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The Leftovers – S2E5 – No Room at the Inn

We know Matt believes Miracle has lived up to its name by giving him Mary back for a night when they first moved to town. Since then, he has been repeating the same schedule hoping she will awaken again. His plan has not worked, but he remains constant in his hope that he can bring her back with this routine.

It is said the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions expecting different results. If this is true, the good Reverend Matt is walking a fine line between ritual and full-on crazy.

Images: HBO

Images: HBO

When Matt scheduled an appointment for Mary to have a new brain scan, he hoped to receive news that would prove she had come back to him. He hoped there was a documentable change since the night when she awoke. He did not expect to receive news that Mary is now pregnant.

After 10 years of infertility, Matt is thrilled by this unexpected news. He refuses to hear the administrator’s predictions that the Mary is highly unlikely to carry to term. He is more than willing to sign the form releasing the hospital of responsibility for giving Mary contrast during her test. His elation is only shadowed by the pointed remarks from the hospital administrator regarding consent for the tests. In her current state, Mary is unable to legally consent to anything. Without the ability to prove Mary was conscious, her pregnancy is a sign to the world that Matt raped his catatonic wife.

Just the same, Matt remains optimistic that Miracle will continue living up to its name.

And this is when we begin to remember Matt is just like Barney Fife. His heart is always in the right place, but this guy has an uncanny ability to fumble any situation.

On the way back to town, he stops to help what appears to be distressed motorists. In reality, it is a desperate father/son team looking for a way into Miracle. Matt and Mary are robbed of their wristbands, Matt’s hand broken and he is knocked unconscious in the process.

Matt is awakened by the calls of Mary imploring Matt to get them back to Miracle before “he” dies. She states she will lose the baby if they don’t get back soon but when he gets back to the car, she has returned to her vegetative state. The car won’t start and they can’t call for help because Matt dropped his phone in the toilet at the hospital.

The Leftovers S2E5 - Outside Jarden

After a long walk back to Miracle, Matt is able to convince the guard that they live in the town. Unfortunately, the guard inside is unable to locate any information on the Jamisons. He calls Nora but reaches Kevin, only to learn his sister is not able to sponsor him because she has been in town less than six months. This would be a great time to call Reverend Massey (his original sponsor) but instead, he fights with another man in line before sitting next to a man who seems capable of hearing Mary. Just when things seem to be hitting the height of Barney Fife-dom, Kevin and John arrive.

Sometimes, it is good to have Napoleon on your side. John immediately starts demanding answers to why Matt is zip tied with a broken hand and gets Matt medical treatment until Erika can help him in town. Matt and John exchange words about Evie and how dangerous things can be outside of Miracle. It seems as though Matt’s rough day is starting to smooth out when John begins questioning him about Mary’s doctor’s appointment. More importantly, he questions him about her pregnancy.

According to John, the results fell out of Mary’s purse and were given to him by a ranger. John is not about to have word on the street that Miracle has anything miraculous going down. He agreed to help because he owes Kevin but he insists that Matt tell everyone that Mary was never awake, even though that will equate to admitting he raped his wife. Matt agrees and seems to be willing to preserve his family’s return to town before he goes back into full Fife mode and starts asking John what happened to him to make him like he is.

The Leftovers S2E5 - Matt, John, and Kevin

Of course, John refuses to help him after this confrontation and Matt has to return to the pop up town outside of Miracle’s gates. He asks Matt for money because he plans to obtain entry from a man he met earlier who said he knew all of the backdoor ways to gain entry to Miracle.

Matt’s not ready for life on the outskirts of town. The inhabitants of the mobile pop up are drawn by Miracle but none have reached the desperation of the roadside bandits…yet. Matt is appalled by the sight of a naked man in stocks on display for the crowd. When told he could free him by taking his place, you can see Matt’s faith and his love for Mary are having a serious fight for top priority in his heart. Elmer, the man with the backdoor entries, requires $1000 to help. Of course, Matt is shy. He prays for a sign and sees a cross. After passing a Are You Really A Reverand test – he is promised $500 if he paddles a man while saying “Brian”. After losing every bit of cool he has held onto, he breaks an oar with a battle cry and retrieves his prize.

