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The Leftovers – S2E4 – Orange Sticker

Previously on The Leftovers, ‘Off Ramp’

Did it happen again?

Nora’s worst fear nearly comes to pass when she wakes up alone during the earthquake and can’t find Kevin. No, it’s not a lack of cable and Internet connections – though, that may be one of mine – but a second departure. All the signs are there, so why wouldn’t she jump to this conclusion? Kevin’s truck is still there but he’s not answering his calls. A stray dog (their dog?) runs free, much like they did in Mapleton after the Sudden Departure. And Erika tells her that Evie and her friends are “gone too.” Carrie Coon plays a mixture of panic, distress, and impending heartache so masterfully, it’s impossible to hold back a tear when Nora can finally vocalize her anxiety to the police, “are the people gone?” When Kevin does arrive safely, her reaction is perfect, relief with underlying frustration. Patti is right; he does have some explaining to do.

Kevin is honest, for the most part, with Nora and Jill about where he’s been, revealing everything except the cinder block he had tied to his foot. His phone is missing and he wants to tell the police about what’s happened, but Nora remains practical. Coming so close to losing him the night before, she’s going to do whatever it takes now to keep him safe. Implicating him in Evie’s disappearance is not an option. It only makes sense then, that the two of them would join in the search for Evie and use it as an opportunity to recover the phone. It doesn’t turn up as easily as hoped, though, but Nora leaves Kevin to keeping searching until it does.

Kevin & Nora

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For someone so convinced that a second departure was upon her just the night before, Nora seems suddenly resolute in her belief that it was just a “one-time thing.” She tells Jill of a case she worked on in the fraudulent claims department of the DSD, where she found a man, who was thought to have been departed, hiding out in Puerto Rico. He had taken advantage of the fear surrounding the Departure to skip out on his wife. While it’s clear this story and it’s non-departure outcome was for Jill’s benefit, to ease any fears she may have about what happened to Evie, it seems as though Nora was also trying to convince herself. Just because you say something out loud though, doesn’t make it easier to believe.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#4A7097″ class=”” size=””]“No safer here than anywhere else. Of that I am certain. There are no miracles in Miracle.” – John[/pullquote]

Still uncertain, Nora confronts Matt. Part of the reason the Garvey-Durst family chose Miracle is because Matt told them it was special, that it was safe. She needs to know that he wasn’t lying. John Murphy The people of Miracle don’t want Matt to talk about what happened but he tells Nora, “Mary woke up.” The first night they arrived in Texas, Mary could speak again, but it only lasted that night. Matt’s confidence in what happened seems to be enough for Nora to believe.

This woman’s perseverance is damn inspiring. She finds Kevin’s old handcuffs – oh my! Oh wait, this isn’t supposed to be kinky – and offers to literally lock herself to him while they sleep. Nora is in this for the long haul. This is love, not damage control.

Whatever you’re looking for, it ain’t here.

Despite Nora’s best intentions, Kevin’s connection to Evie’s disappearance is inescapable. His palm print is on that car’s window and it’s been pulled for further investigation. At least he was able to find his phone, thanks to Patti. Yes, finally, Kevin listens to Patti! It seems Kevin Sr. was wise to listen to “the voices” and Kevin Jr. should have followed this path sooner. He does start showing some trust in her, heeding her warning to “not get in that car,” when John offers him a ride. John is persistent however and intimidatingly so.

John & Kevin

Instead of taking Kevin home, John drives over the bridge to a motel where Isaac is now living. The palm print on the car has John convinced that the alleged palm reader knows where his daughter is. Motivated at least in part by his guilt, Kevin tries to diffuse the situation – John is ready to bust in there with a bat – by offering to use his detective skills on Isaac. John pretends to be on board, but ends up giving Kevin a fake room number, which he doesn’t realize until it’s too late. John is so hell bent on his assumption that Isaac has the answers, he doesn’t even register the fact that he’s been shot. John refuses to go to a hospital, preferring instead that his wife be the one to treat him.

While John is asleep on the operating table we learn that, though Erika clearly stands by her husband, she does believe in some miracles. Evie was born 2 months before Michael, weighing just 1lb and 1oz. She believes no one would want to hurt her daughter and that her daughter wouldn’t want to hurt anyone else. The conviction and love in King’s portrayal is enough for me to believe that “Evie is exceptional.” But also, you’re exceptional, Regina.

Then why did you try to kill yourself?

Kevin is unable to ignore Patti any longer. She finally pushes him over the edge in saying that he couldn’t possibly love his family if he tried to kill himself. Ostensibly, Kevin doesn’t remember tying a cinder block to his foot and is crushed when he realizes his attempted suicide was real. If we needed yet another reminder of the next-level acting on this show, we got it with Theroux’s anguished delivery of, “I don’t want to kill myself.”

