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The Leftovers – S2E2 – A Matter of Geography

Previously on The Leftovers, ‘Axis Mundi’

The Leftovers set the bar high with their opening episode for season 2.

The Leftovers S2E2 - Kevin at Visitor Center

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This episode launched us back in time to the Garvey’s life before their arrival in Jarden. It was hard not to cringe at the thought of seeing everyone back to their old selves. The fresh faces and attitudes of Miracle were a welcome relief from the often depressing stories we had last year in Mapleton.

Thankfully, the flashback only took us back far enough to explain how the Garvey’s decided to split town in the first place.

Nora, Kevin, and Jill are discussing the adorableness of Lily. (How could they not? That child is precious!) In the spirit of starting fresh, Kevin decides to come clean about Patti’s death and the guilt he has been holding onto. Not to be outdone, Nora discloses her habit of hiring prostitutes to shoot her. The three giggle over the odd disclosures and return to admiring Lily.

The Leftovers S2E2 - Garveys in restaurant

This seems to set the tone of the new Garvey family. They are bold, honest, and loyal to each other. Jill meets with her brother Tommy (who is apparently hanging with their mom now) and shuts him down when he starts trying to be a downer. Kevin digs up Patti’s body and tries to get honest with authorities. They couldn’t care less. Everyone hated the Guilty Remnants and they figure if he wants to feel bad about her death, that’s his absurd cross to bear.

Nora and Kevin are stressing over the thought of losing Lily when they try to officially adopt her. No need to worry – the officials are happy to sign her over (after ensuring they wouldn’t prefer a white baby – WTF, Social Services?)

This is not to say everything in Mapleton is sunshine and roses.

Nora is offered over $2 million for her house from scientists at MIT. Considering life is full of shady scenarios since the Sudden Departure, Nora wants to know what is behind the outragious deal. The scientists explain they are testing a theory that the departures were centered around certain geographic points, such as her dining area. This of course implies that Nora only missed being with her family…wherever they went.. because she was in the kitchen at the time, but not at the table. She wants to know if they expect more departures and they tell her that this is almost a certainty. Nora decides to accept their offer because how the hell could she stay there after that discussion?

Kevin is unwinding. He is unable to hear Lily crying over the loud music he is playing in the laundromat. He has his earbuds in at night. Why this sudden obsession with loud music? Apparently, it helps drown out the voice of Patti’s ghost, who happens to be his new constant companion. To highlight his descent into his own mental torture, he arrives home to find out his father has been released from the facility he has been living in to handle his own mental health issues. When questioned, he states he decided to start listening to the voices in his head. This apparently made him appear sane to the staff and they discharged him to follow his dream of restarting the world in Australia. (An interesting destination, considering that is where Tower Man in Miracle is addressing his letters to the unknown.)

It’s no wonder the Garveys decide to join Matt in Miracle. They need to take a break from the chaos that keeps pressing on their attempt to start fresh.

The Leftovers S2E2 - Garveys in car

Unfortunately, the house they rented burned down the week before their arrival. (Thanks, John!) Nora is not about to let this slow her dream of a miracle in Miracle. She heads off to the auction room and slaps a $3 million offer on the first house up for sale.

So now we know how they arrived in Miracle. We also know what happened to Kevin’s head. (Thanks, Patti!) We also learned that Kevin was at the watering hole that held no water when the girls went missing. He woke in the mud, spitting out water, with a cinder block tied to his ankle.

What is happening in Miracle? Was he sleepwalking? Was this Patti? Why do the animals have to be quarantined before entering Jardin? Did the dogs ever go wild here? Where are the girls? Where is the water? What is up with Tommy and Laurie? Why Australia?!?

The Leftovers S2E2
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Another great episode. Although we were given new questions, we received enough answers to feel satisfied by tuning in for an hour to follow the inhabitants of Miracle. Last season gave peeks of enlightenment in a blanket of depression and confusion. A Matter of Geography continued this season’s ability to lure us in, pile on mysteries, and still give us enough answers to feel connected to all of this season’s players.

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4 Comments on The Leftovers – S2E2 – A Matter of Geography

  1. I’m pretty confused about a number of things, but with this show I roll with it. I am realizing that I need to be more educated on the Bible to get some of the nuances. I shared with Nina Perez that I think John Murphy (their neighbor) is actually John the Baptist and that Jarden is actually Jordan. Similar to Percy Jackson’s world-maybe the Gods recreate the world they grew up in over and over again. Jarden seems like it’s the new holy land, and we all know how that story ends…or that it never really resolves. Did I miss something important about Australia? I know Kevin’s dad is headed there. Was there something happening in Oz last season? I am also very curious about the mother & brother. What is going on? And why has the relationship with Bro & Sister seemed so, um, incestuous? I know they’re not blood related however. Why do they quarantine the animals? Why did he dig up the body? And when will he relent and start listening to that crazy ghost bitch????

  2. Loved how this episode started and ended great show!


    His stubble is back!!! (even if it was only for a little bit) My LORD. The whole time he was talking to Nora, I ignored everything Kevin was saying up until he talked about the cabin and shit. I was like you fucking daughter is right there! And then Nora with the prostitutes and again daughter right there! Not okay you two but I guess.

    The “meant to be line” killed me. Nora’s stank face was amazing. When he said “there is body in the back of the truck” I thought well that escalated quickly.

    Nora was on her A game acting this episode (or course she always is). But uh, ya know I would have went up to 2 million dollars or 1.9 because 3 is a lot of money for a house that might not go as planned shit. Kevin need to get his shit together about Patti because it is getting out of hand yelling at Nora and shit. Just tell her Kevin.

    Anyway, I love seeing this from the other perspective. I love this show and I think I will give a shout out to Wayward Pines because even though it agitated me, it really taught me to sit through mysterious shit and so I thank that show. The leftovers is glorious.


    As Teri’s recap states, this season is such a refreshing joy to watch!! As I’ve said I hate watched last season just bc I love u guys!! But now I look forward to seeing the next episode!! You hear that HBO Nina & nem getting you all the viewers!! Anyways onto my highlights

    1. I’m interested in what you guys think bc I thought they were offering two babies for 1 at the adoption agency!! My head went to if you taking colored kids why not a good white baby also, of course that could just be me!!

    2. Does tommy now have the package? Anytime someone coughs on screen I immediately jump to that conclusion and usually I’m not wrong? I also barely remember season 1 and there’s not enough brown water in Florida to get me to watch that depressing 💩 again!!

    3. Kevin needs to get his 💩 together also!! He really tested how far his privilege goes this episode!! I was like no body no case is what I’ve been told!! However I would’ve snapped at my ole lady as well if she dropped 3 mil at a auction!! I’m curious to see what happens with him and the tiger woods tooth guy going forward!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!!!


    Am I too late? Are you reading feedback right now?

    I’m really excited that Patti will be around for this season! It’s good to see her batshit crazy ass. I wonder if she’s coming to him in his dreams and making him do batshit crazy stuff. I guess we’ll see. Nora gotta handcuff Kevin to the bed at night so he can chill the hell out and stop doing weird shit.

    I wonder if Kevin is truly excited about having a new baby. I can’t really tell. I think he’s just nervous he’s going to fcuk it up. He’s losing it early this season though. He kirked all the way out over that broken light bulb.

    I’m fairly certain that Jill is right about Nora. She needs that house to feel normal. It’s SO refreshing for her not to be a little shit too.

    Fine ass Tommy is clearly about to join the Guilty Remnant with his batshit crazy mom. Which…yuck.

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