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The Magicians – S1E7 – The Mayakovsky Circumstance

Previously on The Magicians, ‘Impractical Applications’

When last we saw our magicians in training they were geese flying south… to.. south Antarctica? In what appears to be another Brakebills campus they are tested yet again by a vodka-swigging headmaster, Mayakovsky. He did something I’ve wanted to do since episode one: he rendered Alice and Quentin (and the others) mute so they could focus on their magical tasks using nothing but their minds and hands.

Images: Syfy

Images: Syfy

Meanwhile, back at Brakebills proper, Elliot and Margo work on a spell that will impress at the upcoming magical retreat in Ibiza. In doing so, Margo summons an actual genie who grants her silent wish of disappearing Eliot’s new boo, Mike. The genie is eventually put back in the bottle – literally – but Mike is now displaying signs of being possessed by The Beast. Poor Elliot.

If the whole point of their education is to turn them into magicians who can take on The Beast, I’m afraid they are not yet there. Quentin and Alice finally consummate their relationship (ew!), but Penny and Kady reunite only to break up again when she leaves without telling him. Mayakovsky gives her the bad news that Brakebills know about her stealing and the even worst news that her mother is dead.

The Magicians - Season 1

Speaking of which, Julia did call the police when Hannah’s head practically exploded. Since Hannah’s death is chalked up to a rare brain disease, Julia is released to her sister who warns their mother is thisclose to having Julia committed.

The Magicians S1E7
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This episode was a struggle for me. I simply do not care about Alice and Quentin. I find Penny, Kady, and Julia more compelling. Watching Alice and Quentin work through their feelings of inadequacies is getting boring and there’s not a lick of romantic chemistry between them – unless you count awkward staring and bumping into each other.

Hopefully, things will pick up now that The Beast seems to be making a move.

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