Despite being $60 short, Elmer agrees to show him the way. Matt and Mary have to enter a storm drain to sneak into town. Of course, because this is Matt, it is storming when they enter. Their grand return becomes a flush out and both are sent streaming back into the mobile pop up town.

The Leftovers S2E5 - Mary and Matt in Drain

Matt surfaces to hear his name being called. Finally, a true rescue has arrived. Nora and Kevin tell him to hide in the trunk with Mary. Nora is certain they will not check their vehicle. Matt is questioning her plan (because his have been so successful) when police sirens are heard pulling out of Miracle. Nora tells him “someone” called in an anonymous tip that the missing girls were in the camp. John may be formidable but I would pick Nora for my team anyday.

On their way back to town, they have to stop for an accident int he road. It is the father/son robbers. Dad is dead and Son is peeking from the trees. Matt reclaims their wristbands and asks Nora to watch over Mary. He states he shouldn’t have to hide.

Matt takes the boy and starts walking. He runs into John on the way out of town and says he will not lie about the miracle that happened in Miracle. When Mary wakes again, he will return. He lives the boy in John’s care and heads back to the pop up town where he takes the man’s place in the stocks.

In the end, Matt’s loves are able to share the top priority in his heart.

The Leftovers S2E5
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    Dialogue - 10/10


If ever there was a perfect episode, this is it. Typical to The Leftovers, we have more questions than one episode can answer. Is Matt crazy or did Mary really come to? Will their miracle conception survive to become a miracle baby? Will Nora or Kevin see signs from Mary? Thanks to absolutely flawless performances, the story developed more intrigue with zero frustration.

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6 Comments on The Leftovers – S2E5 – No Room at the Inn

  1. Great review. I love y’all’s coverage of this show..

    As usual, The Leftovers dragged my feels all over the place. I went into it thinking that Matt probably imagined Mary waking up on that first night in Miracle. When we learned about her pregnancy, I was very, very uncomfortable. I never thought Matt raped her on purpose, but I worried he might have done it while in some dream-state. Basically, I felt that hospital administrator’s side-eying of Matt in my soul. When Mary “talked” to him on the side of the road, I thought that was 100% Matt’s delusion after a head injury. But by the end, when he shut up even John Murphy by simply declaring that Mary woke up their first night there and he won’t deny it for anything, he made a believer out of me. Now, in the cold light of day, I still think the truth could go either way because: Leftovers.

    Whatever the truth is, by the time Matt marched his way up to the stocks to relieve that man of his punishment, I was crying into my white wine spritzer.

    I want the Jamison siblings on my side in a crisis – they will help you bury bodies and stick you in a trunk to drive you over the border with no fucks given.I loved Nora’s no-nonsense “get in the trunk” and “damned goats” attitude. Sidenote: Sunday was a bad night to be a goat on tv.

    Meanwhile, poor Kevin looked completely shell-shocked each time he was on-screen. I guess that’s what being eternally Rick-rolled will do to you.

    Sorry for going on so much. I just caught up on the show before the new season started and I have a lot of feelings.


    You get an emmy and you get an emmy! Why aren’t they getting emmy’s all day everyday? These people and I mean all of them are some of the most unluckiest motherfuckers I have ever seen. It doesn’t matter what perspective this shit is coming from, it is all depressing. This week I feel bad for Matt and his wife. I don’t know whether to believe him or not about Mary, but I just feel for this man. And for a change, I have questions.

    I have questions:

    1. Do you think all of this stuff with departures are because of Kevin?

    2. Would you walk the path of Matt or walk the path of “Ain’t no nobody got time for that” and enter back into miracle?

    3. If you were an unlucky and had to be in the show, would would you be and why?


    Ok guys I have a confession to make!! This has become my favorite Sunday night show!! Usually I don’t watch until Tuesday but this week I couldn’t wait!! I know some of you are shocked right now, me too 💩!! Let’s get into my highlights!!

