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The Flash – S4E4 – Elongated Journey Into Night

Previously on The Flash, “Luck Be a Lady”

This episode, directed by Tom Cavanagh, felt very much like The Flash, but also unlike anything it’s done before. I can’t remember the last time an episode so perfectly walked the line between fun, campy superhero show and meaningful drama.

Joe West hasn’t told a soul about Cecile’s pregnancy. Even though he spends most of his time being grumpy, Barry detects a new glow about him. It’s not until he has — yet another — near-death experience does he blurt out the happy news to Barry. The rest of the team finds out in a montage free of dialogue, but filled with hugs and dancing.

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Also bringing the comedy (dark, though it may be) is the arrival of Gypsy’s father, Breacher (Danny Trejo). He’s her boss, he has her powers, and he doesn’t like Cisco for no other reason than he’s dating his daughter. He begins a 24-hour hunt for Cisco throughout Central City. If he catches him, Cisco will die. Trejo managed to be terrifying yet still deliver in comedic exchanges like this one:

Cisco: “Do you do this with all her boyfriends?”
Breacher: “I hunted her last one, yes.”
Cisco: “Where is he now?”
Breacher: “I don’t know.”
Cisco: “He got away.”
Breacher: “I don’t know where you go when you die.”

The episode’s main storyline also injected a bit of humor in a dark situation. Another bus meta-human is identified as Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer), an ex-cop turned private investigator with an axe to grind with Barry. When Ralph is attacked by two goons, his stretchy-body powers kick in. Caitlin works to find a way to stabilize it while Barry and Joe dig into Dibny’s shady dealings with the mayor.

Sawyer taps into early Jim Carrey as Dibny, except he’s not chewing up all the scenery. And even though he was responsible for a handful of funny zingers, his past with Barry is actually quite dark. Barry turned Dibny in for planting evidence, and ever since he lost his job his life has been rough: he’s gained weight, takes questionable cases, and lives paycheck to paycheck. Barry is all too willing to label him, and every other meta from the bus, as a villain because he believes people don’t change. Caitlin, who can relate to Dibny’s situation, pushes back and reminds Barry that they also help people and none of them are innocent of doing bad things for the right reasons. The dilemma with Dibny allowed the show to once again acknowledge the questionable decisions Team Flash has made in the past, but Barry bringing Dibny aboard by episode’s end doesn’t make much sense.

Up To Speed

Some really great laugh-out-loud moments this week, including Breacher finding out that Barry (previously thought to be Cisco’s personal assistant) is The Flash: “Your assistant’s a speedster?” And the team’s reaction to seeing Dibny literally sneeze his face off was hilarious.

I’m glad the show finally addressed something I’ve known since season one: that mayor was so shady.

Caitlin’s dealings with Amunet are a step closer to being revealed after she finds a threatening message on her front door.

When Dibny informs Barry that someone named Devoe hired him to look into the mayor, Barry remembers the name. This means we shouldn’t get a handful of episodes where Barry fails to connect the very obvious and close dots. Also, it’s interesting that this may or may not mean Devoe has a connection to The Thinker.

Speed Bumps

The Flash decided to finally confront the problematic nature of Cynthia’s codename, and it appears we should accept it because the character likes it. I mean, I guess.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your brief thoughts below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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"Elongated Journey Into Night"

Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale

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11 Comments on The Flash – S4E4 – Elongated Journey Into Night

  1. Hi Nina, Donny and John! My fav trio ever! I’ve been loving this season of The Flash just as much as your podcast recaps of it. This show is fun again and I love it! Barry and Iris relationship is perfecto! Caitlyn, while still on the show and annoying is in less scenes so that helps, barely. Their was an episode where I left to go fry plaintains when Caitlyn was on screen and almost getting burned by the oil was still more fun than her problematic character. Evil, not evil, caused by her powers, not caused by her powers. Come on man! Just be a bitch like you want to be!

    Joes gonna be a daddy, so weird, let’s hope Barry doesn’t fuck up the time line and we lose that baby too.

    Mannn I love the writing on Cisco, I’m so happy they didn’t make him into a tropey geek who doesn’t get some. Danny Trejo as Josh aka Gypsys daddy was delicious on so many levels. I had such a good time seeing him portray a super powered person.
    Again, this show is fun again guys!
    Also, side note, Nina I know you don’t see it for Arrow but you calling Diggle a ninja turtle smooth took me out. Now everytime I see him I just think oh it’s Diggleangelo 😂 Aww man you 👏🏽 crack 👏🏽 me 👏🏽 up! I really love y’all. Anyways keep up the great work, Project Fandom is the best Fandom!

