patty Mayo has a sister on Jane the Virgin y’all. Whether that actress is really related or not, she looks exactly like her and I don’t trust that actress either; so for all I know it is the earth 2 Patty on that show. Anyway, Patty you wants the D, just ask for the D, because I’m over it. When you get the chance, like Nike, just do it. After this episode, I am beginning to really Patty and I can’t believe I am saying that. That kiss was cute not better than Iris and Barry but cute. I am okay with Caitlin trying to get the Jay D because like Rafiki said, “It is time!” I am okay with all of this. I may be blinded though because this episode had Wells, humor, and great acting we shall see how I feel next week. 10 out of 10 this week though.


    Good episide, thanks to petty Wells, snarky Cisco, and the sisterhood of the traveling pants (Iris and Linda).

    I’m trying my best to be patient with this show. No, I don’t think it makes sense for Iris to be ready to move on, 6 months after losing Eddie, but I have a bit of an issue with them showing Caitlyn doing just that with Jay. Why does she get a second shot at happiness or at least truck sex? I wanna believe Iris on the back burner now, will have a huge payoff later, but I’m scares they’re going to double cross us. Shit, at least a scene with her talking about Eddie and her feelings would be good. Yeah, we,re nor that far into the season, but she hasnt gotten her moment like Caitlyn or even Patty Mayo, who got to mention her father. Am I wrong or crazy?

  3. Watching now, “you’re just a dick” lol

  4. FOR THE PODCAST: I really enjoyed this episode!
    1. Earth 2 Wells – This dude is a trip. I still don’t know if they should trust him, but I like him so far. It was fucked up that he outed Cisco, but I do like the fact that it’s known that Cisco is a Metahuman now.
    2. Cisco – Cue the R. Kelly And Public Announcement (Hopefully Nina knows the song and can sing It properly) … Cisco got that VVVVVVIIIIIIIIBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEE. VVVVVVVVVIIIIIIBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEE. VVVIIIIIBBBBBEEEEEE!!!!!
    3. Black Fatherhood With A Bullet – My dogg Joe came in BUCKIN when he saw Wells. That shit was hilarious. Joe took it back to the hood and turned the burner sideways. I swear I heard him yell “What set you claim, fool?!?!?!?! And let’s not forget him giving heat to Iris. She used that shit like it was nothing. That’s right, Iris shoot that bitch!
    4. Caitlyn – This heffa gotta go. They need to go ahead and make her non acting ass Killer Frost already. Maybe she’ll be more interesting then. Also, did y’all see how badly she wanted to suck Jay’s dick in that van? The lust in her deer in headlights looking eyes was intense. I swear she was about to reach for it when Dr. Light cock blocked her thirsty ass. Had it not been for that she would have caught the one speed force he still has in him in the back of her throat.

  5. Ok for my review or comment this episode was amazing unlike cough cough arrow. Anywho, BERRY, Patty is throwing herself to you hands down! Take it already. Dr. Wells 2 is mean and (in my Cisco voice) a dick, but by the end of the episode we see for good reason. At first I thought Wells 2 was Zoom but now I see that’s not the case. So my questions for you guys is do you think Zoom sent him? Do you think his whole plan is to get close to Berry and then kill him? Maybe killing that shark last week was on purpose to get Berry to trust him.


    I’m gonna try and keep this short.

    Somebody had #dickWells on Twitter and that’s hilarious. Yeah, he’s a dick. But at least his reasoning is understandable. Zoom has his kid. You do what you gotta do in that case.

    I love me some Crisco, I mean Cisco! He was killing it all episode! So do you think he has a chance with Hawkgirl?

    The West family is full of badasses! Joe came in shooting and they did that awesome thing where Barry caught the bullets in 3D slow mo and it was awesome! Plus damn Iris has some skills! Unlike the folks on The Strain, she can actually shoot! What did you guys think about the scene at the newspaper with the love of Barry’s life, his ex girlfriend and his in between chick before he and Iris go off on their HEA? Do you think Patty Mayo, who must have placed a damn GPS on Barry the way she always shows up like that, knows about that relationship history going on there?

    And I’m going too long. That’s it. Caitlin stays thirsty. Jay is a punk. And Barry totally let him & Wells 2.0 fight for a minute before he broke it up. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  7. Loved this episode!! Where to begin?!?!? I guess I’ll start with what I didn’t like, and that was Jay!! I’m glad you asked why is he even here!! There was a moment during the episode when he was talking and I said is he overacting or what?!?! And his date his Caitlin was straight 🚮!

    Speaking of dates I did enjoy the patty may…(you almost got me)!! They seemed to really dig each other, but was I the only one to 😒 the fuck outta them when they kissed and Barry could see again!! I swear Kennan Ivory Wayans walked by and said MESSAGE!!! I see you CW!! We all know I love ❄️ 🐇’s but im not 😴!! #StayWoke

    Also kudos to Iris for being almost supportive of Barry going on a date!! 💯✊🏾

    Lastly is Vibe!! I’m really feeling that name! Is that his name in the comics?!?! Also I can’t wait to see how him and his new bae vibe( I couldn’t help it) on their date!! I’m glad Cisco played it cool when she asked if there’s anything else you want bc that could’ve went bad!! I mean he already had mentioned Dicks earlier, and if he would’ve said the nootsie I would’ve understood!! He gotta be backed up the golden glider ain’t fucking!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast, and was that Emma stone look alike the same woman from the jump bc I rewinded 2x and couldn’t tell?!?

  8. “Jay, keep trying to kiss caitlin, and when you go back home, take her with you”. HAHAHAHA, your recap is going to get me kicked out of this library. I just have one question, Is wells daughter being held captive on earth 2 or our earth? Did they say it was earth 2 and i missed it? I have to admit, that dinner scene with Barry and peppermint Patty was kind of cute. I still don’t really Patty but she makes Barry happy and Barry is adorable when he’s around her so ill just have to deal with it…for now. Barry thinks he’s real slick opening that girls jacket to look at her “dress”, its like me when i look look at that picture of David Beckhams “watch”, nobody is looking at that damn watch. Hmmmm, i see you Barry Allen.

  9. I hope this isnt late!! FOR THE PODCAST : My only complaint about this episode – Jay with his horrible helmet and Dr. Light’s white boots. I HATE nothing more than white shoes and white boots seem as thought the fashion gods are taunting me. Why did Jay become such a weenie when he came on really strong….I bet its cause of Caitlin, she sucked out all his strong vibes. Harry Wells was EVERYTHING I did not know I was missing! That man and his fake glasses had me fanning myself. I loved the little Barry and Iris moment at the lab…..honestly Barry interacting with Dr. Linda was good too. Did I mention all of HARRY WELLS scenes made me happy?……I have bad news…..Im sorry but I didnt mind Patty Mayo too much….now she’s NO IRIS but she’s an ok filler. My theory on Zoom…..I think Zoom is Henry Allen…. that would be a cool twist.

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