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The Originals – S4E13 – The Feast of All Sinners

Previously, on The Originals, “Voodoo Child”

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Always and Forever No More                

The season finale of The Originals feels a lot more like a series finale so they probably didn’t expect to be renewed this season. It ends with a decisiveness that gives us the feeling that if this is the end, the Mikaelsons will be happy and healthy if a bit sad and regretful, so it will be interesting to see how the writers inevitably bring these siblings back together.

Without the book, Vincent has one, last-ditch plan to get rid of The Hollow; divide The Hollow’s essence into four immortal vessels connected to Hope, the Mikaelson siblings. He also throws in a caveat. Because The Hollow will want to be reunited, the Mikaelsons will have to stay away from each other. What he doesn’t tell them is that they will also have to stay away from Hope since The Hollow will also try to take her power. Of course, the Mikaelsons are no stranger to sacrifice and they agree to the plan, with Elijah even going so far as to have Marcel compel him to let go of his obligation to his always and forever vow so that he’s not tempted to reach out to his siblings. By the episode’s end, The Hollow is housed in each Mikaelson, minus Freya, and they all part ways, promising never to see each other, or Hope, again.

The Good

  • The Originals excels at character moments and there are some great ones. Klaus saying good-bye to a sleeping Hope, Elijah and Hayley officially breaking up, Marcel compelling Elijah to forget, and Rebekah and Marcel reuniting. All of them were well-acted and great moments in a predictable episode.
  • Freya being willing to turn herself into a vampire to be one of the vessels was a great character moment for her. She really will give up anything to protect her family.
  • The decision to have Hope/The Hollow speak through a surrogate and more seasoned actor was great. When that wasn’t going on, Hope was asleep for a good portion of the episode. I hope if The Mikaelsons are reunited, Hope will stay at Mystic Falls Hogwarts.

The Bad

  • Kol coming in at the last moment to be the fourth vessel. If this was a series finale it would have been a good wrap up but as a season finale, it’s disappointing because Vampire Freya would have been an exciting storyline for next season.
  • Another hope for season 6: more Vincent. And not just to carry out Mikaelson plans. One of the most compelling episodes this season was the flashback to his relationship with Ava and The Hollow.

The Hollow

  • Freya’s lament over losing her family rang a bit hollow (pun intended) because she’s the one sibling who can actually see everyone in the family. Since she doesn’t have a piece of The Hollow in her, she can visit all of her siblings and Hope without any issues. She’s now in the position she wanted, being the center that holds the family together.

With the Mikaelsons defeating a near impossible evil and being forced to separate, it will be intriguing to see how the writers bring them back together next season. I don’t know what threat could call them all back unless it’s something involving Hope but I really want her to stay at Hogwarts. But given that it’s a show about vampires, a time jump isn’t outside of the realm of possibility. A teenaged Hope would be great to see. Also, a compelled-to-forget Elijah who gives no fucks would be fun as well. The fact that he was wearing casual clothes intrigues me. I don’t know if you can even talk him into coming back. Even he won’t be there, I definitely will. See you next season!

The Originals S4E13
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“The Feast of All Sinners”

The Originals – S4E13 – “The Feast of All Sinners” | Starring: Joseph Morgan, Charles Michael Davis, Daniel Gilles, Phoebe Tonkin, Riley Voelkel, Summer Fontana | guest starring Claire Holt

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