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The Flash – S2E7 – Gorilla Warfare

Previously on The Flash, ‘Enter Zoom’

What the Bae Ordered

Barry isn’t healing fast enough for Barry. Zoom didn’t take his powers, but even a speedster needs time to rebound after a spinal injury. Despite the support and encouragement of Joe and Iris, Barry spends much of the first half of the episode sulking and sitting on his pitty pot. Not that I blame him. Zoom beat dat ass and then took him on The Petty World Tour. That, too, will take a minute to get over.

Iris, as the person who knows Barry the best, figures what he needs is his father, and secretly calls Henry Allen.

After confirming that Barry is physically healing just fine, his diagnosis is that Barry is suffering from a debilitating case of Shame. One daddy pep-talk and Barry’s good to go. His work done, and the day saved, Henry heads back to his tent in a national park.

Henry’s visit get Joe up in his feelings a bit about not having son, which Iris notices. Looks like she might be giving Mama West a second chance in the near future.

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You Can’t Go Home Again

E2 Wells clearly isn’t one to lick his wounds for too long. He decides it’s time to go home to stop Zoom on his own turf. Caitlin thinks that’s a stupid idea: He needs to stay and figure out how to stop Zoom there, with the team. The rest of the group disagrees, citing the failure of Wells’ last plan. Everyone is conveniently forgetting that wasn’t Wells’ plan. It was Iris’ and Barry’s, but okay.

Caitlin, the person who has been the most anti-Wells, has decided it’s her personal mission (for this episode) to get Wells to stay.

As she’s trying to convince him, she mentions that Dr. Stein figured out how to close the breaches and Wells proposes they close all the breaches except the one in STAR Labs, this way Zoom only has one way in or out. Why this wasn’t already done (to make sure he’s not dropping off more meta-humans in hard to find places) is beyond me. So, they decide that’s their play: lure Zoom through a breach and set a trap.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#4a7097″ class=”” size=””]”Grodd’s a big-ass gorilla. He can’t just waltz through downtown in the middle of the day without anyone noticing.” – Joe[/pullquote]

I’m pretty sure that was last week’s plan as well and we see how well that went. Shouldn’t they be figuring out how to kill/stop Zoom once he gets there? Getting him there and watching him leave aren’t the issues.

None of this matters in the end, because Grodd.

King Grodd

Grodd is back and he may not like bananas, but he certainly hasn’t skipped any meals. He’s bigger than before and compelling scientists (via his mind control abilities) to steal serums he needs to create more sentient gorillas. Aw, Grodd is lonely.

But he’s no scientist, so he also compels Caitlin to leave the Labs and holds her against her will until she can make him some babies. Not like that! This also explains why they had her walking around in that bright-ass white suit after Labor Day.

Barry has to literally sit around spinning his wheels while the team, plus Wells, devises a plan to get Caitlin back. Meanwhile, Caitlin tells Grodd she doesn’t know how to make more like him.


So, basically, Grodd told Caitlin what I’ve been saying since season one: “Make yourself useful.”

Grodd is traced to a bell tower (as Cisco said, “He upgraded like a baller.”) and Wells goes in undercover as Reverse Flash (courtesy of an extra suit in Wells’ Secret Room of Lies). It works until he displays manners Thawne never possessed, and then Wells is slapped across the room. This is enough of a distraction for Cisco to hustle in, equip Caitlin with some anti-mind control earbuds, and pull her to the door.

The Flash S2E7 - Cisco and Wells

They don’t abandon Wells, though, and listen in as he keeps up the charade and gets close enough to Grodd to inject him with the stolen serums, knocking him out.

The new plan involves Caitlin as bait, Barry speeding Caitlin through the city with Grodd following, all to position him in front of a breach that will deposit him near a Gorilla-friendly place on Earth 2. It goes off without a hitch… kinda… but only once Caitlin talks Grodd out of squashing Barry like a roach.

Still Not Here for Patty Mayo

Patty pays attention to her detective intuition and figures out that Barry’s excuses for avoiding her (he’s sick) are pretty much bullshit. It doesn’t hurt that Joe and Barry are so shitty at lying.

She later confronts Barry about it, and he uses the old “My ex-convict dad was in town,” excuse. She accepts it, but warns Barry has to trust her if they’re going to work. And even though HE JUST LIED TO HER, he’s all, “Aight.”

And they kiss and I feel hoodwinked.

Got That Vibe

Cisco’s date with Kendra is cut short when he vibes vision of a man with wings. He makes it up to her with a basket of chocolate and flowers (throw in wine and I’d marry his ass), and she rewards him with a kiss, which vibes a better vision of the winged person: It’s Kendra.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast!

