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The Muppets – S1E3 – Bear Left Then Bear Write

Previously on The Muppets, ‘Hostile Makeover’

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

“You don’t have to believe in me. I believe in me.”

Based on the title alone it’s quite evident that this is going to be a Fozzie-centric episode. Because Kermit chooses to be nice over being honest, Fozzie has it in his mind that he’s got what it takes to write a movie. He doesn’t, unfortunately. And like Miss Piggy, Fozzie has been living in a safe bubble of lies. In all fairness however, Kermit is in a very awkward position because he is both Fozzie’s boss and his best friend. The episode explores their longstanding friendship, which is an interesting concept in of itself but fell short in its execution. The conflict between the two resolves itself a bit too quickly.

While Kermit and Fozzie are at the center of the main plot, it’s the show’s various subplots that are the best part of this episode. Miss Piggy’s ridiculous vendetta against “the annoyingly perfect” Christina Applegate leads to some hilarious moments with Scooter and the police. Nick Offerman looms over Kermit with his much-missed Ron Swanson beard. Bobo even remarks that he wishes he could grow facial hair like that. And of course, Liam Hemsworth in all his chiseled dreamy goodness reminds Gonzo why he may just have to sign up for his #ForeverAlone membership card.

In spite of its flaws, this episode properly utilized its guest stars by placing them in key roles in the subplots. Shows like The Muppets with a rotating roster of celebrity guest stars (and here I am reminded of HBO’s Extras) are in a unique position to toy around with the notion of fame. These guests often play a caricature of themselves on the show. Christina Applegate is a merry prankster, Nick Offerman is demanding, and Liam Hemsworth is as in love with himself as we are with his gorgeous face (“No, I’ve been gorgeous since birth. But I have struck out a few times, just at a super-high level.”). While there may be some kernels of truth behind the way these celebrities are depicted, there is a special kind of joy in seeing a distorted version of famous people.


Side Notes

Almost 20 years later and Miss Piggy still hates surprises. Yup.

The Swedish Chef prefers to go by “Megan” now. I’m very pleased with how actively pro-LGBTQ this show is. Live your truth, Megan.

Did you know that Yolanda is taking classes to be an ultrasound technician? There’s always something new to learn about the personal lives of the cast.

Game-score-7I got a chuckle out of seeing Sweetums on a bicycle.

“Sex it to me, Sake Boys!” Where can we find footage of this Miss Piggy commercial in Japan?

Fozzie still has Angry Birds installed on his phone. That’s so lame.

Liam Hemsworth is so dreamy.

Chip the IT guy is so creepy!

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