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Podcast Fandom Episode 127: The Leftovers S1E10 ‘The Prodigal Son Returns’

The Leftovers S1E10 Podcast

ProFans Nina and John are joined by Bobby Finstock to discuss the season one finale of The Leftovers. In this episode, they discuss Christine’s decision to abandon her baby, Matt’s impeccable body disposal skills, Laurie’s conflict of carrying out the GR’s mission with Jill present, Meg’s annoying snaps, Nora’s torment (and Carrie Coon’s amazing acting), Justin Theroux’s Emmy consideration reel, why that baby looked like she didn’t have an ounce of Asian in her, The Cosby Show, the town of Mapleton losing their damn minds, Real Dolls vs. Loved Ones, the perfect dipping sauce for hot wings, and a lot more.

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