The Flash S2E7
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I can’t wait for Legends of Tomorrow to launch so Arrow and The Flash stop feeling like they only exist to set up that series. Grodd’s return was cool. Seeing Gorilla City was cool. But having the main plot lines (and some forgotten plot lines) sitting idle is getting old.

My theory that E2’s Henry Allen is Zoom got legs (heh) when Henry referenced fishing… just like Zoom. Okay, it’s stretch, but I’ll take it.

How did Wells know what the other Wells had told Grodd about having the city? Where the hell is Jay? Why haven’t they closed all the breaches except one they can control? Why the hell aren’t they using Candice Patton more?

But, hey, Barry has a ring now. So that’s cool. I guess.

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8 Comments on The Flash – S2E7 – Gorilla Warfare


    1. I saw Barry is professor X’ing it in that wheelchair this episode. I also loved all of the black fatherhood moments with Barry this episode. I also enjoyed the idea to bring Henry back but the fuck was he doing? Was he having the longest vacation? I don’t trust him.

    2. Crisco said he wanted to get breakfast after the date and the only thing I was thinking was that I guess he won’t be full from the groceries…no? I’ll see myself out. Anyway, this scene felt like they were one big happy family and I was in the room with them all. And if Caitlin was in that scene it wouldn’t have been as funny because she is a wet blanket. I know he vibed off fake ass Kerry Washington but dude finish the date because if I was her I wouldn’t pick up the call after leaving like that. But his adorable ass did the say anything pose at the end and had me all in my feelings. Now I want him and fake ass Kerry Washington to be together now. Shit.

    3. Barry can’t catch a break. He got fucked up by Zoom and is reminded of reverse flash because of Wells (I like the name Harry!). Wells acting was great. He truly seemed like he was struggling to be the Wells we know. He acted his ass off! And I saw those arm muscles when he was getting patched up! Yum!

    4. Does Caitlin have stockholm syndrome or what? Because I don’t see why she cares so damn much. Its too Mighty Joe Young with the extreme love of that gorilla. Lastly, #datpunchtho! Barry did the damn thing BUT I think it was a bad idea to send Grodd to that place because it will get all rise of the planet of the apes now that he is surrounded by other smart ass gorillas. They den fucked up! Cant wait for the podcast!

  2. For the podcast

    I like this episode but I kinda wish Barry was paralyzed for a little bit longer . I know they established that he had rapid healing but come on , dude had his back snapped .
    They were probably watching this season of The walking dead and were like…….”nope people don’t like mysteries anymore …lets get him running . ”
    It was great to see Zoom show up to give his son advice after fucking him up last week. Cause you know The real Henry Allen is dead somewhere. But then again Harrison’s Apple watch would of alerted them.
    I’m sorry Spanish Hillary Swank should of told Cisco to kick rocks . You leave a date and come back with a picnic basket. Nope .
    Did anyone else feel a creepy “vibe” when Harrison was talking to Grodd saying that he would give him the city like he promised. It felt like he had this conversation before.
    The best part of the episode was when Joe was wishfully thinking about what it would be like to have a son. I was like that seemed oddly specific .Then the camera was panning over to Iris knowing that she has a half brother out there lol . I guess she realized telling the truth isn’t as easy as it sounds .

  3. Man feels like forever since I talked to the pf podcast crew what’s good y’all?!?!


    I enjoyed the episode!! It wasn’t my favorite but it was still the flash so I enjoyed it!! Onto my highlights

    1. Cisco- first off I didn’t even realize ole girl had a name!?! Have they said Kendra on the show?!?! Also this was my weekly reminder that everyone on the flash are better people than me!! I would’ve smooth act like I never saw that vision!! I mean 💩, she was already throwing that hand out there, imagine what she would’ve been throwing at the end of the date!! I’m sure instead of getting an omelet Cisco could’ve been getting them guts!! 💧💦💧💧💦

    2. Iris- best stop being a hypocrite and tell Joe that he has a son that he can dispense his black fatherhood to!! And not to sound racist but dat Reg fatherhood seemed lame as hell!! But I do agree that he has to be zoom!!!

    3. I loved how Barry put the charm on poor patty!! He handled that situation like a playa!!

    4. Lastly is Grodd! I loved the scene with him and Caitlin! It seemed like Grodd was smokey’s mom from Friday and Caitlin was smokey!! He was like”i need you to pick me up some cigarettes” and Caitlin was like” holup this ain’t enough?!?” And Grodd hit her with the ” Make it enough.!!” I did feel sorry for Bruh, I’m glad he gets to go hang out wit ceaser and koba!! I just hope he don’t start a revolution that even James Franco can’t

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!!

  4. (((FOR THE PODCAST)))

    What I enjoyed:
    I enjoyed the episode & I understood why Barry was all emo. Sometimes your pride takes way longer to recover than your body.