Kevin & Patti

Patti then reveals the supposed fate of Evie and her friends but it’s confusing, and shame on any of us that thought it might not be. She says “they drove right by in their car listening to their music” and then vanished. Drove right by where? If they were driving somewhere, how did the car remain parked at the spring? Could this have something to do with the scene from Axis Mundi when the girls are driving, staring off into space? Dammit, Patti, we need more than that! The best part though? Patti ends that conversation by straight up Rickrolling Kevin.

Things are definitely about to change in Miracle. A fact Michael seems all too aware of when he decides to scrape the orange verification sticker off of the Murphys’ home.

Questions/Final Thoughts

  • Can the man in the tower see Patti, or did he simply see Kevin talking to himself? I’m partial to the idea that he can see Patti and that it’s connected in some way to David Burton; the man he was sending a letter to, who claims that he has returned from the “other side.”
  • Does Virgil have some supernatural ability? He’s shown some sign of intuition towards Kevin and his “situation,” and now Nora and her “loss.” My best theory so far is that even though John is determined to rid Miracle of supposed charlatans, he left Virgil alone because he’s somehow related to the Murphys.
  • Does Michael know that Evie is gone because they’re twins? Or did his sister tell him something that no one else knows? This is one question that stumps me and I can’t wait to learn more.
  • If Laurie told Kevin about Neil’s, uh, shit fetish, would that mean Patti is just a manifestation of Kevin’s subconscious? I hope not.
  • What is Evie’s birthday present to John? It’s touching that he’s hanging on to it, waiting for her to return but damn, I really need to know what’s in there!
The Leftovers S2E4
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    Dialogue - 9.5/10


This episode, while slightly (only slightly!) less riveting than the prior 3, was absolutely necessary for what it offered in plot advancement. Though it’s entirely possible we’ll get an episode with similar events from the Murphys’ perspective, it seems the two main families’ stories are now largely intertwined. Kevin’s acknowledgment of Patti offered us some information, but now that he’s spoken to her, will she be sticking around?

The Leftovers has always had a knack for stringing the audience along. Giving us little bits and pieces of information to satisfy our cravings, all the while leaving a new trail of unanswered questions. For example: now we know why the Reverend cut off Matt’s story in the first episode, but is the story he was telling even true? Did Mary really “wake up?” What about the question of Patti’s realness? She seemed to know exactly where Kevin’s phone was and that he shouldn’t get into John’s car, but was it all a coincidence?

Jill and Michael are forming a very interesting relationship. There’s some level of attraction (especially from Jill) but they’re also exploring whether or not they can really trust one another. Michael is hesitant at first, though he admits he thinks his sister is gone, but by the end of the episode he’s crying on her shoulder. I look forward to seeing more between these two, especially if it means we get more information on the larger story because of it.

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5 Comments on The Leftovers – S2E4 – Orange Sticker


    Hey girl!

    Reverend Matt continues to be one of my favorite characters on the show. I love his unwavering faith and resilience in the midst of everything! I could have cried when he told his story about how Mary woke up and kiki’d with him all night, but then when he woke up the next morning, she was back comatose. I can’t help but wonder if he imagined it.

    When Nora thought Kevin departed and started to become a little hysterical, I felt so bad. It’s okay, girl. He just went for a midnight sleepwalk. I did side eye her for putting baby Lily in that box while she called 9-1-1. Get that baby a high chair or something! Shit. She got real ride or die later, with those handcuffs. That was a good idea.

    John needs to chill. This is the 2nd time he’s tried to assault Eddie Winslow! I’m glad Kevin was there to tell him to chill the fcuk out. I wonder how this is gonna go now that he’s talking to Patty. And the tower guy saw her! Is this another guy that his dad sent to keep him safe? Patty was a dickhead for Rick Rolling him.

    Love the podcast, but you know that already!


    Patti is channeling her inner Kathy Bates. She is so good this season. I’d be fine with her being my fairy godmother/guardian angel. All that truth she dropped. Man. I almost ran around the house cheering. I was getting mad that Kevin wasnt asking the right questions. When Patti said I’m glad we had this talk, I said audibly “Me too”

    Kevin. Dog. Just call home. Tell Nora you ok. I can understand the sleep walking but the second time when you doing hoodrat stuff with your neighbor, phone home.

    Man when Kevin went to bed and Nora had them handcuffs and one end was attached to her. I bet under any other circumstance he would be thinking “Hmmm where can I get another cinder block at this time of night”

    Nora’s crazy but I’m ok with it. I understand. I can handle a little crazy. I really like her this episode.

