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The Magicians – S1E2 – The Source of Magic

Previously on The Magicians, ‘Unauthorized Magic’

Just as Julia may have found her place in the magical world, Quentin may have gotten himself thrown out of Brakebills.

Images: Syfy

Images: Syfy

It didn’t occur to me that Quentin and Alice (and the others) had summoned The Beast (the man in the suit with moths for a face), but apparently that’s exactly what happened and everything seems to be tied to Fillory, the fantasy books Quentin adores. The series is about siblings who disappear into a magical world via a clock. The author based the characters on his real life next door neighbors who went missing. And then the author, Chatwin, vanished as well. Somehow this is all tied to Alice’s missing brother.

I’m guessing before the season is done we’ll all be taking a trip to Fillory.

Despite having his eyeballs removed, Dean Fogg pulls a stopwatch from his pocket, which Quentin summons with magic. Pressing it breaks The Beast’s paralysis spell and stops him from smothering Quentin. With the help of some battle magic from Kady and an assist from Alice, The Beast is sent flying through the mirror from which he arrived, and Penny breaks the mirror for good measure.

The Magicians - Season 1

Penny feels guilty when he realizes the voice he’s been hearing his whole life, the voice that taught him magic, belongs to The Beast, and he sent Penny to the lab to help with the summoning spell. Penny eventually confesses, which results in Quentin’s expulsion. However, the specialist sent in to wipe his memory (seeing as how the former mind wiper was killed by The Beast) is Eliza, who offers Quentin another chance. She has also dreamed of Fillory and ominous warnings. She claims to have looked The Beast in his eyes. Yet, the only advice she can offer is to not stay on the garden path and to not overthink things. Thanks, Eliza.

Meanwhile, Pete tests Julia and she earns her way into his magical group. The magical misfits tattoo stars on their arms as they gain achievements, and they have an inside man at Brakebills.

The Magicians - Season 1

Oh, and Dean Fogg? Not so dead after all, but his eyes are gone. He instructs Eliza that if she can’t find her way back (Fillory?) to kill The Beast, she needs to train the students so they’ll become the magicians who can.

The Magicians S1E2
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The flashbacks to how The Beast was sent away were amazing. I’m really enjoying the effects and the complicated hand gestures which produce spells.

I’m still waiting for Quentin to grow on me, which I’m sure will happen as he learns more and gains confidence. Right now, though, I find him annoying.

Love the twist that The Beast has been communicating with Penny this whole time, but the longer he keeps it a secret, the more he becomes a liability. And I don’t trust Margo at all.

Looking forward to learning more about the hedge witches and their beef with Brakebills. Are they all former potential students? Why is Kady helping them? She doesn’t seem to want to do it.

And Eliza is totally Jane Chatwin, right?

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