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The Flash – S3E1 – Flashpoint

Previously on The Flash

The first time Barry Allen went back in time to stop the Reverse Flash from killing his mother, he did so with his friends’ and family’s blessing. This time, not so much. Still reeling from the death of his father, Barry went back to the night his mother died and stopped Eobard Thawne. Then he zipped the evil speedster back to present day, keeping him contained in a prison that dampens his nemesis’ speed (Thanks, Zoom!).

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

Everything’s coming up Barry when season three begins. He’s working at the CCPD as a CSI, he still lives at home with his parents who are alive and well and very much in love. And the girl of his dreams said yes when he finally built up the nerve (after three months) to ask her out.

It’s the love that Barry has for Iris West and her family (his family, too, in the alternate timeline) that causes him to realize he made a mistake in messing with time. In this timeline, Joe West is not dispensing that Black Fatherhood we love so much; he’s a drunk in danger of losing his job and doesn’t speak to his kids. Wally West is Kid Flash (The Flash if he’s reading this), chasing down meta-humans in Central City with the help of his sister, who is in on his secret identity. When Kid Flash’s foe, another speedster called The Rival (clearly he doesn’t have a Cisco to name him), leaves Wally gravely injured, Barry finally faces the fact that his happiness came at the expense of others.

Prior to the tragic events, Barry was all too willing to accept that his flashes of his past life and memory lapses were caused by this new timeline settling and erasing the old one. Clearly he wanted no parts of the old one; hence, he changed it. But sometimes Barry needs to learn lessons the hard way. He decides the West’s happiness wasn’t his to take, so he asks Reverse Flash to travel back to that night with him and kill his mother. With way less “I told you sos” than I thought capable, Eobard does just that.

However, after three seasons we understand that changing timelines – even when you’re changing them back to how they were – has consequences. When he returns back to the right timeline, his father is still dead, he and Joe and Wally are living together and still close, but Iris doesn’t have a relationship with Joe at all.

Thanks, Barry.

But Wait; There’s More

The Rival is awakened in his bedroom by a voice calling him to the mirror. The word ALCHEMY is being scratched into the glass by an unseen person.

Up to Speed

  • Tech tycoon Cisco was living the life! And he still managed to help the community by (reluctantly) providing Wally with his suit.
  • Many great WestAllen moments, proving that no matter where or when these two were meant to be.


  • Love having Reverse Flash back. Since season one ended, they’ve found creative ways to revisit this villain who isn’t yet done causing trouble. And the music they play when he’s his most devious is great. Also, Barry taking him Big Belly Burger harkens back to feeding the meta-humans looked in the accelerator. Big Belly Burger: When You Care Enough to Serve the People You’re Illegally Detaining the Very Best.
  • I’m not the biggest fan of Caitlin, but her small part in the episodes brought some comic relief.
  • Barry with his parents was beautiful and heartbreaking. They always do such a wonderful job selling that they’re family and love each other.

Speed Bump

  • Didn’t expect to say goodbye to this new timeline so quickly. I wanted to see more changes. Still, it’s good to know its effects will still be felt as Barry tries to readjust to his old timeline.
The Flash S3E1 = 9.3/10
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    Plot - 8.5/10
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    Dialogue - 10/10
  • 9.5/10
    Performances - 9.5/10
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13 Comments on The Flash – S3E1 – Flashpoint

  1. FOR THE PODCAST: Hey guys we’re back! This episode was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I basically just clapped my hands and squealed through the whole thing but I need the Flash writers to stop giving me everything I want just to snatch it all away at the end of the episode. I loved how this timeline’s Iris just knew everything had fallen into place when she saw Barry again 💜 (but she IMMEDIATELY threw Wallace under the bus talmbout nah new dude is the real Flash. I know I called him Gary yesterday but he the real one)

    I feel bad for Joe. It makes me wonder if taking in Barry was the catalyst for Joe being such an awesome dad. Maybe stepping up and taking in Barry is what kept his life together after Francine left. I guess we’ll find out next week.

    What other timeline changes are you looking forward to?