    Can’t wait to see how people will handle another departure. Everybody house getting burned down

    Love the show and Podcast!

  3. For the podcast.
    First of all Fuck John Murphy, karma’s a bitch, you think you can go around burning people’s houses down and that kinda stuff is not gonna catch up to ya. Now your step daughters missing and your wondering why..cause you’re a dick that’s why. That’s not me saying Isac was responsible more like the universe went and evened out your life . Now you’ve gonna drag your poor neighbor into hour two of “training day”.
    This show and Fargo always succeeds at making me extremely tense over fictional people . It’s all played so well. Nora’s worry that Kevin disappeared was really believable . Even though we knew he was ok you couldn’t help but feel for her in those moments of panic . So patti has to be real then… Un-less Laurie broke her confidentiality and told Kevin that story about her husband getting shit on cause that’s all new information. All I can picture is that scene in “training day” you can see I’ve watched that movie recently… In the scene where Cliff Curtis asked Ethan Hawke if he ever had his shit pushed in . This explains the bag she left at the door in season one.
    Plus she was right about the phone location and getting into johns car. So is she right about there girls vanishing ..I hope not.
    And why is the entire town afraid of this guy. Yea I understand he burns houses down but
    He’s one dude …rise up and band against him .

    My predictions
    1.The guy in the center of town on the platform and the Magical negro at the General store had their house burned down By John

    2.Nora’s Brother is telling the truth but we will never see her talk ever .

    3. You know we are never gonna know what’s in that gift her daughter gave John right.
    The show is gonna end fading away on that unopened present with fish flopping around it for some reason.
    Any way love this show and check out Training day .


    I feel like I’m saying this every week, but I loved the episode!! If a show can make me scream at my television like a typical black stereotype, then I say kudos to y’all ✊🏾!! Onto my highlight!!

    1. Man miracle is definitely a great place!! I mean they have 2 magical negros outchea in these streets! Then they got Rayden up in the sky seeing Patti talk to Kev!! This town is way better then my city, the closest thing I have to a magical negro is the drunks that hang out at the corner store who might occasionally drop some knowledge on you right before they ask you if you have any loose change!!!

    2. So it appears Michael is about to be playing in the ❄️🌨❄️🌨!! I see you lil homie ✊🏾!! He already cried before the first date and she embraced him!! He’s in there like swimwear now!! I can’t wait to see how this relationship progresses

    3. Lastly is Kevin!! Where to begin! Let’s start with when he was at the lake I swore Tiger tooth said “oh that’s my nigga” but it was neighbor!! I had to rewind like 3x!! Then Patti playing hot and cold was great!! And it’s clear they both never saw 2 can play that game, bc they would’ve know “I was working late” is the clear giveaway that your dude is cheating!! Then when he finally talks we find out this ninja tried to kill himself!! WTF BRO!?!?!? Y u do dis!! Just listen to the voices like yo crazy ass daddy and prosper in the privilege you have been blessed with!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! Oh and do earthquakes happen in Texas?

  5. I don’t know if I made it in time


    This was another great episode! I’m glad that we caught back up with Miracle.

    Patti has no fucking chill and I love her for it. She out in these streets straight trolling Kevin. Rick Rolling and everything. I wonder if we are being led to believe that Pilar Man can really see her or if he was just picking up on Kevin just talking to a imaginary person and made a snarky comment. But it didn’t seem to bother Kevin that he made that remark.

    John and Erika are into something shady. It’s not everyday your husband calls you to say he’s been shot and you got a backwoods clinic ready to perform surgery on him. But something is bothering me about what Erika was explaining to Kevin about John. She made it seem like John was in prison pre departure and was released post but the departure is only a little over 3 years old. From his own story he was in prison when the kids were toddlers and he was in prison for 6 years. Those kids bout grown so that timeline doesn’t add up. I don’t know if that was a writing mistake or intentional. Or maybe I just misinterpreted that conversation.

    Did anyone else feel uncomfortable in the staging of the scenes between Jill and Michael? It just seemed like they were infusing some unnecessary “adult” tension beyond normal teen flirtation.

    I love how Nora is ride or die for Kevin and I love them together. That little bit with Kevin asking her “Are we okay” was spot on. Cause you know she was mad like ‘yo crazy ass fucked up but I’ll be aiight I still love yo ass, just don’t do that shit again.’ But Nora Wild Turkey 81 is lightweight. It needs to be 101 or Rare Breed for it to count.

    Now a couple of predictions:

    There is no second departure. The girls left Jarden. Hell they might be in the Guilty Remnant now.

    Mary will come back. Hell she might already be back and just comfortable faking it.

    Dean will make a return.

    Love you guys! Until next week!

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