  2. Hi to my favorite podcasters Nina, Donny and John it’s been awhile. I am loving the Flash this season! I even am liking Dr. Snow and Ms. Frost. Cynthia and Cisco are adorable! I love that Danny Trejo played her dad…and the reveal at the end that his name was Josh had me rolling on the floor. Also I’m all the way here for Ralph, Hartley Sawyer killed it all the gags with his body elongating in places he didn’t want it to was hilarious. New team member alert! It’s lit! Anyways next week looks freaking amazing I cannot wait for this Bachelor/Bachelorette party episode! You know how I roll Nina😉(exaggerated wink insert Nina making fun of my love for the Bachelor franchise) thanks guys can’t wait to hear the podcast.

  3. For the podcast:

    Hi Nina, Donny, and John! I haven’t left feedback in so long, but I’ve been listening, usually just way later than everyone else. I love this podcast, and what y’all do. Never change!!!

    I really enjoyed this episode, and I’m loving the arc the season is taking thus far. It’s fun, it’s cool, and it’s serious enough that I still care. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think it’s going to shape up to be one of the best seasons yet. Here are some thoughts I had on the episode:

    1. How did we know Cynthia’s actual name but Cisco didn’t?? I really don’t know what to think of Cynthia wanting to be called Gypsy. How can we be woke in this world!?

    2. I knew you could never trust politicians. That mayor is an asshole, but so is Dinby.
    Dinby = Mark Furhman. The actor even looks like the actor from The People vs OJ Simpson. I bet Dinby would’ve voted for Trump, and I don’t like that he’s going to be on Team Flash.

    3. Cynthia’s Dad calling Cisco “Cisky” in that voice was HILARIOUS, but he really is TeamTooMuch.

    4. I laughed OUT LOUD when Joe told Barry Cecile was pregnant on the helicopter. Worst possible timing. Why are you like this, Joe?????

    That’s all, can’t wait for next week!


    THE FLASH IS FUN AGAIN! I have enjoyed every episode this season! I love Ralph, Danny Trejo was great, Barry and Iris investigating was great, Caitlyn was great-everything was great! This was fun. Did I say this was fun already?

    The only issue-BARRY STOP TELLING EVERYBODY WHO THE HELL YOU ARE! Or just take a front page spread out in the newspaper and stop wearing a mask. What is the point if you have to tell everyone who the hell you are!

    Either way, still fun, and I’m so glad we are here. I’m glad they switched it up and didn’t have Ralph get scooped up yet, and love the connection tot he last 2 seasons. Hurray!

  5. For The Podcast:

    Hey yall! This episode was pretty fun. I have a question tho: Why didn’t Cisco recognise his own father? I refuse to believe that Twinsco-19 is not a reality.

    I was convinced Barry and Iris were gonna smash in Dinby’s office, because Barry was holding a lot of petty this episode!

    I’d just like to point out that the team cared more about Dinby joining than Wallace leaving. I’ll just be over here sipping my iced tea and giving some side eye and that shit.

    Finally, Diggle is a definitely Ninja Turtle. God Arrow is a trash ass mess. And Legends was hilarious this week! Supergirl was… I guess.

  6. For the Podcast

    Very funny episode!

    Digby is funny but Wally could’ve still been around! Just saying!

    Danny Trejo was killing it! All those scenes with him, Cynthia (cause I refuse to call her Gypsy) & Cisco were the best! RIP Cisco’s Matrix poster.

    We finally got Barry vibrating Iris through the floor! Unfortunately it wasn’t in a sexy way. 😉

    Joe and his reactions to the baby are hilarious. But what was that weirdo dance sequence/group hug at the end.

    Overall I have really been enjoying this season & especially the Podcast! Can’t wait to here what you guys say this week!

  7. Hello Nina, John and Donny or Donnie? Please correct me with the right spelling choice. I’ll get right to it.

    Things I liked:

    I loved the tiny bit of Iris we got in this episode. Her reaction to seeing Ralph’s elongated body was hilarious and totally how I would react too. Also, getting to watch her and Barry outside of Star Labs as they searched Ralph’s office for DNA was refreshing. I loved that we got to see Barry think quickly and vibrate himself and Iris out of danger. It was fun seeing him use his powers differently. That’s surely a sensation Iris won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

    Going in to the episode, I wasn’t really looking forward to Ralph, but I ended up loving him and his entire storyline. He’s an asshole but not insufferably condescending like Harry, who turns me off. I loved him insulting Barry every chance he got. He’s what I wanted in Julian but didn’t quite get. Let’s hope he doesn’t also fall in love with Caitlin because that will surely ruin his character. I like the thought of him making Barry groan and moan and wanting to kill him. It brings out a different side to Barry and I like it.

    I liked the little bit of Cynthia and Cisco we got. They’re still cute.

