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The Flash – S4E3 – Luck Be a Lady

Previously on The Flash, “Mixed Signals”

For such a light and silly episode, a lot of deep shit went down.

Our meta-human of the week: Rebecca Sharpe, whose codename might be Jinx or Hazard, but I’m calling her Becky with the Good Luck. Prior to three weeks ago, Becky had the worst luck. Nothing ever went her way. She even lost her job after being sexually harassed, which… sounds about right in America. Then, she caught a bus that was blasted with dark matter and became a meta-human whose power grants her extraordinary good luck.

This would be kind of cool if she didn’t immediately start using her power to rob banks. The closer Team Flash gets to apprehending her, the worse their luck becomes. Well, except Wally, who was dumped by Jessie before they’d even heard of Becky with the Good Luck. Becky’s power expands, causing harm and damage throughout the city until it threatens to cause another particle accelerator explosion. Wells, the bearer of Wally’s bad news, manages to stop it.

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Even When They Do Good, They Fuck Something Up

Why was dark matter floating around all willy nilly? Becky’s bus was right in the path of Barry’s exit from the Speed Force. Everyone on the bus (including the Kilgore killer from last week) was affected. They know there were a dozen people on the bus; with two in custody, they’re now looking for ten other meta-humans.

Harry proposes a cause and effect connection between recent events: the Samuroid was sent to get The Flash, which caused Cisco to free Barry, which caused the metas. The Thinker anticipated the team would figure this part out, just not so soon. Fingers crossed they figure out sooner than later that:

1. If this is all going according to someone else’s plan, maybe they shouldn’t put these bus meta-humans in the same prison and

2. The Thinker has been surveilling them through the Samuroid’s mask, which they keep in S.T.A.R. Labs… for reasons.

Up to Speed 

In case you were still doubting the show’s lighter direction, they were like, “Laser tag, motherfuckers!” That’s apparently a thing Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin do before eating at a food truck. I dig it.

Speaking of, Candice Patton and Grant Gustin flexed their comedic muscles once again this week when, worried that their bad luck might mean they’ll never get married, Iris convinces Barry to have a quickie (ceremony) at the tail-end of a funeral service. They don’t go through with it because November sweeps and crossovers.

When Becky’s ex was screaming about the hot soup and live lobsters, did that sound like Tom Cavanagh to anyone else?

Speed Bumps

I know I said that the show needed to find something to do with Wally, but I didn’t mean for them to write him off — especially in such a bullshit way. After having his heart broken, Wally went to Earth-2 so Jessie could break up with him in person. He noticed that no one seemed to notice he was gone. If Jessie needs to figure out who she is without being in a relationship, Wally decides maybe he should as well. In another city.

I mean, I guess.

My problem isn’t that Wally would do this — I believe that he would — I just hate that it came out of nowhere and that EVERYONE basically Kanye-shrugged it off. Sure, he’s a speedster and can be back home in a flash (heh), but considering how often they’re targeted by mega-villains, and that his sister is getting married, and that he’s in school, and that he’s part of a crime-fighting team, you would think they’d give this whole development some serious consideration and conversation. In my house, we put more thought into whether we’re going to order from Pizza Hut or Papa John’s. Also, it sucks that Jessie is apparently leading her own team on Earth-2, yet Wally needs to leave to find himself.

At the very least, we should have had more signs that this was a possibility. Instead of it being a throwaway line, maybe Wally should have had serious questions as to why Barry got a new and improved suit while he was in the Speed Force forever (or at least they thought he wasn’t coming home), and Wally, who was THE Flash of Central City for six months, didn’t get so much as a new pair of boots. This way, his departure doesn’t feel like that time Henry Allen got out of jail after 15 years and left town to go fishing… for months.

But Wait; There’s More

Cecile is pregnant! Didn’t see that coming, but I like it. This show has several unconventional family dynamics that mirror real life. There could be lots of great stories to mine from two people who thought they were done raising kids finding themselves expecting a baby.

That said, I’ma need Barry and Iris to hurry up and

What did you think of the episode? Leave your brief thoughts below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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"Luck Be a Lady"

Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale

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17 Comments on The Flash – S4E3 – Luck Be a Lady

  1. I totally missed leaving feedback last week. Hope this isn’t too long.

    For the Podcast

    I kinda loved this episode. Except for how they did Wally. They did him so wrong!!!!!! 😡😡 The least they could’ve done was send him Legends or something. And nothing in Jesse’s personality indicated she would do Wally so dirty too! Damn!

