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The Flash – S2E9 – Running to Stand Still

Previously on The Flash, ‘Legends of Today’

Ugh. This show. I can’t believe I not only don’t like it as much as I used to, but that they’re getting so many things wrong in just nine episodes. I know many feel like I do: Setting up Legends of Tomorrow has hurt both The Flash and Arrow, but that’s really no excuse for how they’ve dropped the ball on some of these plot points. 

Dirty Harry

The episode began strong with Zoom chasing Wells through STAR Labs. I was hoping this was a flash forward and the bulk of the episode would show how we got there, but no. Harrison begs for his daughter’s life and Zoom wishes him a Merry Christmas.

Wells spends much of the episode being grumpy and sketchy, and I am totally here for it. I love sexy-ass, whispering, suspect Wells. Though, he’s not acting like a man who was just shot in the chest.

Zoom wants something from Wells and gives him a few days to agree or he’ll kill Jessie. Wells realizes Zoom has been sending meta-humans after Barry in order to build up his speed. The more speed Barry has for Zoom to steal the better. After Zoom gives Wells just a few moments with his daughter, Wells agrees to help steal Barry’s speed. And this just after Barry finally forgives old Wells/Eobard for what he did to him.

No, Patty Nono. Just No.

Mark Mardon returns to Central City and busts Captain Cold out of jail. Makes sense because Mardon owes Cold a favor for rescuing him in “Rogue Air.” But he also releases The Trickster and the two plan on terrorizing the city and killing The Flash.

Since Captain Cold ain’t ’bout that life, he warns Barry after breaking into Barry’s house and making himself a cup of cocoa. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he was also wearing Barry’s slippers. He just made himself right at home. And although he gives Barry the heads-up, he refuses to help him fight the others and he damn sure isn’t volunteering to go back to jail. He doesn’t owe Barry that much after Barry helped him save Lisa from their evil father.

Images: The CW

Patty is beside herself when she learns Mardon is out. She doesn’t want to talk to Barry about it and even notes that Barry doesn’t have any idea what’s really going on in the city. Oh, you poor, sweet summer child.

Thanks to Barry’s knowledge of the day that never was, Cisco works with Jay to create that wizard wand in the hopes it can stop Mardon.

Trickster gonna Trickster and he releases a video taunting The Flash. Thanks to Jay’s eagle eye and Wells’ knowledge of children’s toys, they trace Trickster’s location to an abandoned toy factory. Patty also figures it out and goes rogue to catch Mardon. It’s all a set-up, and The Flash rescues Patty and himself. Afterwards, Patty admits that she only became a cop so she can kill Mardon legally.

The Flash S2E9 - Capt Cold, Trickster, Mardon

First they have to catch him, and it seems that might be kinda hard to do now that Mardon can fly. The Flash does catch Mardon, only to allow Mardon to publicly beat him or else 100 presents given to children will explode in their homes.

Jay and Wells work together, with Cisco’s drone, to find one of the bombs and launch it through a breach. The other 99 gifts fly through windows and into the sky to follow it because science.

Yeah, bitch! Magnets! – Jesse Pinkman

Threat eliminated, The Flash subdues both The Trickster and Mardon, but then Patty Nono arrives and immobilizes The Flash with something I’ve never seen before and threatens to execute Mardon in cold blood. The Flash successfully talks her out of it and then there’s soaring triumphant music like anyone actually gave a fuck whether she killed Mardon or not.

Jay, Finally

Hey, everyone! Jay is finally being useful… with no explanation. Prior to his reluctantly helping Caitlin save Wells’ life last episode, he wanted no parts in a plan to trap Zoom. He said it was too dangerous and he was kinda right since Barry ended up getting his ass handed to him. Now, the new plan is to… trap Zoom and Jay’s all in.

Note: A few people said that the Velocity 6 he took last week was really a placebo and that proves he has his powers, he just has a mental block – or Cisco loving called it in season one, Jay has “the yips.” There’s no evidence of that in this episode – at least Caitlin isn’t acting like she gave him a placebo – so I’m not sure I buy that placebo theory.

Anyway, this new plan, you may remember, is to close all of the breaches except the one in STAR Labs. This way, Zoom can only enter and leave via one way. Again, not really sure how this is any different than the last plan that failed, especially since there was no mention of the speed boost serum nor was there any discussion on how to make Barry faster so that he can actually beat Zoom once he gets there.

