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The Messengers – S1E3 – Path to Paradise

Previously on The Messengers, ‘Strange Magic’

Last week’s episode finally got the six angels together and revealed their mission to stop the apocalypse by finding the four horsemen of the apocalypse. It was only Joshua, Peter, Erin, and Rose who embrace their angel identities to set about trying to decipher Joshua’s vision of how to find the Horseman of War. These visions are incredibly vague and these angels do not seem to be very good at their jobs. They know they’re supposed to find the four horsemen, but what then? How do you explain that they are the key to stopping the world from ending? These six chosen ones are blindly wandering around Houston in hope they might see a sign – or in Peter’s case, Googling key words from Joshua’s vision. How this show is going about unfolding the mystery is devoid from originality and suspense. Although, in this episode, the group focused on finding the Horseman of War, but it was Vera and Raul who took center stage.

The Messengers S1E3

Vera and Alan struggle to find the truth behind the meteor crash. Thanks to the help of Vera’s hunky ex-boyfriend Leo, they discover it contains all of the elements known to man, but also one unknown element. Before they can do much else, the rock is snatched by the government’s shady organization. Speaking of hunky ex-boyfriend, scientist Leo, he is the baby daddy of Michael and dumped Vera due to having Huntington’s disease. Neither Vera nor Leo discussed the pregnancy or disease. Leo made up another woman due to not wanting to “ruin Vera’s life” and Vera uses that as an excuse to not tell him that she’s carrying his baby. Makes sense right?

Vera’s gift has also been revealed as she chases down the culprit and it is spirit walking. Pretty much, your spirit leaves your body – you’re practically dead – and is able to wander around. One of the days Vera will find herself in a casket if she’s not careful.

The Messengers S1E3 - Vera

Elsewhere, times are tough for Raul. We learn that before becoming a federal agent, Raul was a regular guy who was having a regular affair with his brother’s wife. No wonder Nadia hates him. After getting sold out to the cops, Raul is forced to go undercover within the drug cartel in exchange for a clean record for himself and his brother. Raul’s gift comes in handy when trying to find his brother. However, this search results in him being lured into a trap set up by El Jefe and the Devil. His brother is blown up by the drug dealers. The visual of the Devil walking towards Raul through the fire after the explosion went off was incredible. It was a great moment for Raul to realize that protecting his family and stopping the Devil aren’t mutually exclusive. He is everywhere.

However, the Devil doesn’t seem to be as informed as the group. He did convince Raul to sell out the group in exchange for his brother’s whereabouts – this would have been more compelling if the show spent more time exploring the relationships between these angels. Neither he nor the group can figure out who the Horseman of War is. Right now, it’s a race to see who can figure it out first. Our two candidates are the Prime Minister and a Senator.

Right now, it seems as if these angels are working together mainly because they have nothing better to do, which is pretty ironic considering the fact that they have interesting backgrounds filled with abusive husbands, a father being the real baby daddy, seven-year comas, and murder – in Peter’s case, which does end in him being arrested in the last scene.

Peter seems unfazed by the turn of events. Maybe he’s just as confused about the plot, theme, and tone of the show as I am. To be honest, the only thing I’m interested in finding out is the Devil’s powers and why he can’t seem to kill the angels himself. Maybe things will actually make sense next episode? I doubt it.

The Messengers S1E3 - Path to Paradise

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