    Things I didn’t like:

    Candice Patton being forced to say “he’s handsome” about Ralph without bursting into laughter. I can’t believe the writers think we could possibly suspend our disbelief enough to buy that. Candice Patton deserves an award for that performance. She earned that paycheck. Did Andrew Kreisberg write that line?

    The tired old cliché of new boyfriend and disapproving girlfriend’s father. I didn’t care for Breacher or his hunting of Cisco. It wasn’t funny. It was a waste of Danny Trejo. Plus, I would have preferred Cynthia’s mother for a change of pace on this show that is mostly a sausage fest. I don’t understand why Cynthia would be ok with her father hunting her boyfriends and just stays out of it. I don’t understand why Cisco didn’t immediately go to Cynthia and ask her why her father was crazy and a self-confessed murderer of men whose only crime was being his daughter’s boyfriends? Even more glaring considering this episode dealt with a former cop who could have possibly framed an innocent man and sent him to jail and a corrupt Mayor trying to murder his way out of trouble and it all being framed as wrong. They made a joke out of a man trying to murder an innocent man while asking us to take the incarceration of a man who was innocent of murder then possibly guilty of it storyline seriously. I don’t understand why no one questioned the entire thing and just went along with it? An absolute meh..

    The writers finally revealing Cynthia’s actual name but doubling down on the slur. Like, I can’t even with this writers…

    The bullshit way they got rid of Wally, the reason the producers gave for it that is quickly contradicted by the fact that they have no problem introducing another meta who requires a ton of special effects and who Barry apparently will have time to train and have help him in the field as opposed to his brother in-law. The writers can go fuck themselves tbh with this nonsense.

    Caitlin saying “I’m a doctor and I took an oath to save lives” I screamed with incredulous laughter. Like, was this not the same bitch who had to be begged twice by her friends to save their lives? The same bitch who tried to murder her friends and was a successful accomplice to the murder of HR who was supposed to be Iris? The same bitch who kidnapped Julian, threatened his life and used her medical knowledge to hurt Barry? I’m pretty sure she would be disbarred from practicing and lost her license if she wasn’t protected by the plot of white privilege.
    I don’t even know why she’s comparing herself to Barry and Ralph. Neither of them use their powers to hurt people and they take responsibility for their actions. Plus, I don’t know what she’s talking about. They don’t give second chances to all the metas they attack and illegally hold prisoner. And she’s done just as much bad as them. Who gets second chances on this show flip flops depending on the given episode and particular white character and is not based on any clear rules. Also, why hasn’t she taken the cure Julian made for her? Considering she acts like she has no control over Killer Frost and the writers want us to accept that narrative. Wouldn’t the conscionable thing to do then be to get rid of it? Otherwise, she is indeed responsible for everything she does as Killer Frost since she chose to keep the powers for reasons we have no ideas about.

    Suffice it to say, I liked this the least of the four so far.

    Anyways, thanks for reading my feedback.

  8. Hi guys!
    I started leaving feedback last season and got into your 13RW recaps. I’ve been busy so I haven’t been but I’ve enjoyed the past 3 eps. I’ve tried multiple times to leave an iTunes review just to let you know I’m still listening. Hopefully it got through this time.

    Anyways, I liked this episode. I thought the “1 meta a week” thing would get old so this was a great way to do something different.. Don’t know why this show keeps referencing arrow like it’s in anyway relevant.

    Moving on tho, I loved this meta. Mostly cuz the earliest superhero film I remember liking was Lastikman (it’s a Filipino character who basically has the same powers). The Dibny actor looked fine but it’s funny when you Google his name, it immediately puts “jim carrey” right after it. I do remember his face tho from YouTube thumbnails I never click on.

    I got theories for this season based on the premiere but the show hasn’t circled back to it much so I’ll just enjoy the ride.
    Thanks for the pod!

  9. Hey Nina, John and Donald,

    Well, I REALLY liked this episode. I feel like they are hitting a good stride with the action coupled with the comedy. It has finally worked for me.

    Though I’m not sure how I feel about Low Rent Jim Carrey, he was funny. I guess we needed this heavy-handed animosity for Barry, and an excuse to have another team member since there was one flash too many, until now.😔

    I’m dismayed at Cynthia wanting to be called Gypsy. If her daddy calls her Cynthia Imma call her Cynthia. I’m hoping we get some bigger moments for her since it seems the group is set on expanding.

    I’m loving the special effects and the expansion of power, The Flash has now. All of his scenes have been stunning. Too bad the other special effects can’t seem to equal up but then again, Barry is the star.

    Finally, who in their right mind, has a stale ass donut drawer?

    Can’t wait to hear what you all have to say.😘

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