  2. For the podcast: welcome back to y’all & The Flash 🙌🙌. I loved this episode so much & I wish we could have had more (I.e if the very basic of basics aka NCIS LA can have a 2hour premier, why can’t the flash?). Anyhoo, WestAllan was beautiful to watch & I just wanted more. Ok, I’m still confused though. Did Barry end up in the timeline that he left? So it had changed because of the 3months he spent stalking Iris & hanging out with his parents? Or is this another timeline since I don’t trust the reverse-Flash all the way. Oh ya, & Barry’s mom being murdered is starting to feel a little ‘Bruce Waynish’. I’m so happy that it’s back but DAMNIT Barry! Why must you learn like this? Can’t wait for the next episode. Next weeks promo made me excitedly-scared, but my spirit is ready. Yay for the flash 🎉🎉🎉

  3. For the podcast:

    Hey y’all! So happy I could join in for this season! Boy was I confused though. Like, they just through us in at the deep end and hoped we would catch up.

    I kinda liked hsalF (or Reverse Flash) going all Hannibal Lecter on Barry for what we saw of him. The petty was everywhere, and, as we know from The Strain, we LIVE for the petty.

    Barry stalking Iris for 3 months (!) was actually ridiculous and kinda creepy. Like, you became a superhero, went back in time and broke your own timeline, but you still wait to ask out your crush even when incest isn’t applicable no more? Also, shout out to deadbeat dad, who still wants to get rid of Barry when Barry just wants to spend time with him. Fuck you Henry.

    I swear, when Caitlin came into the lab I started narrating like it was a nature documentary. “Here we see the commonly hated Caitlin Snow out of her element. In order to find her identity in the story, she quickly finds the nearest romance-able male character – in this case Wally West.” Gurl! Stop talking to Wally. It will be interesting to see how long she goes without falling for another character who will ultimately end up end, although I’m thinking her next conquest will be whoever Malfoy is playing.

    Overall, they probably could have done more with the Flashpoint story, but I’m hesitant to condemn them at the moment – it all depends on what’s going on with Iris.

    Also, Chicken Zoom 🍗 looks goofy as fuck. Yep, I’m calling him Chicken Zoom from now on. Do we really need ANOTHER speedster villain?!?

  4. Fire the podcast:

    Hi guys!!

    Darth Barry was out here fucking all the way up! He was out here denying his true self letting Kid Flash get the beat down but staying close enough to watch all the action, Keeping Thawne in a cage the same exact way Zoom did. Barry was all about the dirty deeds to make himself a happy life and I was understanding until I seen Joe had turned to Ephraim . Then I was like Nah Barry, fix it right now!

    Anyway it looks like my theory that there were 3 Barry’s when his mom died looks to be correct. Barry in the Closet, Barry fighting Zoom and Nah, don’t do it Barry; so this might be the last time we see Barry’s mom die.

    BTW y’all peep how smooth Darth Barry lied to his practically dead mother’s face?

    Anyway I love how every season all the relationships reset cause Barry messes with the timeline, it keeps things fresh this new Iris Joe dynamic should be good. Also love they got this done and over so quickly, loved the pacing and hopefully it keeps a fast pace throughout the season.

    Look forward to hearing the podcast! #FlashBack

  5. For the podcast

    I liked the episode but Barry pissed me off! Stop fucking up things Barry! Those of us who have lost both parents miss them too but you don’t fuck up everyone else’s life so you can live in some fantasy world where they’re alive and you get to be a grown ass man still living with your folks! They were just waiting for your ass to leave so they could have sex all over that house w/o worrying about traumatizing you. Was I reading too much into that? Lol. I just figure that’s what empty nesters want to do and he was cock blocking.

    Loved Wally as Kid Flash! Will he be able to be a speedster in the main timeline? He did get hit with the particle accelerator last season. Maybe he just needs to be struck by lightening or something to jump start it. But was it me or was he a little cocky with it? And that’s why he got stuck by that fake evil speedster.

    Loved that Iris felt everything click when Barry came into her life! But why did it take his dumb ass 3 months to ask her out? Absolutely loved the brother/sister crime fighting duo!

    Why was Joe an alcoholic? Was Francine still a drug addict in that timeline or did she die of cancer or something and it drove him to drink? Where was Capt. Singh too? Not that the new captain wasn’t cute or anything. Just wondering.

    Eobard still remains the pettiest guy on the show. And unlike Zoom, he’s fun with it.

    Cisco was living the life! I wonder what happened to Wells tho?

    Nobody was thinking of Caitlin. He had no special memories of her at all. She was just an afterthought. Lmao!

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And see next week’s episode! Is Barry in another timeline or has his actions totally screwed up his regular one? What could have possibly caused this riff between Joe & Iris? Was it the Francine lie? Or blocking her from becoming a cop? Is she the one who’s an alcoholic now? I must know!


    It’s Flash time bitches! I have been waiting y’all. This is still the only show that makes me excited to watch!

