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The Flash – S2E8 – Legends of Today

Previously on The Flash, ‘Gorilla Warfare’ 


In one of the better character intros I’ve seen, we meet Vandal Savage, an immortal who is drawn to Central City in search of his lost love.

She is, of course, Kendra, who is in the middle of a romantic date with Cisco when Vandal appears. The Flash stops him from taking Kendra, but not before Vandal mentions Kendra is really a priestess who he has known for ages.

Once Cisco lets it slip that Barry is The Flash in front of Kendra, they figure they might as well reveal to her the secret identities of Star City’s masked heroes too, and they all head there to get Oliver Queen’s (and company’s) help in protecting Kendra.

There’s the usual bit of humor, teamwork, and shade (Oliver is an asshole, after all), but that’s all interrupted when Vandal makes another play for Kendra, this time at Oliver’s home. Realizing that shit might have gotten a bit realer than they expected, the group heads back to the Arrow lair to reassess. Malcolm (a.k.a. Ra’s al Ghul) stops by to warn the team they’re pretty much fucked, and reveals Vandal’s immortal status. This makes sense of the fact that they earlier saw a picture of him in the 70s, but he hadn’t aged at all since then. Also, Cisco finally comes clean about his vibe of a winged Kendra.

The Flash S2E8 - Kendra, Oliver, Barry

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This all proves a bit too much for Kendra, who decides to go outside and away from all the superheroes with weapons who might be able to protect her. Deep down, Kendra suspects that some (if not all) of what Vandal said might be true since she can’t explain the desire she felt to move to Central City.

Carter Hall (Hawkman) swoops in and takes Kendra for a little rooftop rendezvous. He confirms that she is a priestess and he’s a prince. Once she emerges, she’ll remember what he’s saying as truth. Unfortunately, that will have to wait because Oliver and Barry show up to deal with this new threat. Once they have Carter contained, it’s back to the Arrow lair for another information dump.

For thousands of years, Carter and Kendra have been dying and reincarnating, always seeking each other because they’re soulmates. (Poor Cisco) Vandal Savage hunts them, kills them, and gets stronger as a result. He’s done this 206 times. Despite Vandal’s impeccable record, everyone squads up to defeat him should he try again.

First step: Get Kendra’s true nature to emerge. When being pushed off the roof doesn’t make Kendra sprout wings, Carter surmises something is holding Kendra back from acknowledging her true self. Malcolm suspect Vandal has gone in search of the Staff of Horus, a weapon that should make it easy for him to just wipe out a whole city to kill Kendra and Carter.

The Flash S2E8 - Kendra, Cisco, and Carter

The staff is buried in a church in Central City so Barry and Oliver head there while Kendra goes back on the roof to work through her shit.

She finally jumps and flies, but Vandal gets to the staff before the heroes and he blows the church to pieces. He is so damn petty.

Everyone decides to go to Central City and further prepare to defeat Vandal.

Velocity 6

Not only is Barry not getting faster, his current abilities are so inferior to Zoom’s that there’s no way he could ever beat him. While the majority of the gang is in Star City, Caitlin works with Wells to perfect a speed serum he’s developed, Velocity 6. Wells got serums for days.

Once they figure it out, Caitlin calls Jay so they can test it on him and he reacts like they asked to shoot him up with black tar heroin and leaves. Because that’s what Jay does best: Whines about how everything is a bad idea and then stomps off to wherever the hell it is he’s living.

Patty Nono spots Wells in the street and follows him back to STAR Labs where she shoots him, thinking the serum gun in his hand is a real one and that he’s the man who killed Barry’s mother and broke into Mercury Labs. Caitlin tells Patty to call Joe, and he tells Patty to go sit her ass down somewhere while grown folks do grown folks things.

The only way to save Wells is to remove the bullet so Caitlin calls the one person who probably won’t give a shit if Wells lives or dies: Jay. He reluctantly takes the serum to get a temporary speed boost, then phases his hand into Wells’ chest to remove the bullet. His work done, Jay stomps off (again), saying Caitlin shouldn’t let Wells give Barry Velocity 6.

But Wait; There’s More

Oliver spots his ex and her ten-year-old son. Oliver can count.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast!

The Flash S2E8
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A lot of this was silly, but what was good was very, very good. If someone like Vandal sends Team Flash in search of Star City help, why haven’t they done this for Zoom? He’s way more imposing than Vandal Savage. But that, plus quickly filling Kendra in on Barry’s secret, and the quick evolution of Cisco’s relationship with Kendra are all to be expected since this episode only exists to shift into Legends of Tomorrow.

The fact that Iris was – once again – sidelined is baffling. But even if they thought there were valid reasons to keep the character out of the action, it makes no sense that she wasn’t even referenced. Why wouldn’t Felicity ask about Iris? You could say she didn’t ask about Joe, either, but Joe has had things to do. There’s no danger of the audience forgetting he exists. The same can’t be said for Iris.