    The one time Barry got on my nerves is when he hurt Iris’s feelings. But I’m glad she rose above it, left his ass alone and called his Daddy.

    Wells 2.0 was cool in this episode but Barry having Wells/Thawne flashbacks was hilarious.

    What I hated:

    Patty’s desperation nation moments make me cringe. It’s like girl has no fucking pride & ain’t nevah had a man!!. If your boo don’t want you to bring him OJ, why the fuck are you trying to step up the offer with a home cook meal? Listen Ms.Mayo of he don’t want your OJ he can get his own damn food.

    Angelic whiney ass Caitlin….I need you to turn evil so they can lock you up in one of the Star Labs jail. This girl don’t want men leaving…first Ronnie, then Garrick (or whatever his name is) & now Wells. Girl you & Mayo need to get a back bone or something.

    Someone said the Flash writers room had more women than men…it boggles my mind cause all the women are written so badly.

    Ok that’s my rant! Can’t wait to hear the show…it’s going to get me through my mandatory OT.


    First of all, what a great episode! I’m always on the edge of my seat on Tuesday nights with this show and agents of shield. I do have a few thoughts about the episode – I’ll make this quick nina:

    Barry: hotness. It doesn’t matter if he’s in a hospital bed or dicking down patty nono (more on that heffa in a sec) he’s sexy as fuck – although I did snicker when he ate that treadmill.

    Patty nono (yes that is absolutely on purpose ) – can you be more of a weak bitch? I mean honestly. If I find out you lied to me (repeatedly ) we are done.

    Kaitlin – nope.

    Grodd – it was a lot of fun to see him again. There were a few cgi moments that made me cringe but overall I enjoyed seeing him. Dat final scene tho! Everything.

    Hope that wasn’t too bad. Looking forward to the podcast as always!

  6. I tried leaving feedback on the website via my iPhone don’t think it sent

    For the cast (maybe late)
    What I liked about this episode Grodd; he’s getting bigger, stronger and smarter and now he talks. It was great seeing his growth.

    season 2 Grodd Imma let you finish but season 1 Grodd was better

    The rest of the show was meh; Iris was a real friend, it was good to see Barry’s dad back before plot device sent him away again

    Can’t wait to listen to the podcast

  7. For the podcast? (We’ll see if it made it in when I commented on the recap)

    Everyone keeps talking about that black fatherhood excellence, but Joe dispenses none of it on Iris? He literally tells her he’s sad Barry isn’t his son and wishes he had a real one? And Iris is, what, chopped liver? It’s been seven episodes and he has barely noticed whether she is grieving Eddie or not, let alone noticed that she might be having a hard time dealing with her mom situation. Does he know her at all? Does Barry? We have to assume this is how Iris deals with things – silently. So don’t they have any way of knowing something is up, or do they not care? Iris was asking Barry what tf was wrong with him in 1.02 and she didn’t let up until she found out the truth in 1.20.

    Anyway, #KillerGrodd is my new OTP. And damn, Wells had some chemistry with her too. Iris better rope her man in before he becomes Cait’s third husband (after she marries Jay offscreen and he dies too of course).

    I am not here for Patty Mayo and I never will be, but this was the first time I felt bad for her. Everyone’s all excited that at least Barry is happy now – unlike with mean Iris who refused to leave her boyfriend in order to ride his dick on command. But what about this poor blonde? Her boyfriend makes her feel unwelcome and unnecessary, and then she finds out it was all a lie due to CHICKEN SOUP, then when she confronts him he makes up another lie that leaves her feeling like he distrusts her, and THEN he dismisses her concerns about honesty anyway. Like, this boy does not give two craps about her. At least he felt bad about lying to Iris this season. I don’t think he even notices he’s lying anymore.

  8. FOR THE PODCAST: Hey y’all. *Lucious Lyon voice* It’s Flash time, bitches! Ok. I’m sure Devin said it all and Nina probably snorted already. In defense of the writers and as an Iris fan, I have to say I’m not at all disappointed in how she’s being portrayed and interacting with the team. I think there are definite missteps (she should have been by his bedside last week) but she’s the driving force behind so much. I get wanting to see the inner workings of what’s happening with her but what I love about Candice is that she gives me that even if the writers don’t spell it out. As an actress Candice brings significance and gravitas to every look while some other people *cough*DP*cough* can barely emote. Just had to get that off my chest. Yes the writers can (and should) do more but also, the show is The Flash not The Iris or The Joe or even The Cisco. Hell I don’t think we saw the inside of Felicity’s apartment until S3 of Arrow. Anyway. That’s my time. Shout out to Nina who’s getting props from comic writers and stuff cause she’s so cool.

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