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The Originals – S4E5 – I Hear You Knocking

Previously on The Originals, “Keepers of the House”

The Originals S4E5 Marcel and Sofya

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Sins of the Father  

Last week, Hayley said that the Mikaelsons can’t keep putting themselves above everyone else. Unfortunately, she didn’t say that to Klaus. The Hollow has infected him and Marcel, pushing them to kill each other as a sacrifice. Marcel’s visions manifest as the “fathers” who betrayed him, Klaus and Elijah. This makes perfect sense because Klaus is also seeing his deadbeat dad, Mikael. The Hollow knows just which buttons to push. Marcel will never get over Elijah letting Davina die and Klaus letting Elijah kill him. And Klaus’ biggest fear is that Hope will see him as the monster Mikael was to him. Luckily, Marcel has a voice of reason in his new right hand woman/lover, Sofya (I have no idea why her name has a random ‘y’ in it). Klaus is not so fortunate and when The Hollow’s machinations cause him to kill three people in broad daylight, he goes after Marcel so that he won’t lose control again around his family.

The Originals - S4E5 - Klaus

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This is always the central issue with the Mikaelsons. When they are backed into a corner and threatened, rather than find a clever solution, they’ll hurt those around them if it keeps their family safe. It’s the reason their list of enemies is a mile-long and centuries old. It’s also the reason that Marcel is now the most powerful being in New Orleans. The only way to stop the Mikaelsons is to be more powerful than them, but anyone more powerful than them is a threat that needs to be eliminated.

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Gal Pals

Which brings us to Freya. She and Keelin have put together magic and science to create a weapon that can kill Marcel. This means Keelin is free to leave but given all that sexual tension hovering between her and Freya, she’s reluctant to go. Freya would probably pick up all the vibes Keelin is putting out if she wasn’t too busy working herself ragged trying to stop every possible threat to their family. But this time she may have messed up. Creating a weapon to kill Marcel is good in theory but not when what The Hollow wants is two of the most powerful beings in New Orleans to kill each other as a blood sacrifice.

Although Klaus and Marcel stop themselves from killing each other, The Hollow isn’t done with New Orleans and Freya won’t get rid of the weapon that will kill Marcel because she’s a stubborn ass despite Klaus’ mercy. Elijah also seems to have flipped places with Klaus as well. He keeps saying that he wants a life with Hayley but Hayley is done with ruthlessness while Elijah is still using his family to justify cruelty, especially when it comes to Marcel. At least, Freya seems to regret her actions and she does let down her guard with Keelin. I hope the show goes all the way there with the two of them.

The Originals flourishes when it’s story is character driven and when the demons of their pasts show up to haunt them. The parallels of Klaus and Marcel being haunted by their respective “fathers” was spot on. Watching Elijah slip into the darkest part of himself has been disconcerting. He very much plays the gentleman while exhibiting the worse behavior and it will be interesting to watch as Hayley realizes he’s not being the type of man she wants. I’ve said before that the entire cast oozes chemistry so I’d love to see Hayley try a relationship with someone else until Elijah gets on the right path. Marcel’s dance card is about to be open. Finally, Hope was seen in small doses this episode and it really made all the difference.

The Originals S4E5
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"I Hear You Knocking"

The Originals – S4E5 – “I Hear You Knocking” | Starring: Joseph Morgan, Charles Michael Davis, Daniel Gilles, Phoebe Tonkin, Riley Voelkel, Summer Fontana, Christina Marie Moses guest starring Sebastian Roche

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