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The Returned (US) – S1E3 – Julie

Previously on The Returned, ‘Simon’

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Okay, last week I complained things were not really moving along fast enough for me on the show, and I would like to register some satisfaction with how this episode turned out. There are a lot of loose ends still, obviously, but I appreciate the fact that Rowan knows Simon is actually alive and not just a ghost, and I really, really love that Victor went to visit Annie. Yesssss, that’s right, Victor, good boy. Go kill the crazy lady.


Victor seems like he’s pure evil and all, but if he’s going to take out horrible crazy Annie, I have to say he’s starting to get on my good side.

I find it interesting that every episode before this is been named after someone dead. But Julie came back from almost certain death, so she sort of counts doesn’t she? I’m pleased with myself that I was able to pick up on the fact that she had been in a relationship with Nikki, but the fact that they split up after she was almost killed makes me wonder what happened in the meantime. Also, can we talk about how amazing she looked in her Halloween costume? Seriously, it was fucking fabulous and I loved it. (But people need to stop using that underground walkway. It’s horribly creepy even without the murders.)

When we jump to the funeral for George,who killed himself in the first episode, his dead wife Helen is watching but doesn’t make herself known, because apparently she is more aware than the other dead were that she doesn’t belong. I don’t know if she remembers how she died, but there’s just something about how her reunion went with George that makes me think he was somehow responsible for her death or the relationship was really rocky. What’s going on there? Still no answers.

For some reason Annie thinks a funeral is a good time to tell Julie about the attack on Lucy. I guess she doesn’t know that Dr. Han was attacked, but I find that hard to believe considering how small this town was and how quickly news of an attempted murder would spread. Understandably, Julie gets really really upset, but I feel like there’s more to it, like she knows something about the supposed fate of the murderer as well.

We see someone that I’m pretty sure we are supposed to assume is the murderer, (I have looked around but haven’t been able to find his name and I’m afraid of getting spoiled) and I am going to say right now that if it turns out he isn’t, I fell for it completely. This dude wanders out of the woods in a torn shirt, looking like the mountain version of Daryl from The Walking Dead. Apparently he kills wolves in his free time, for dinner? Or for the fur? Or just for the fun of it? If he really is a serial murderer then I’m going to go ahead and say it’s just for fun. His brother Tony flips out completely and smashes him in the head with a shovel, and I love the fact that this dude just gets up two seconds later asking, “Why did you hit me?” I have to assume Tony thinks he’s the murderer too, or knows it for sure already. Otherwise why would he go straight to this property after being interrogated by the police?

Rowan and Simon

Simon is continuing his little charade with Rowan, pretending to be a ghost, after being released from prison by Savior Peter. (That scene where she shows him their daughter…oh god.) Peter tells him in the car but he died, and actually says that he knew someone like him from years ago. Now that is interesting, both because it happened already and because he hasn’t seen fit to mention that to anyone else. There’s something about the fact that these women being murdered in this underground tunnel, the fact that Peter seems like such a “good guy”, and the fact that he has already experienced someone from the dead coming back, that makes me think everything on that front is connected. I want to say that the women being killed are some sort of sacrifice to bring back the dead. But I could just be off my fucking rocker.


 Meanwhile, throughout all of this, is Lena. She is quickly becoming my least favorite character and someone that I am actively rooting for to die. I’m hoping that gash on her back is her somehow taking on the injuries that her sister suffered in the accident, and that she will eventually die instead. She’s just being so incredibly shitty! From the very first scene of this episode she saying that they should “throw Camille a parade and let her ride around in a convertible”, just being really fucking overdramatic and annoying. Later (when Camille is pretending to be Alice) she actually says to Camille, in a sentence dripping with subtext, “I want you gone”. I don’t know how I would react to someone who came back from the dead, so I don’t really want to say that I would do better than her. But I would totally do better than her.

So what the fuck is going on with Tommy? This dude is fucking creepy. He’s watching Rowan, and I mean there is a possibility that the cameras were set up for her safety since she had been having visions and problems mentally before this, but that’s giving him a BIG benefit of the doubt. He’s watching Rowan get dressed, watching her come home while on the phone with her, double checking what she’s saying against what he can see is happening… it’s very worrying. Could he be the murderer? I mean, I guess so, but I just don’t see why. But then again I don’t really get this killer’s motivations anyway. At the end when he sees Rowan kissing Simon, I was almost cheering because it was inevitable and I’m just glad we’ve already gotten there. Is he going to confront her about it? Or just be all passive aggressive until she finally admits it herself? Or go and kill Simon?

Last episode I was saying the Victor seems like he’s pure evil and all, but if he’s going to take out horrible crazy Annie, I have to say he’s starting to get on my good side.

Score | 7/10Funniest Moment: “I was gonna let you jump my bones.”

Saddest Moment: Rowan and Simon at the soccer field.

Scariest Moment: Annie at Julie’s door. I’m SO GLAD Julie called her a crazy bitch.

Stupidest Moment: “What, so we can have matching DUIs? No thanks.” Fuck you, Lena.


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