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The Governor Will Have an Even Larger Role in The Walking Dead’s 4th Season

It’s no surprise that The Governor will be returning for the fourth season of AMC’s hit zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead, but now we have a little more information about just how the character will play into the series’ future events.

The Walking Dead | The Governor

Following the series’ third season, David Morrissey–who so brilliantly portrays The Governor–was bumped up to a “series regular” on the cast. However, the character was then conspicuously absent from the series’ season 4 trailer released at this year’s Comic-Con. This left everyone wondering just what exactly will The Governor’s role be, moving forward? Well, we don’t have any specifics, but thanks to Michael Ausiello over at TV Line, we do now have some information:

Well, I can tell you that he’ll have a major presence in at least two Season 4 episodes, both of which are being unofficially billed as ”standalone Governor” installments. No specific intel on when those episodes will air, but I hear they’ll likely fall in the first chunk of eight (premiering Sunday, Oct. 13).

Two “standalone Governor” episodes! How sweet is that? As much as I enjoy the ensemble cast of The Walking Dead, I don’t mind telling you that it’s nice to have episodes away from the group; episodes where just a few characters play a part. In fact, the best episode of last season was “Clear“, which saw Rick, Carl, and Michonne revisit Morgan in an episode that was eerily empty. That’s the benefit of throwing those types of episodes into the mix with a show like The Walking Dead: every episode is so spread out and action-packed that, when you do get an episode that slows things down and focuses on just one or two people, shit just feels awkward–in the best way. I don’t know, but I’d imagine the success of “Clear” probably led to these two “standalone” episodes being greenlit, and I’m very happy about that.

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  1. creepy mr. one eye. I can not wait to see what is in store for these first 8 episodes. I know that I will not be able to sit still through any of them!

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