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The Muppets – S1E7 – Pig’s in a Black-Out

Previously on The Muppets, ‘The Ex-Factor’

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

It ain’t easy being green.

Finally a Kermit-centric episode. Don’t be misled by the title, this week was all about Kermit. More importantly, all about addressing the fact that Kermit’s life has been so much more stressful lately. In previous episodes he’s casually mentioned that he cries a lot more and screams in his sleep. And why wouldn’t his life be riddled with anxiety? He’s tagged with herculean task of bringing to heel a ragtag band of misfits. Reining in Miss Piggy’s penchant for excess and the dramatic is difficult in of itself, consider also being responsible over Janice (“I’m cleansing your aura”) and Sweetums (“There’s butter on the breaks!”) to name a few.

After a visit to a day spa coupled with a stressful interaction with Jason Bateman do little to calm Kermit’s nerves, he turns to Rowlf for advice. As it happens the key to unwinding is simply finding comfort in the simple things. In what is probably one of the most touching moments of the series thus far, the episode ends with Kermit plucking a banjo and singing “The Rainbow Connection,” And although the scene  is interrupted by his neighbor heckling him, it doesn’t destroy the gravity of this very profound moment.


Gonzo: “What’s the oldest saying in Hollywood?”

Scooter: “Um…this is where we should put Hollywood?”

This week’s B-plot was surprisingly good. Any concerns that time spent away from Kermit would be wasted on Fozzie Bear were dispelled as soon as left the show in Scooter’s very inept hands. Watching things fall apart more so than they normally do under Scooter’s temporary regime led to some of the best moments in the episode. What also worked was that the focus wasn’t solely on Scooter. Sam, Janice, Beaker, and Bunsen Honeydew all had their moment in the sun. This was a brilliant move since the strength of The Muppets brand lies in its diverse ensemble cast. That being said, the celebrity guest slot this week felt wasted on Jason Bateman whose role could easily have been fulfilled by someone else. On the other hand, Pentatonix was expertly utilized as the musical guests on Up Late with Miss Piggy given how terrible circumstances become under Scooter’s mismanagement.

Quotes of the Week

“Snorkeling is an invasion of fish privacy.”-Janice

“Oh yes, which is why I yell ‘Are you decent?’ before jumping in the water!”-Sam

Honorable mentions:

“There are no jeggings. Hope is what she needs now.”-Uncle Deadly

“Oh no! Now everyone’s staring at my forehead and I’m overdue for my Botox.”-Piggy

“I’m a bird of prey. When I see something I want, I swoop.”-Sam

  • So we’re not rubbing butter all over Patrick Dempsey? Lame.
  • More exchanges between Piggy and Denise, please.
  • Let us all have a moment of silence for Piggy’s Winter collection
  • Did you know that Uncle Deadly was introduced in the original run of The Muppets Show in an episode with Vincent Price? It all makes sense now.
The Muppets S1E7
  • 9/10
    Plot - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Laughs - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Scooter being the worst - 8/10


Although The Muppets is slowly but surely finding its tone with each episode, the recent news that Bob Kushell has left the show and been replaced by Kristin Newman (Galavant) and the announced reboot in spring have made circumstances more uncertain for a show with so much potential.

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