    Other than that, loved it! All the WestAllen goodness! Harry & Cisco snapping at each other! Loved it! I’m really enjoying this lighter tone and Grant Gustin & Candice Patton have such wonderful comedic skills! That scene at the church was so wrong but so hilarious! And she had the nerve to do the sign of the cross when she was done! Lmao!

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And basically these new metas are all on Cisco. He pushed for getting Barry out. The Thinker is playing all of them.

  2. For the podcast

    I’m about to be 100% ain’t shit Nina … but this entire episode is a response to Wally’s bad hair, from the Jesse break up even to the point that Cecile has to have an entire new baby for Joe to replace him with “enter impulse” 😂😂

    What the fuck did I just watch?
    Shorty Doo wop got his feelings hurt but hey, I got HARRY BACK. And I personally want to thank Jessie for kicking her father off her team, so he can grace my screen with his fine ass. Don’t like this is the episode he showed up for, but I am glad he is here.

    BECKY FORMIDABLE? Professor Krang X was going too far! This rat voiced downtrodden wench had too many minutes on screen. This chick had the Megan Mullally’s Karen Walker voice down and I wanted to drop kick her in the throat. She had the worst power I ever seen behind Emily Kinney’s non-typing ass as Brie Larvan. This episode existed purely because I cheered for those Asian folks taking money from middle-age Bernie bro last episode. But then the spirit of black ancestors made this throat-impared cretin lose. I bet not see Becky with the bad voice again.

    Finally, WALLY MY FRIED HAIR BROTHER, THE FUCK? Who will I make fun of now? Your changing hairstyles kept me going. I hope this doesn’t mean they wrote him out of the show! I will be pissed off. Especially for this new baby. But I guess I’ll have to make fun of robo Mr. Freeze and his fake ass Aida wannabe. Also, if Joe and Cecile’s baby actually happen, I’m definitely making fun of it; yes, that baby will catch these jokes too.

    Thanks for the podcast

    I’m loving what the writers are giving Candace to do this season. Iris has the best one-liners. But and however, what the fuck is this shit with Wally??

    That’s it for me. Can’t wait to hear y’all insult more people this week. Pretty soon it’ll be just me listening and I’ll you all to myself! *maniacal laugh*

  5. What up Nina, Donald and John? Unlike the first two episodes, I actually enjoyed this episode. To me it seemed to be balanced in terms of the story telling. The villain being the embodiment of privilege was interesting. I couldn’t stand Becky’s voice but I enjoyed the abstract powers she had.

    The best part of the episode for me was Joe “The Realest” West. Initially I was thrown by how much of a line stepper Cecile became under the luck wave. But when she dropped news about that baby? Joe channeled the thought process of every dude in a relationship. That prolonged blank stare was epic. Hopefully they don’t start the next episode with, “so whatcha gonna do?” if they do, I might have to leave this plane of existence.

    I’m feeling the more lighthearted approach that was taken in this episode.

    That’s it for me, peace!


    Hi Nina, John, and Donald! I enjoyed the episode for the most part. However, the manner in which they’ve soft written off Wally is garbage. I don’t know why the writers/producers thought this was a) a good idea and b) good writing but it wasn’t a good look. It felt lazy and contrived.

    Re: Joe, Cecile and Baby West(s). This is my #1 fear. As soon as I get my kids off, all adulting, I pop out a menopause baby (just like my mom did when she had my baby sister when she was 47). I don’t need those problems!!!! Hopefully, everything turns out great though. Do y’all think this will rush Cecile and Joe to the alter? How will that impact Iris, Wally, and Joanie (Cecile’s daughter)? Will Joe even tell Wally, since the writers had him walk the Earth like Caine in Kung Fu?

    Hope y’all are having a great week! Can’t wait to hear the podcast. 🙂

  7. For The Podcast:

    I’m glad I’m not one of those filthy band-wagoners because this episode irked me to no end. Iris making bad decisions about the wedding purely for the sake of padding? A Cecile pregnancy when we clearly just want those WestAllen babies? Becky getting more lines and screen-time than Wallace??? Nah to all of that.

    The Caucasity was in full effect this episode, and heck, it wasn’t even Caitlin this time. Non-Becky Becky dumping a fine man like Wallace out of nowhere had me so mad, and I blame Donald for shit talking him for seasons. Real Becky having the power of white privilege was cute, and sure we could look at this as an allegory for White Women in America, but I swear she took herself out at the end when the particle accelerator had enough of white nonsense, but left everyone else alone.

