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The Guild: The Official Companion

The Guild was the brainchild of the amazing Felicia Day, whose mind must be filled with so much awesome that it’s kinda scary. About a guild of online gamers who finally meet in person, The Guild became one of the most popular web series ever, with its sixth–and final–season recently ending in January; it completely solidified Day’s place in geek culture history. When asked if I’d be interested in reviewing an early copy of the official companion guide for the show, I believe my response went something like, “Uh, hell yeah!”

The Guild


From the heartfelt introduction from Felicia Day, to the cast’s acknowledgements and thoughts on what the show means to them, The Guild: The Official Companion is a love letter to the fans who helped turn a web series into a Comic-Con giant. There are plenty of intimate looks into the creation of the show (the original outline for episode one, written in pencil on notebook paper, is my favorite) and a season-by-season analysis by the cast, and the guide doesn’t sugarcoat everything; it includes an honest recollection of the series’ successes, but also its failures.

The guide is thick and filled with wonderful artwork and photographs which perfectly capture the spirit of a show which gives the world a sincere look at what it’s like to be gamer.

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