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The Returned – S1E5 – Serge & Toni

Previously on The Returned, ‘Victor’

Seven years ago, Toni yelled at his mother for letting Serge out of the house. He found his brother moments after he’d attacked Julie in the tunnel and was trying to eat to her organs. He put them both in his truck. After dropping Julie off at the entrance to the emergency room, he buried Serge alive outside of their house. Their mother sat inside listening and crying.

In present day, Serge has Lena hidden in his house, getting a psycho boner over her back wound. He destroys her phone after Frederic tries calling. Camille’s seduction of Frederic isn’t going too well. Her attempt to hang out with him after school fall flat. Vivienne and Victor leave HH and head to the diner where Simon beat up the waiter. Despite having no money, they order food and Vivienne tries to comfort Victor over their situation. She tells him not to be scared; no one can hurt us. He asks if they can hurt others. She says they don’t need them for that and then she wants to know if there’s someone he’d like to hurt. Victor doesn’t answer.

Serge and Lena

The water levels continue to go down, revealing the steeple of a church. Adele explains to a class of children in her library that a village was once flooded when the old dam broke. Divers find a bunch of dead animals in the water, but the dam workers are still not telling the full story to the authorities. Later, after tests are done on the corpses, the ME tells Thomas that the animals went into the water willingly, like they were afraid of something and then drowned. How he’s able to tell all that is beyond me.

The Returned S1E5

Julie meets with Vivienne after she’s found without Victor. Laure hopes that since Vivienne is claiming to be Mr. Costas dead wife and Julie was his nurse, she’ll be more forthcoming. Julie ends up believing that Vivienne is telling the truth and then wonders if she isn’t dead as well.

Camille goes to Adele for Simon and tells her he wants to run away with her and then gives her a meeting place. Adele doesn’t show up and when Simon comes to the house, both she and Chloe tell him to get lost for abandoning them by committing suicide. Chloe calls Thomas secretly and tells him that Simon is there. When Simon leaves, Thomas shoots and kills him. After Frederic shows up at Camille’s and makes out with her for a bit, he realizes she is Camille and runs away.

Serge remembers that Toni killed him and holds his brother at gunpoint. Toni asks for forgiveness and says he will protect Serge and their mother, who Toni believes is the woman hidden in their house. Lucy finally wakes up from her coma.


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