    The dumbest part is that none of the tech specialists checked to see if there was a camera in the Samuroid head, but why the fuck is the best part of the show Wallace leaving when Caitlin is still around? I’m so sad that Wallace is leaving without so much as a parting gift. It makes me hate Cisco even more. We haven’t even got to see him mourn HR properly, or work with Barry again. Ugh this show makes me disappointed sometimes. 🙁

    Last point, didn’t Savitar destroy Star Labs using the particle accelerator in the finale of last season, so why is it back to normal completely. What was the point of blowing it up? Did Season 3 even matter???


    Hey y’all! So I heard Wallace got broken up with, called everyone out for not noticing his absence and decided to leave Central City. Then nobody tried to get him to stay. If y’all thought I was ever gonna come back to the show (*ahem* Donald *ahem*), there’s zero chance now! I can imagine how blazé his own family was about him leaving. As long as they have their precious white lord and savior!

    Fuck this show, and fuck Barry on GP!

  9. Heey guys! Missed leaving feedback last week but I’m back!
    I really loved this episode.
    Just wanna say
    1) Hated Becky’s voice
    2) They really doing my boy Wally dirty and now he’s gonna be back to the wedding
    3) Loved Barry and Iris scenes. Really funny
    4) Shit! Candice wears wedding dresses!! 😍👑
    5) Now ppl better stop blaming Barry and Iris because this shit (metahumans) are on Cisco and Kaitlin
    6) Joe is gonna be a father.. Again. And nobody asked for this
    7) Harry’s back. Yeees!

    Thanks for the podcast. Hope y’all have a great week 🤗

  10. For The podcast
    Hey Nina u know you’re my favorite!!
    💩🗑💩🗑💩🗑💩🗑😡😡😡🐃💩💩💩 that’s for the episode and Wallace’s hair 👌🏾✌🏾

  11. For The Podcast

    Let me tell you why this episode was Bullshit.

    1. So Barry slips on some marbles and that prevents him from getting up and catch that uber?

    2. It’s 6 weeks out from the wedding and they don’t have a wedding venue? What about the invitations?

    3. They did not give 2 fucks that Wally left. He asked why didn’t anyone notice he was gone and there were crickets. He said he was leaving and they just said bye. No, “hey don’t go” or “you’re a vital part of the team” just bye. They gave him the Daddy Allen treatment and sent him fishing.

    Kanye was right “When they get on, they leave yo ass for a White Flash”

    Fuck New Zach everybody

  12. For the podcast
    So I enjoyed this episode unlike others but I think they are just mad on how they treated Wally but who didn’t see this coming tho. Wally is going to blue valley and will most likely end up on legends of tomorrow which would be best for him anyway 2 speedsters in 1 town wasn’t gonna work out. I like that we have Harry back we finally have our wells for the team again I’m happy. Jessie can just go now because she was all let’s move in like last season and now she wants to break up how would that have gone if they did get a apartment last season together and to do it in a hologram that’s worst then a text like atleast do it in person she’s worst then killer frost to me now. We atleast know how these new metas got there powers and that it’s the teams fault as usual. Also joe West is about to be a father all over again and this is in the comics because iris does have 2 other brothers from the comics Rudy but there’s also Daniel West who later becomes a reverse flash in the comics so both are a possibility but a good episode overall and I can’t wait for next week

  13. Hey Nina, John and Donald,

    I skimmed through the previous comments so I’ll try not to repeat except one thing…WTF?? Why did they conk Wally’s hair and then kick him off the show? I HATED that whole scene and I’m not eager to use the word hate. I guess we should have seen this coming based on the half-assery displayed last season to now, regarding Wally.

    Did anyone notice that Joe, of all people said “house is bitchin’”? Well, kinda said it.

    I know that they are trying to be the antithesis of Arrow by putting some levity into each episode and a happy Barry is a better Barry BUT I’m not feeling the comedic timing, this season, so far. They are trying to be meta, by mentioning stuff that we viewers, would notice but, something feels off.

    I am intrigued with the new antagonist, The Thinker.

    Anyway, I enjoy listening to you all talk about this show, and I still have hope since they have 20+ tries to give me something.