    WestAllen in the beginning was cute! And when Barry said “speed was always my problem” I am thinking “dude don’t say that! It sounds like you finish quickly. But then I remembered he can vibrate his whole body so…” moving on. Also, Iris is so beautiful! Those shoes, clothes, hair. SHE IS EVERYTHING!

    Mr. Wallace was kid flash and I love it! There were no games and no playing around. Barry, Iris, Wally, Cisco and Joe all knew everything they needed to. And Caitlin YAY I guess. But they took it away from me. I’m sure it will come back in some way.

    Also, I was trying to figure out what would make Barry go back to his timeline, but losing his memories would do it. The first time it happened I screamed “not the memories!” and immediately loved that we finally got reverse flash. It was so damn refreshing. He is way more menacing than Zoom for me.

    The fact that they left so quickly makes me excited to see what’s next. The stakes are raised y’all! Iris and Joe don’t talk and shit! I can’t wait to find out why. Finally, I want to see Tom in a suit again strutting with his fine ass. I really can’t wait to see him. Can we get Mr. Rick Cosnett back? And who the fuck was the dude playing rival? In Barry’s timeline, is that reverse flash’s family? I need to know!

  7. For The Podcast:
    Pretty beastly return for The Flash. I enjoyed it.
    1. Barry Is a Fuck Up – Come on, son. Barry, you gotta stop being a fuck up. I like you and all, but you out here getting your Ralph Angel on with all these mishaps in judgement is getting a little old. Just like him, I need yo ass to have a seat, think about things, get some impulse control and think before you do. This nigga out here playing house with his parents and fuckin up ALL the time lines. Instead of Run Barry Run, the slogan should be. Come on, Barry. COME ON!
    2. The Rival Must Be From Baltimore – Can someone tell me why The Rival was out there looking like the Baltimore Ravens alternate logo? Nina, click this link and tell me that ain’t the same shit he had on…
    3. Wallace X Is My Personal Flash & Savior – Yeah, I like Barry Allen and all, but getting that taste of The Honorable Wallace X as The Flash gave me life. And in typical all lives matter form, they kept trying to play this brotha, calling him Kid Flash and shit. Why does the BLACK MAN have to be a kid???? I’ll tell you why. ‘Cism! The same ‘Cism that got him stabbed in the stomach. They’re trying to keep our Brotha Wallace Muhammad down. But it won’t happen. Wallace didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on him!
    4. Iris West Can Have It All – Listen, Candice Patton keeps getting prettier and prettier. And her character is written better than it was in the beginning. She can have it all. Come get this love, Candice. I’ll move to Canada if I need to make things easier for us while you are working. I just need 2 weeks notice so I can give 2 weeks notice.


    First things first. Barry pissed me all the way off dealing with Wallace, the Negro Flash. Wallace has been The Flash for a good while and then Barry-Come-Lately rolls through trying to dickwreck, saying HE’S The Flash, calling Wallace Kid Flash. I get it’s a nod to the comics, but I didn’t like that shit. Step off, you skinny bastard.

    Even in the alternate timeline, Barry STILL needs pep talks? Jesu Cristo. They have got to get rid of that bullshit plotline. It’s like every time: Barry gets cocky. Barry gets knocked down. Barry thinks he can’t do it. Enter pep talk. Barry defeats the bad guy. I’m over it. But clearly not THAT over it since I’m still watching. Whatever. Mind your business.

    Also…maybe it’s just me, or the way things are going in America right now, but when Barry brought Iris home, I thought his parents were going to be racist. Oops.

    Love you guys!

  9. For The Podcast: Barry is adorable as fuck, from seeing Iris in the cafe and asking her out to when he introduces her to his parents. Grant Gustin is the only one who could play a man child that constantly messes up but I don’t care cause its Barry!

    Wally as Kid Flash, awesome. Barry being able to take off his mask and getting him almost killed not so awesome.

    New cisco is bae, and did you guys notice how his new assistance looked like mr. colds sister a bit?

    And then Caitlin.

    Silly Question: Did Barry wash joes ass? Or was it a dunk him an go?

    Anyways I loved it, I missed it and i’m here for all of this. Also I bow down at the altar of Ninas excellent execution of snow barry moments in your season recap. Loved it!

  10. This show!!! Im so happy it’s back. 15 minutes in I was telling Barry that he had to fix this. His mama was not worth making Joe a drunk and estranged from his kids.
    Its not even over yet but I had to stop to say how excited I am that this show is back!!!

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