    1. So when I figured out this was a Matt episode instantly I knew it was gon be good!! I mean his episode last season was the only thing that kept me coming back, well and of course this podcast(HBO take 📝)! Anyways it’s hard to articulate how I connect with Matt so much, but got damn his story is just so good!! I guess it’s his love for Jésus!! But ask anyone I know and they’ll tell you I’m a huge heathen!! I loved that his favorite book is job, bc I finally started to understand him more!!

    But there was several times where I was like ninja just stop!! I mean obviously I would’ve told tiger tooth anything he needed to hear to get back in them gates!! And speaking of them gates, was I the only 1 who thought if Matt was black that cop would’ve told his ass to kick rocks?!?!

    Then when he stopped to help the dude on the road, I know I wasn’t the only one hearing Admiral Ackbar scream “ITS A TRAP”!!

    Lastly is the camp!! Why was there random ❄️🐇’s with their tits out?! Did I miss something? And of course I thought of all the deprived HBO women when they made rev pay the iron price and show his dick!!

    Man I feel there’s so much more to say but I’ll wrap it up here, and say Nora is the 🐐 and she’s a better sibling them I am!! That’s all I got, can’t wait to hear the podcast!!!


    I love all of the 90’s throwback characters in this season.
    Eddie Winslow- family matters
    Regina King – 227
    Cousin Larry – perfect strangers
    Grace (Christian old lady) – grace under fire
    Even the theme song sounds like a 90’s theme.

    “Too many dicks on the dance floor” but I guess they a making up for GoT. Get yours ladies

    I had to justify my thug at the end cuz I was getting real emotional.

    Thanks. short and sweet. Love you guys and the show

  5. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST:

    Let me tell you something about unwavering faith!! I strive every day to have the type of faith that Matt does. This episode brought me to tears. I loved seeing how John Murphy was Matt’s polar opposite, almost in every way. John has zero faith and punishes those who believe in something that cannot be explained, while Matt is the living breathing embodiment of an eternal optimist.

    I’m worried for him, though. I absolutely believe he wouldn’t rape Mary, but I’m not certain that he didn’t just hallucinate her waking up. I just can’t tell. I’m just going to go with that she woke up, because I don’t want to fathom anything else.

    I know they’ll never explain it, but I do wonder what was with the guy wanting to be beat by a dude saying “Brian.” Whatever. The way that lady grilled him was great though. Matt ran ALL of his biblical receipts. I love it.

    So many Christ references this whole episode- the most obvious being “no room in the inn,” and Matt taking someone else’s spot to get “crucified.” Someone needs to get his ass down, though. By the way…we get more peen! Suck it, Game of Thrones!


    This damn episode brought me to tears and I loved it.

    The one thing that I am left with after viewing it a couple times is something my Pastor would say to at the end of opening prayer. “This is our confession of faith.”

    That is Matt he is a true believer that boldly confesses his faith Although he encounter Job like obstacles that momentarily shake him but he is grounded in his belief that God will provide the way.

    I am on the fence about believing that Mary woke up but I believe that Matt believes it. However he doesn’t seem to realize the severe consequences that could arise from Mary being pregnant. When he was in the office talking about this is great news and getting his copay back I was like you worried bout the wrong thing!

    And John is so damn petty! I enjoyed that scene of John telling Matt his version of the truth but damn if I didn’t want the grip that nigga up and poor Kevin was helpless to do anything.

    But how the hell is Matt going to get back into town again?! That thread isn’t closed right?! I understand him leaving Mary with Nora but then again that’s kind of fucked up too because now they got a teenager, a baby, and a vegetative woman to take care of now and no money! I know Kevin like I ain’t sign up for all this shit. He may as well give in to Patty now and join the GR.

    That’s all I got for now. Hope I made it.

    Love you guys. Until next week!

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