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The Mist – S1E6 – The Devil You Know

Previously on The Mist, “The Waiting Room” 


Alex and Eve need to go. I’m sorry. I’ve tried to connect to these characters, but they’re just terrible. Admittedly, this series is filled with sketchy people and most are downright assholes. And, yes, stressful situations can bring out the worst in people trapped in a confined space. But Alex and Eve each have a special way of centering themselves when this tragedy is happening to everyone.

Alex actually sounds disappointed when she asks her mother why the thing in the mist took Lily and not her. To cheer her daughter up for not being killed, Eve takes Alex to try on clothes they’re never going to buy. Shelley sees them during a brief light moment, and the pain on her face is unmistakable. She’ll never have a chance to bond with her teenage daughter, and that’s due to (in part) Alex taking her to the bookstore.

Alex pitches the idea of going for help since she seems to be immune to whatever lurks in the mist. Eve isn’t willing to take that risk, but they do split up… for reasons. Alex finds herself trapped in a room on fire. Jay rescues her, and she immediately accuses him of trying to kill her so he could save her. He denies this, of course, and she must believe him because she treats his wounded hands.

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It’s really gross how this is playing out. Alex completely believes Jay raped her, yet in the past few episodes she’s softening towards him. I don’t believe he raped her; I’m just not sure if Adrian was mistaken or lying. But Alex has no reason to doubt it didn’t happen, yet she does, and it seems like it’s only because he says so and she’s attracted to him.

When Eve finds them together, she threatens to shoot Jay if he doesn’t stay away from Alex. Even though Alex explains that he saved her, she still doesn’t express the doubts she has about the rape to her mother because that would be too much like right. Even when Eve later sees Alex showing Jay a fake flyer (more on that later), she doesn’t think to pull Alex aside and ask her why she’s so willing to be friendly with her rapist. These two will end up getting someone else killed.

The Missing Link

Once Father Romanov and Link notice more people are starting to listen to Nathalie’s tale about the Black Spring, Link takes it upon himself to exorcise whatever evil he believes has infected her. Father Romanov doesn’t exactly tell him it’s okay to do this, but he doesn’t say no either. Unfortunately for Link, when he drags Nathalie to the attic, she flips the script: she breaks a window, letting in the mist, and then locks him in the room. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Bad Medicine

Kevin is ready to leave the hospital, but since Mia swiped the keys, that’s going to be a problem. Adrian tries to say goodbye to Tyler, but he’s rejected because Tyler is in the closet and hates himself. I hate the way they’re playing the series’ lone lead gay character. I predict a scene in which Tyler dies saving Adrian, but it won’t matter because he’s still terrible.

Kevin and Adrian learn bodies are missing from within the hospital, and Kevin unwittingly finds the answer. Dr. Bailey has been forcing patients to take part in an experiment where he exposes them to the mist. He’s figured out what the audience already has: the mist reacts to different people in different ways. Since the people were already going to die, he didn’t see the harm. I knew he was way too nice in last week’s episode when he helped Kevin save his brother.

When exposed to the mist, Kevin sees an owl that says “What?” (like the children’s book he wrote) and he sees himself just staring at him. Before it can go on any longer, Adrian and Bryan save Kevin, killing Dr. Bailey in the process. Mia returns with the car, but as they prepare to leave, the hospital’s generator dies and the automatic doors open, letting in the mist.

Into the Mist (And Other Bits of Note)

Eve comes up with the idea to make flyers that are supposedly from the National Guard stating they’re on their way and that everyone should stay inside. Gus helps, and it works. Everyone is hopeful that they’ll be rescued soon.

Mia is attacked by her dead mother when she returns home. Mia “kills” her when she tries to choke Mia, and mist flows from her mother’s head.

The fake Bryan confronts the real one, wanting to know who he really is… too bad he has to kill the real Bryan before he can find out.

The Mist S1E6
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"The Devil You Know"

The Mist – S1E6 – “The Devil You Know” | Starring: Alyssa Sutherland, Morgan Spector, Gus Birney, Russell Posner, Luke Cosgrove, Darren Pettie, Okezie Morro, Danica Curcic, Frances Conroy

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