Some things that were great: Damian Dahrk, the chemistry between the two casts, Felicity, Malcolm’s shady entrances, and Carter. I’m still looking forward to LoT, and I’m hoping the character of Kendra becomes more layered. Oh, and Thea, as always, is bae. “I ended it.”

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4 Comments on The Flash – S2E8 – Legends of Today

  1. FOR THE PODCAST: (sorry if this is too long)

    Honestly, my twitter war with Buckteeth Becky soured me on both episodes. It’s hard to enjoy something when your face is screwed up in digust. At any rate, I liked Arrow more than Flash.

    What bothered me: 1. Kendra now knows all of Team Flash AND Team Arrow after like a week of dating Cisco. Why? Because Barry saved her? How many times did Barry save Iris before she found out?

    2. How did Patty get into STAR Labs? Anybody?? And watch this bitch find out about Barry next week or some shit.

    3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m sick of them sidelining Iris. She doesnt have to be all up in what Barry is doing, but WHY can’t we see her dealing with the plethora of shit going on in her life? Her fiancee is dead, her mom is alive, her dad lied to her about said death, her mom was an addict who was kicked out by Joe because of her addictions, her mom who she just met is dying, she has a brother. When do we get to see her deal with HER shit? Nope, she gotta go on her Find me app to locate Barry’s daddy, so he can stop being a whiny bitch. She has to support and protect Joe. I’m sick of it. Why don’t they just put a crutch in every scene in place of her? The leading lady has less lines than the teat Barry is dating. Fuck. This. Show. If next week isn’t majority Iris, this show is so getting relegated to weekend watch. I’ll give it to the end of the season to get fixed, if it’s not, sayonara.

    Last thought that’s a question, too. I keep hearing people talk about how Barry and Iris don’t end up together because that timeline was erased, as if that erases his love for her, but whatever. What are thoughts on that? How much of the timeline has actually been erased? I have a feeling people think what he did at the end of last season turned back time.

  2. The best thing about this review: “Oliver can count” 😂😂😂

    FOR THE PODCAST: Definitely think the Arrow portion of the Xover was better than the Flash part. Although everyone talking at Felicity speed was disconcerting. I was hoping the LoT set up would be complete but it looks like Malcolm is going to bring back Savage and then maybe we’ll actually be done with all this exposition.

    Although I’m side-eying CR her scenes reminded me of something that has been missing from the Flarrow-verse … SEX. When Ollie was a man-whore we got more sexy times. They should bring that back. And throw some of it over to Flash.


    I thought the crossover was cool. Y’all think since they’re bringing in Wally West he could become a speedster by taking Wells’ serum? And do you think Jay might be Zoom since we never see his ass? All his whining and bitching might be a cover.

    Favorite Moment
    – Dat Vandal Savage knife work.
    – The small Damien Darhk cameo
    – Oliver, Diggle and Thea jumping off dat truck in slow motion
    -Thea shooting Vandel Savage out that window (fuck you mean “Thea NO!)
    – Barry running back in time was dope but did we really need to see the ghost of himself before that. It would have been cool if muthafuckas just started disintegrated and then barry he ran back in time.

    Ehhh Moments
    – Aite, I need the layout plans and security of the Arrow cave and Star Labs because this some bullshit. Malcolm got in because he’s a fucking beast but how Patty even know the room. Star labs big as shit. The cortex has got to be right when you walk in the screen door or some shit.

    – Praying to god that maybe I’m just fucking crazy and they have set something up with Iris now that this Legends setup is over. If they fuck this up I’m out. She better not be missing in another episode, given just one fucking line or sent out to do dumb ass jobs like get Henry. I need fucking substance and her own shit she’s dealing with.

    Ciara Renee
    – *sigh* I’m not gonna say too much because I figure Nina Da Gawd will handle it. We’re all out here trying to fight for WOC and you can’t even decide if you wanna be black or white. WTF, so you’re telling people your white but you audition for Iris. I’m just not understanding. So your being black when it’s convenient for you, aint this a bitch. In the words of Paul Mooney “Everybody wanna to be a nigga, but nobody wanna to be a nigga”


    So glad y’all waited til both shows came on, but what should I expect from podcast 🐐’s!! Onto my highlights

    1. Cisco need a smooth kick in his ass for being so casual about telling his Hawk boo Barry’s identity!! But at the same time I’m not here at all for this hawk nigga!! He can kick rocks with open toe shoes for all I care tbqh!!

    2. Then there was Felicity and her inquiries into Barry life!! It could’ve been just me but I was like “is she still offering Barry 2 scoops?!?!” 🍧🍨

    3. So I guess Star labs turned into Balco labs since they specializing in HGH now huh! I swear I saw Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa walk out the bathrooms in the background 👀!! Then Patti got it in her mind that wells 2.0 was a blyke youth and shot without thinking!!( I’m sure Oliver was looking on sayin all lives matter too 😒)

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