Now that Jay is actually being helpful and not womp womp’ing every plan to get shit done, he’s quite enjoyable to have around – particularly when he’s busting Caitlin’s chops and pretending that he doesn’t know what Christmas or mistletoe is because they don’t have them on Earth-2.

Wally West, Finally

The burden of keeping such a big secret from Joe is weighing heavily on Iris. She turns to Barry for help, no longer able to hold it in. He assures her Joe is strong enough to handle it, and offers to be there when Iris tells Joe.

The Flash S2E9 - Iris and Barry

Joe is as shocked and devastated as you’d expect and needs time alone to process. He later expresses to Barry his guilt over not looking for Francine when she got out of rehab, which totally contradicts him saying that he tried to find her after she left but that as a cop’s wife, she knew how to stay hidden. He also conveys some low-key misogyny as he laments Wally not having a father to teach him “how to be a man.” *eye-roll* But since Jesse L. Martin is a phenomenal actor who sold the scene, I’ll allow it.

Later, Joe tells Barry he met with Francine (which would have been nice to see) and he’s no longer angry and actually excited that there’s another West. Uh, sure. I guess. Wally doesn’t know about Joe yet, but he’s sure it will come. Then he gives Barry the watch his father gave him.

At the family’s Christmas Eve party, Wally makes a surprise visit – and it was the best scene in the entire episode.

The Flash - S2E9 - Wally West

The Flash S2E9
  • 7/10
    Plot - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Dialogue - 7/10
  • 8.5/10
    Performances - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Meta-Humans - 9/10


The Good
+ Captain Cold is always fun and I’m looking forward to seeing him on Legends of Tomorrow.
+ I knew they were going to show us Wally at the very end, but it was worth it. Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, and Keiynan Lonsdale did so much with a very small, quick scene.
+ The return of Barry and Iris acting like best friends who grew up together.
+ Running on helicopter blades. Whoa.
+ Cisco acknowledging what we’ve been saying about Caitlin for weeks: “The thirst is real.”
+ To learn that “every Earth has The Godfather, Vito” was cool. Jay’s head nod after Wells reveals that was awesome.

The Bad
– Why did we need Captain Cold to tell us what Iris has been up to while being woefully ignored these past few episodes?
– Not only did Joe “get over” what Francine did, he did it quickly and off-screen. That’s right. We didn’t get to see this long overdue conversation, nor do we have any indication why Francine would do such a thing.
– No explanation as to why Jay is suddenly down for whatever. It’s like his actions and words from prior episodes never even happened. They just needed him there so Caitlin would have someone to kiss under the mistletoe.
– Patty is the weakest character on the show. The exposition dump about the day her father died was laughably bad and made no sense. And then she admits she became a cop so she could murder a man without consequence. Lovely.

This show used to be great. Now it’s just aight.

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10 Comments on The Flash – S2E9 – Running to Stand Still

  1. FOR THE PODCAST: Overall I thought this was a good episode. Here are a few bullet points and a question.

    1. Iris – Welcome back, Kotter!!! We missed you, boo. How are things? Yo, shout out to Candice Patton for bringing those black acting skills out on us. She did her thing in this episode. It was nice to see. Hopefully they will give her and the character more to do in the second half of the screen. Now, that I’ve gotten all that out of the way, can lust over this woman for a moment? Did y’all see that ass in that grey skirt? She doesn’t have the biggest butt, but what she has was looking good. Those lil cupcakes were giving me life.
    2. St. Joseph Of Central City – This mutha fucka, his black acting and black fatherhood. DAMN-IT!!!!! He had a brotha about to tear up when he heard about his son. And then when he was like “Who taught my lil man how to play catch, and be a man?”, I said SHIT JOE!!!! You ain’t gon make me cry up in here!!! Damn, this man is good!
    3. Wally – That’s right right people, another black person. Take that ass to the back of this feedback bus!!!! Anyway, I agree with Nina’s tweet about how funny it is that we’re all acting like black folks just name their kids Wally. You know it’s for some shit like Wallaytheus, Wallendrick, or Walldarus! Wally is this nigga’s nickname! That said, hopefully Young West will do his thing on here soon.
    4. The White Folks – Snart is my boy. I fux with him… Barry and Patty disgust me. Mostly because the writers have made her way too thirsty for EVERYTHING. She’s ANNOYING… Jay and Caitlyn both need to die. He’s butthurt, and she can’t act… Wells is in a tough spot. Zoom has him by the balls!
    5. Question for Nina, Donald… And John – What things are you looking forward to the most in the second half of the season?


