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The Muppets – S1E9 – Going, Going, Gonzo

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Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Presenting The Great Gonzo brought to you by Piggy Water

This week’s episode was pretty solid. And as much as I would like to attribute this week’s success to the complete and utter lack of Fozzie Bear, this episode worked so well in part to the main plot revolving around Gonzo. Since the show premiered, we haven’t seen Gonzo perform a single death-defying feat, which is surprising since they have defined his character for decades. Instead, he’s been behaving very subdued as he has been relegated to a more background role assisting Kermit in the production of Up Late with Piggy. “Going, Going, Gonzo” finally ends that trend by focusing on Gonzo and his desire to relive his glory days as a daredevil by finally attempting a stunt that he’s always wanted to perform. The way in which he fluctuates between fear and determination as the episode progresses and through his various interactions with the other Muppets makes for some very hilarious moments. The rest of the gang even voice their support of Gonzo’s efforts citing how it is nothing short of inspirational. They’re counting on him to succeed. I mean, Sam the Eagle shared his fabric softener with his neighbor Tom! In fact it’s his doubt and trepidation make him very relatable despite his furry exterior.


“Gimme that Muppet Money!”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dave Grohl were perfection as this week’s celebrity guests. Levitt started off as charming with his opening duet with Miss Piggy but then subverted expectations by fooling the rest of the gang at Poker Night. Dave Grohl playing the Foo Fighter’s “Learn to Fly” as Gonzo finally attempts his stunt as well as his post-credit drum battle with Animal was well executed. It also helped that the episode did not revolve around either of the guest stars. They came on stage, fulfilled their roles to the episode, and let the episode resume its focus on the Muppets.

Quote of the Week – “All I ask is that when you hit the wall and explode, you do not curse.”- Sam the Eagle

  • “This is a wakeup call, and not the usual kind where mom comes in and plays a James Taylor tune until I gently stir awake.”- Scooter
  • Yeah, his relationship with his mother just keeps on getting creepier and creepier.
  • How is there 30 grams of fat in Miss Piggy’s water bottle? No wonder the FDA is thinking of re-categorizing it as “sauce.”
  • Is it really surprising that Kermit knows what it’s like to be on Piggy’s list?
  • Piggy’s Glamor Coma was magnificent. Simply magnificent.
  • “Whatever it is. No. She’s in the middle of a beauty treatment, which ironically, isn’t pretty.”-Uncle Deadly
  • “I just want to live in Chicago. Good food, good people, no pressure on the body image.” Bobo, I too would love to live in Chicago for the same reasons as you.
  • ”It’s still a mystery to me why nobody bought ‘Hog Wash.’”- Miss Piggy
The Muppets S1E9
  • 9/10
    Plot - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Laughs - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Piggy Water Product Placement - 10/10
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