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The Returned – S1E3 – Julie

Previously on The Returned, ‘Simon’

Seven years ago, Julie was working a Catwoman costume like it’s her job. I mean, damn. Lt. Laure is Batman and they are officially the cutest lesbian couple on TV. Anyway, Julie is tired and is going to walk home alone while Laure stays at a party. Of course, Julie walks through that damn tunnel where she is attacked by Serge.

The Returned S1E3 Julie and Serge

In present day, the whole damn town has turned out for Mr. Costa’s funeral. Nosy-ass Ms. Payet is there, being nosy. She tells Julie about Lucy Carlsen’s attack and Julie rushes away. Mr. Costa’s dead wife, Vivienne, is also in attendance. We learn she died 30 years ago. No wonder old dude flipped out. Lena and Claire tell Pierre about Simon and he agrees to look into it. Claire thinks if there are others, Camille won’t have to hide. Speaking of Simon, Jean-Francois points out to Thomas that he’s never seen Adele so happy.

Camille isn’t stupid. Not only does she call out her dad for being separated from her mother, but she questions Lena about sleeping with Frederic, which she denies. Lena makes Camille leave her room when she questions Lena about a scar on her back. Later, Jerome tells Claire he thinks the family should move and she agrees to think about it.

Laure comes to see Julie, but Julie is cold towards her. Seems Laure didn’t come to visit her once in the seven years since she was attacked. Of course, nosy-ass Payet is peeping through her peephole. The police release Simon to Pierre since he has nowhere else to go. The church, Helping Hands, will give room at the church and some money. Pierre tells Simon what happened to Adele’s fiancĂ© on their wedding day: he was struck by a car and killed. Simon asks to be let out of the car, and Pierre tells him to come by HH if he changes his mind.

Claire finds a dead animal covered in flies in her kitchen trash can, but somehow forgets to ask Camille about it when Camille brings up getting new clothes instead. Thomas isn’t happy to learn that Simon was released. Simon shows up at the library and tells Adele she should forget him and be happy with Thomas. She still think he’s a ghost and takes him to see Chloe, who is taking part in a memorial for the dead children on the bus. Each child is wearing a shirt with the face of one of the dead kids on it and they take turns saying the child’s name. Chloe has Camille.

After seeing a news report about illegal adoptions (which I think is just a bullshit excuse she made up), nosy-ass Payet tells Julie she knows Victor is there illegally and threatens to turn her in. Claire takes Camille shopping for new clothes and they run into Sandrine (the woman who announced her pregnancy at the grief support meeting). Camille covers her identity by saying she’s Lena’s cousin, Alice.

Lena goes to the pub during the day and asks Toni about Simon, but he doesn’t know him. He agrees to call her if Simon shows up.Toni’s a little preoccupied dealing with all the dirty water backing up into the pub’s sinks and toilets. He’s not happy to see that Serge is at the bar and has met Lena. Serge tries to connect with his brother, asking if they can go hunting together or if he can help out around the pub. Toni isn’t interested and tells Serge to go home. I almost feel sorry for the serial killer. When Julie goes out, Victor goes over to Ms. Payet’s. Lena visits Adele and tells her she saw Simon and she wants to know where he lives. Adele pretends that she doesn’t know who Lena is talking about. Simon shows up at HH after all, looking for a place to stay and Pierre takes him in.

Julie is on the bus when she sees a man in a hoodie, who may or may not be Serge. She has a panic attack. When she arrives home, she’s attacked by Serge, who tries to stab her with scissors. She snaps out of it realizing that it’s Victor leaning over her, trying to pry the scissors out of her hands. At the police station, Thomas is studying the CCTV and sees Simon and Adele leaving the library together. Jerome are about to get intimate when a giant roach crawls out of the sink and scares the shit out of her before scurrying back down the drain. So much for sexy time.

Lena is pissed when Frederic enters the pub with her “cousin Alice” and she yells at Camille to go home. She starts to have sex with Frederic in the bathroom, but freaks out when she asks about the scar on her back, which is now much bigger than it was before. Simon watches Adele and Chloe and after Chloe goes to bed, Adele confronts him in the backyard. They kiss and Thomas is watching via CCTV.

The Returned Adele and Simon Kiss

Nosy-ass Payet lies dead in her apartment, multiple wounds in her abdomen, which her cats are eating.


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