    Tis’ the season to watch The Flash. I loved the opening scene from this episode. To see Wells go from predator to prey in one year is awesome. Also, when Barry & Patty were making out at work. Was what she said to Barry about keeping it professional at work even though she started the make-out session, her way of saying she’s not a hoe? I really liked Iris getting snarky with Snart. Lol, Wells was the most polite Christmas jacker I’ve ever seen. Two more things to note. Every time Mark Hammel talked without being seen all i could think of was the joker (minus the laugh) especially with all those Christmas puns & last, it was a lil off putting hearing all the villains say merry Christmas even The Trickster saying it in spanish but for it to be a Flash Christmas episode. I’ll allow it.

  3. Haven’t read the recap yet or other comments. Since I have a lot more work to complete all I’m gonna say is:

    For the podcast

    It was good. Best ep of the season. We got a lot of Iris & Candace Patton was fantastic.

    Cisco called Caitlin out on her thirsty behavior and it was awesome.

    Love Mark Hamilton as always.

    While I didn’t want Mardon to go, if Patty Nono had killed him, maybe she could leave and never come back. That would make everything better.

    That’s it. Can’t wait to listen to this podcast tho. It’s gonna be on point.


    This episode was shawn hatosy levels of blah. This episode is just okay I guess. My lovable Iris already knows what she has to do because she is a smart woman yet they write like she needs to confide in Barry each time so that Barry gets more screen time. The only reason to bring her into this episode was to move her father’s and Wally’s story along. She and Francine exists solely for the plot rather than being the story. I am glad they gave her a lot more screen time, but I expect more from them. She can be there to move the plot but she can be the story and have one as well. We get to see Joe and Barry but what about Joe and Iris? I am trying to hang on for dear life with this show because of season 1 credit. But I can’t deal. I expect her to get sidelined as Joe’s child for Wally immediately. Of course this is not to say Joe and Wally aren’t great but let’s get real, these writers don’t know what they want this woman to do and it shows. Last thing, I have no more time to give with the whole Wells is mistreating Barry storyline. Tell Barry the damn plan and work together on it so he doesn’t become whiney again. I can’t with this stale writing. I would talk about other stuff but I don’t give two shits about this episode to do so I won’t. All I know is that I have a lot of hate in my heart for this show and I shouldn’t. Marvel is knocking TV out the park, while DC is poo poo.


    This episode didn’t feel like a midseason finale to me, at least compared to last years. I thought it was just ok.

    The Good
    – Mark Hamill being the Joker because he’s basically playing the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series.
    – Captain Cold. I need a deleted scene of Captain Cold in the West’s House before Barry and Iris got there, digging in they cabinets complaining in shit.
    – Barry chasing Mardon up and down the buildings and running off that helicopter blade.
    – All the Iris, Joe and Berry scenes together.
    – Best scene of the episode has got to be when Wally comes in. I didn’t know he was coming in on this episode. That face acting was so good. We watched that scene like 50 times. All that blackness.

    The Bad
    – I’m trying to figure out why I should care about Patty’s storyline. I don’t see why they put Barry and her together. It seems forced in my opinion.The chemistry is off. I told myself I was going to wait to see where it goes but now I just don’t care. I felt more invested in Linda/Barry’s relationship.
    – Catalin and Jay idc.
    – Jay better be Zoom because there’s no got damn reason why he’s still on this show. He don’t do shit but complain about a problem without answers. Cisco made the Wand by himself the first time. The fuck he need you for Jay?
    – Why didn’t Mardon go after Joe again? He was all out for revenge, so did he just say fuck it?
    – Why didn’t we get the conversation between Iris’ mom and Joe? They could have cut all that Patty stuff for this.
    – C’mon Joe, a woman can raise a boy to be a man. I’m going to let it go because maybe he thought it would be harder for Francine because she had the drug problem. But idk about that Flash writers.


    This first question is for John since he knows a little bit about the Flash comics.
    – If they keep Wally on the show for a couple of seasons, do you think they will use his love interest from the comics? You can just say yes or no, so you don’t spoil it.

    – How long do you think Patty will be on this show? My girlfriend said she hopes Zoom puts a hand through her chest. CTFU
    – Now that the Flash as well as other shows are on winter break what were some of your favorite show this fall?

