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The Official Heroes Reborn Magazine

heroes reborn

The Official Heroes Magazine from Titan Books is a must-have for many fans of the original series, especially ones who thought the series was ended prematurely five years ago. The magazie has a lot for hardcore fans to enjoy while also appealing to the casual watcher.

It is 50 pages of informative material from the new characters being introduced with summaries on exactly who they are in the world of Heroes Reborn to an interview with Tim Kring the creator/executive producer of the past and current incarnation of Heroes.

The overall idea of Heroes is a mash-up of many other comic entities from the X-Men to The Inhumans. Except in this world the mutants are known as Evos. Heroes was ahead with the comic book transition to television, but now they lag behind in terms of originality. But what they lack in originality they more than make up for it in dedication.

There are interviews detailing the work of production designer Matthew Davies, who was actually finishing up with the first season of Hannibal when the opportunity to work on Heroes came about, to Barbara Somerville, the costume designer of the show, and her process of creating the costumes needed for such a varied range of characters.

the hatianThe Official Heroes Magazine includes a great compilation of behind-the-scenes information, including what went into bringing everything together and an in-depth look into the character motivations that may not be obvious while watching the show. We meet some past characters one last time like an interview with Jimmy Jean-Louis, who plays The Haitian.

While the magazine provides a look into the history of the show, it really shines in revealing what’s ahead for Heroes Reborn. In the next issue, we delve further into the season with new Evos and new characters defenders like Ryan Guzman, who plays Carlos, a man without powers on a mission to protect those he loves; a lighter version of Batman in the world of Heroes Reborn.

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