  14. FOR THE PODCAST: I HOPE this isn’t too late, but I’m sitting here with this hot ass knee propped up watching this episode. And uhhh, fuck these niggas, man. They been shitting on my man Wallace all season and now he’s leaving for a while? Come the fuck on. Yeah, the rest of the episode was aight, but this pissed me off. They gave my nigga 15 minutes of being Thee Flash then took that from him. Then they stabbed the nigga in his leg. Y’all know that shit hurt my soul to see. Had my whole right leg screaming. I’m sensitive to leg injuries now. That shit was triggering!!! Then in another episode they knocked him out so Bart could beat Low Budget Willem from Mallrats. And now this shit. And did you see how quick Bart was on his “Well, bye” steez like Curly Bill in Tombstone? Mutha fuckas! Y’all don’t deserve Wallace West! Ok, I’m done.

  15. Hello Nina and guys. Thank you for considering my interpretation of the Iris scene from episode one. I am however insulted that you think I could be one of those fans. I don’t like those fans. Although, I’ll defend some of them because a lot of it comes from them pushing back against all the racist hate she received from the pilot onward. They’re so used to doing it because of the constant tear down of her character, its practically automatic. They compensate a lot because the flash writers are terrible at their job and the CW PR department are equally as terrible at their job.
    Iris is my fave but she’s far from perfect. I wish she was more selfish and less forgiving tbh. Till this day, I still don’t understand why she ever took Eddie back after he dumped her and accused her of things she has yet to do because he was feeling insecure. I personally didn’t mind when she decided to keep things from Barry or Joe. Whatever secret it was barely lasted a few episodes anyway compared to the year plus Barry and Joe conspired to not only withhold Barry being the flash, but actively gaslight her, make her question her intelligence and tried to sabotage her burgeoning interest in journalism. I’m still furious about that shit. They deserved worse. So anytime she remotely keeps anything or lies to their face(the rare times she does) I am ecstatic about it. Call my petty. Wally however is a different story. I didn’t like that she tried to withhold the truth from him in the crossover cause Wally has never lied to her like Barry and Joe. So he didn’t deserve it at all. I was happy that was over by the next episode.

    As for this episode, I mostly liked it with a few sour points.

    Loved: The villain was more interesting. And despite being a Becky, I totally understood where she was coming from. I cannot 100% say I wouldn’t do any of the things she did. Also, I didn’t know there are still grown women with that baby voice. It’s a trip.

    I think Iris is still not over the trauma of losing Barry all of a sudden for what she thought was final, then getting him back 6 months later. She’s acting like someone who thinks she might lose him again without any warning. But knowing the writers we have, I don’t see them exploring it further than the surface.
    I enjoyed Barry and iris being complete assholes, celebrating the break up of a couple because they get to have the venue for themselves. I think this episode showcased Barry and Iris as the best friends they are who were also getting married soon. I like it a lot. I liked seeing Iris being completely insensitive to the funeral and the pastor who might be a pedophile judging by how completely not sorry that altar boy was. I’m not saying that’s good evidence, but I’m saying he didn’t try to kill the father for no reason.

    I love Joe and Cecile so much. Cecile is so amazing.

    I loved how much Caitlin was in this episode.

    I wish Wally didn’t get his heartbroken, but I’m happy that the Wally/Jessie relationship is over. It was boring.

    Things I hated:

    The pregnancy drop. If the writers can’t even write for two women at a time, or two speedsters at a time, they’re not going to do shit with this baby if it ever makes it to birth. So I’d rather they don’t.
    Trading Well for Wally. I. Do. Not. Want. The character has overstayed his welcome since the end of season one. I’m not as enamored by the Wells as the whole world seems to be. And the Cisco/Wells storyline was a literal recycling of their storyline from season 2. Wells acts like a complete and utter condescending shithole, Cisco then gives a heartfelt dialogue about how much he likes and appreciate him, then invites him to the team without talking to anyone first. Boring as fuck.

    I feel like there should have been a resolution to Iris’s rush to get married ASAP. From the way the episode ended, there is nothing stopping me from believing she won’t try again in the next episode to get hitched.

    Also, I found it unbelievable that Iris would want to get married without her father and brother present. I call bullshit.

    Iris and Joe not even once taking the time to talk to Wally when he got broken up with so rudely. And the fact that none of them noticed he left. I call bullshit. Especially on how the writers got rid of him.

    Anyways, that’s all for this time. Thank you again for the show. I think we should start a jar called “That’s not what I meant Iris!” by Joe and Barry. I laughed so hard when Iris was like “you said you’d marry me anytime, anywhere!” and Barry tried to protest that interpretation. I look forward to more of it tbh.

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