  6. I didn’t really enjoy this episode that much. I think it was just too gimicky with the Christmas puns and the creepiness of the trickster. However I loved the Wally reveal at the end. Anything y’all can tell us about the Wally character from the comics that is not too spoilery? Is he joes son in the comics or is he introduced another way? Where did captain cold get his gun from after getting out of prison? Like did he have it stashed in a safe somewhere lol? Also it’s not like Joe and iris moved. Francine could’ve called him or showed up after she got clean and told joe about Wallace. I shared Cisco’s attitude toward Caitlyn and Jay, just kiss already. Also, in the beginning joe just says that iris has had a tough year too with losing Eddie, but doesn’t list also that her mom wasn’t dead but is now dying, her best friend/brother from another mother admitted feelings for her that she can’t allow herself to requite, and oh both of her bosses have been murdered and her friend Linda was almost killed and had to be sent away! I just wanted that beginning scene to be more in depth and more focused on iris’s feelings.

    I enjoyed this episode with my buddy, but he couldn’t understand why I almost fell out of my chair when Cisco said to Katelyn “The thirst could not be more real” and all I could think of was you guys calling her out for being thirsty for the last month or two.

    But honestly, I haven’t found this season to be nearly as bad as you guys have been ragging on it. Compared to season 1, it’s not as “amazing”, but that’s mostly because it isn’t shiny and new anymore.

  8. Hope it’s not late….When I first watched the epi thought it was great but when I didn’t a rewatch this morning I was really disappointed in the dialogue for Patty and Caitlyn.

    When someone is trying to save your life it doesn’t matter if your single, dating or married! So Patty No No saying I’m dating someone was idiotic.

    And Caitlyn 5’4 ass jumping in dress in heels tells me people who write this show watch leave it to beaver reruns and thinks it’s ok for a woman in 2015 to be stupid.

    How ppl get writing jobs in Hollywood is starting to boggle my mind!

    Ciscon calling Joe & Caitlyn thirsty was the best!

    Happy to meet Eally Wedt and maybe, just maybe we’ll get more Iris and less I’m fake as angry No-No.

    This episode was meh. Certainly not as good as the mid season from last year, but I was happy to finally see iris..
    THE GOOD – iris. She still does nothing but enhance everyone else’s storyline, but it was great seeing her onscreen. I thought that her and Barry had some really great scenes together.
    Joe – I love that man. Can’t believe how wooden I remember him on SVU, but damn. He had me misty a few times during this episode. That scene when he gave Barry his watch? It made my heart melt. I really appreciate that he still wanted Barry to have his watch even though wally was in the picture.

    Once again, Cisco is the man. Thank you for saying how GOD AWFUL it was to watch Jay and Kaitlin. More on that bullshit later.

    THE BAD – How much corn did they serve us in this episode?? I’m all about puns but those were TERRIBLE. ugh.
    The scene where patty and Barry get caught in some warehouse backed into each other? Lame. Everytime there is a scene where I can see 50-11 ways out of a situation I think – so that’s why there is no black representation. As soon as I heard a doll talk to itself and had some items rolling toward me in sync? Nigga. I’m out.

    UGLY – Man I wanted patty nono to die. She was reckless ( showing up by herself – chile), ridiculous (seeing that teddy bear in the reflection of the tricksters eye – but you can’t tell you are having a full on conversation with the person you’ve been swapping spit with for weeks) and emotional as hell. All i kept saying was patty yes yes when i thought she was gonna do something stupid. I’m tired of her.

    Also Kaitlin. She and Jay were a complete waste of screen time. They have no chemistry and it’s incredibly painful to be forces to watch this ‘relationship’ grow. That mistletoe seen made me throw up in my mouth.

    Anyways, hope I got this in on time. Loved you on nerd off this week. Your perspective was really nice to hear and needed. Hope you join the guys again soon. I’m excited to hear the podcast!

  10. For the podcast: Where was Henry Allen in this episode? You’d think he’d come out of his woods to spend time with his son on christmas. Or maybe his ass is Zoom and that’s why he wasn’t there. I’m waiting for the show to reveal that the real Henry Allen has been dead for 6 months and someone else has been pretending to be him this whole time because there’s no excuse for Patty being there but not him. He better be lying in a ditch somewhere or be held captive by Zoom because his parenting is starting to put him on the same level as John Winchester.

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